Advertising Policy

All Advertisements entirely related to the third party like Google, Yahoo. Facebook, A-ads, Amazon and Clickbank, We are not responsible for any advertisement.

Pethoods keeps clear and definite disjunction between advertisement and editorial content.

All advertisement or sponsored content on Petshoods is obviously and specifically identified from editorial content through. Edges or other also, distinctive elements and/or classified as an “Ad,” “Advertisement,” “Sponsored.” Or a related class indicating that the content is being provided by or on behalf of the sponsor.

Advertisements do not affect editorial content except the material is sponsored content. In which, the content will be also, surely detached and/or identified with the title “Ad.” “Advertisement.” or “Sponsored”, or a similar designation. Indicating that the content is being provided by or on account of a promoter or sponsor.

Every advertisement and sponsored content emerging on Petshoods are directed to the instructions given here.

E-commerce and Affiliate Link Disclosure. To assist us to keep the resources required to perform the feature content you deserve, we allow advertisements on our Site. We considerably appreciate clarity and also, hope that this policy gives you feeling even more fearless about the content and service we present.

Subscribers and/or  PetsHoods. May accept payment for sharing in third-party associate marketing programs, such as investments gained via links to PetsHoods e-commerce partners, if any. Pages on the Site including affiliate marketing link, such as product reviews, will be detached and/or recognized with a disclaimer.

Advertising Guidelines

These advertising guidelines (“Guidelines”) produced out criteria that dictate the placement and spread of advertisements and sponsored content (collectively “Ads”) by a sponsor. Agency, or advertising technology platform (collectively “Advertisers”). Advertisers need to adhere to these Guidelines while placing Ads, including Ads purchased under the AAAA/IAB Standard Terms and Conditions, on websites or mobile properties also, recognized or controlled by About, Inc., plus  Petshoods (collectively “Petshoods ”).

These Guidelines are also, designed to give general parameters for Advertisers in associate with Ad creative and content served on I Merry Christmas. So, They are not detailed and do not mark every condition or issue that may arise in the way of business. Therefore, these Guidelines are directed to change from time to time in Petshoods sole and certain discretion.

Sponsors are also, qualified for compromising and complying with all suitable laws and regulations, such as FTC guidelines regarding advertising, native advertising disclosures, advertisements, privacy, and data security. Whole Ad’s must be also, honest, truthful, and distinct from editorial content. Advertisers are also, qualified for assuring all Ads and associated claims are sufficiently proved. Moreover, Advertisers must believe in and practice to Petshoods Prohibited Content Guidelines and Additional Standards introduced ahead below, which are organized into and made a part of these Guidelines.

Ads followed through also, channels or transfers are examined systematically and, in addition to any other quotes. Petshoods may also, have Pets Hoods keeps the right to remove, without notification, any Ads that do not fit in these Guidelines, despite whether the Petshoods earlier accepted the Ad.




Ads may not support unlawful drugs, illegal materials, misuse of prescript drugs, usage of alcohol (except for beer and wine). Or tobacco products, or any associated paraphernalia to it. Legal goods and aids which support departing tobacco-related products are allowed.


Ads may not encourage the usage, pattern, or production of guns, bullets and shells, bombs.  Fireworks or other weaponry. Ads may not prefer brutality, evil, or physical or emotional injury to any person or animal.

Illegal Activities/Gambling

Ads may not support any criminal or other suspicious actions which may be forbidden in one or more regions. Such as without limitation hacking, duplication, or other actions that may attack or spoil the mental quality, privacy, advertisement, or contractual rights of others. The ads also, may not hold or promote content associated to scams, commercial projects, pyramid systems or other corrupt or illegal economic or investment possibilities. Ads may also, not support bars and clubs, gambling, betting, numbers games, contests or financial betting. Ads advancing state lotteries are allow.


Ads may also, not contain or support hatred speech, intimate attacks, or unfairness toward any person, group, country or system.


So, Ads also, may not contain or promote any offensive, improper, temporal or rude words, icons, sounds, videos or other content.


Ads may not contain antagonistic, hateful, inflammatory or hateful expression linked to political or spiritual issues or organizations. Advertisements may not abuse controversial political, cultural, or religious issues for marketing purposes.

Sexual/Adult Content

Ads may also, not prefer full or partial nakedness, depictions of people in specific conditions. Or actions that are impossibly vulgar or sexually arousing. The ads will not contain text or pictures displaying anyone or anything associated in explicit sexual actions or lewd and lustful behavior. Ads may not also, support escort, dating, lascivious massage, indecency, or other sexual commodities or assistance.


Ads may not carry depreciate or abusive information or content which leads to abuse the character of Pethoods or any other individual, association, or system.

Gross Depictions

Ads may also, not hold or support content that is vulgar, obscene, debasing or likely to horrify or disgust.


Ads may also, not hold or promote extremely competitive and combative responses. Or illegal political actions are also, including individuals or groups promoting disturbance as a means to attain their aims.

Sensitive Content

Ads may not also, target delicate sections such as financial status, medical situations, mental health, unlawful record, political association, age, genetic or ethnic issue, religious or rational connection or beliefs, sexual behavior or adjustment, or enterprise union association.

Free Goods/Services

Ads may not classify or agree to share any free goods and services.

Targeted at Children

Ads may not individually attack children, by cartoons. Comics or other related material.

Unverifiable Claims

Ads may not make complicated demands that fair consumers cannot easily get and estimate.

Before/After Images

Advertisements may not represent “before and after” photographs or images that contain surprising or questionable conclusions.

Health/Safety Claims

Ads may not push actions likely to affect one’s fitness, such as bulimia, anorexia, binge drinking, or narcotic usage. Ads may not make health cases that are not clearly proved. Sponsors may be also, needed to offer supporting documentation to verify their products’ requirements.


Ads may not contain any erudition or knowledge that is potentially specious, false, or deceptive, including material which is intended to distorted cause clicks such as fake “close” keys.

Competitive to Vital Diseases /Affiliates

Ads may not support linear contenders of PetsHoods or some of its origin, branch, subordinate or other relevant objects.