Araucana Chicken Breeds, Facts, Pictures, Sale, Eggs and All Information

Araucana Chicken Breeds is the domestic one from Chile. The name derived from the Araucaria region based in Chile from where this breed originated. However, the breed can lay eggs with a blue shell which makes them unique. Moreover, the breed standard varies in every region and the early history of this bird is still unknown.

Araucana Chicken Appearance

Araucana chicken comes with the ear tufts

The chicken comes with the ear tufts and does not have any tail feather or coccyx. Their ear tufts are different from the other breeds and considered rare due to the different appearance as well as blue egg color. It shares the resemblance with the wild game birds due to upright posture. Polish Chickens are as well known to have tall structure. The back slopes towards the bottom giving this breed the unique look. Tufts of the bird come from the cheeks that grow under the ears.

Moreover, this breed does not have rumps and lacks tail feathers. Due to the comedic tufts, most of the chicks find dead during incubation. They come with the pea combs and clean legged. However, the leg color varies according to the chicken color.

Black Araucana

Black Araucana is the most popular breed which is recognized by APA and used in multiple poultry shows. The black Araucana hens can produce large blue eggs and the body is covered with black feathers. It has a blackish beak with the creamy black feet and legs color. These birds are prolific and not broody. Furthermore, it comes with a friendly nature and having pea combs.

Lavender Araucana

The lavender Araucana is the pure hen breed with the prettiest blue eggs. These chickens love the free-range originated from South America. They can lay 120-170 eggs per year and are ideal to keep in the backyard. Moreover, these chickens make great pets due to the docile nature and tamed behavior.

Araucana Hen

Araucana Hen
Araucana hens come with no tail feathers

The Araucana hens come with no tail feathers and pea comb. They have the cut tufts that have an organization nearer to the ear. However, these birds are not used for meat production. Hens have a smaller size but Araucana eggs are medium in size. The hen can lay 3 eggs per week. Moreover, they do not take any off in cold winters and continue the egg-laying routine in every weather.

Some of the people said that these chickens are friendly, however others find them the nervous bird. However, if you’ve loving interactions with them then it will be easy for you to keep this chicken. These chickens are quite broody and find pleasure in raising their kids. Additionally, the hatch rate is lowered in this breed.

Araucana Rooster

The Araucana Rooster is the rumples breed with the unique and appealing double tufted. They have a colorful feather and have aggressive nature as compared to the females. However, you can differentiate them from the hen after 6 months of age through crowing. One has to be careful while playing with them because they could get angry at any moment.

Araucana Chicken Eggs

The Araucana eggs are blue with a beautiful appearance and are considered the unique ones. Their eggs having blue color due to the retrovirus insertion into the genome results in gene activation which produces blue eggs. Furthermore, the Araucana egg production per year is 150-180 and per week is 3. Compare it to white Sussex chicken which can lay upto 260 eggs per year. However, the taste of the eggs given by Araucana is the same as others and some find them healthy due to less cholesterol but it has not been proved yet.

Araucana Chicks

Araucana Chicks
Araucana baby has the fastest growth

The baby Araucana has the fastest growth as compared to the chicks of other breeds. The interesting thing about them is once the egg hatched chicks grow into the mature ones fastest. However, due to the tufted gene, the hatching rate is quite low and the speedy maturation helps them to live healthily. Moreover, the babies spend most of the time with their mothers due to the broody nature of Araucana hens.

Araucana For Sale

One can get the Araucana chicken for sale from different online stores and breeders shops. Furthermore, the online stores include,,, wilson rare breed, and the list goes on. However, the Araucana for sale is available for $2.50-$4.25.

Araucana Eggs For Sale

The rates of eggs vary in every region and store. However, you can get the dozen blue Araucana eggs for sale by this breed for 30 dollars.

Araucana Recognised Variety

Following are the recognized varieties of Araucana:

  • Black Araucana.
  • Golden duckwing Araucana.
  • White Araucana.
  • Black-breasted red Araucana.
  • Silver duckwing Araucana.

Araucana Chicken Facts

Here are the Araucana chicken facts:

  • It is a clean legged chicken with a different color of legs based on body color.
  • They have excellent egg layers and are used for meat production rarely.
  • This bird can continue playing even in the coldest weather.
  • They can produce 180 eggs per year.
  • This chicken does not have the floppy combs but a pea-sized comb.
  • Furthermore, dark-colored chicken has blue or black legs.
  • The chicken has 5 pounds of weight and produces 3 eggs per week.
  • Some find them friendly while others do not agree with this statement.
  • This chicken enjoys cuddling and is handled easily by the kids.
  • The bird gets hardy in the winters that are quite surprising.
  • Frostbite is not common in them.


1. Are Araucana chickens a good layer?

Yes, this chicken has excellent layers and produces 3 eggs per week plus 180 eggs per year.

2. Do Araucana eggs taste different?

No, the eggs taste the same as others breed eggs have and come in a blue shell. However, the eggs have a delicious taste and are healthy as well.

3. How long do Araucana chickens live?

The average lifespan of the chicken is 10 years.

4. What is the difference between ameraucana and Araucana?

Ameraucana comes with the muffs and beard while Araucana has ear tufts. Moreover, in the US ameraucana are more common as compared to Araucana.


Araucana is a strong chicken with quick growth. This is a beautiful breed with the ability to produce colored eggs. However, it is considered a rare breed due to its unique features and eggs. The bird comes in a variety of colors and shares similarities with the Ameraucana and Easter. Moreover, the appearance is beautiful yet unique and nature is friendly.

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