Best Cockatiel Cage Size & Accessories

A cage is a place wherever your pet parrot will pass the age of consent, and it also considerably influences the character of their life. We will let you know, The best Cockatiel Cage seizes.

Doubtless, the major quality to consider while choosing a cockatiel cage is the size of the cage.

Petting a Cockatiel parrot must require a large cockatiel cage.

As Cockatiel parrots are active and energetic therefore they like to fly and climb about inside the cockatiel cage.

That is why make sure to put the cage fully apart from doors. Cockatiel parrots do not like the presence of valves so it is very important to keep them away from windows and doors.

Many specialists suggest getting a large cockatiel cage as much as you can manage.

Cockatiel Cage

Cockatiel Cage
Cockatiel Cage

But keep it in mind that the bar spacing of cockatiel cage is very important.

If you are looking for the perfect and complete cage set and the bar spacing for cockatiel cage than you must be at the right place.

You will also come to know about the cockatiel cage size for breeding pair and the making of a DIY cockatiel cage.

Imported cockatiel cage accessories and travel bird cage for cockatiels will also be explained well.

So get ready to learn something more about the care of cockatiel parrot.

Complete Cockatiel Cage Set Up

Complete Cockatiel Cage Set Up
Complete Cockatiel Cage Set Up

When you buy a cockatiel parrot, he/she need all bird cage accessories that require for its growth.

Set up a proper cockatiel cage for healthy cockatiel breeding. Also, it will confirm that tour cockatiel parrots live happily and healthy life in solely or in pairs.

In case of complete cage set up, you will have to collect all best bird cage accessories including bird perches, DIY bird toys and bird swings. Etc.

Cockatiel cage should be very strong. Cockatiel parrots have a sharp beak, therefore make sure to get a cage which is made of solid bands of stainless steel or powder-coated iron.

Make sure to get a cockatiel cage that has an excess space for your cockatiel parrot.

Cockatiel parrot will require wider space than a smaller bird, like budgies and other small parrots.

DIY Bird Toys:

Place at least three or four bird perches for your cockatiel parrot to sit on. Bird perches and DIY bird toys are very helpful in crossing over.

Some common wood bird perches that usually are with bird cages. There are some other kinds of birds perches that can be used during the cross over and cockatiel breeding.

Getting firm food and water plates are essential during cockatiel cage set up.

Cockatiel parrots also perch on food plates when eating. Make sure to buy those food dishes that are easy to clean which can be made from plastic or stainless steel.

Food and water plates/dishes should have broad openings, therefore, cockatiel parrot can easily get its food.

Different cockatiel mutations have different social behavior.

Common factors which are taken to be serious before complete cockatiel set up are the sexual difference, availability and health problems also.

You can observe through cockatiel sounds whether your cockatiel is happy or not after completing cockatiel cage set up.

What type of cage is best for a cockatiel?

Cockatiel parrots are jolly and fun-loving birds, therefore, they require a big cage that is enough to hold their head crest and the long tail.

The bigger the cockatiel cage, the more comfortable will be cockatiel parrot.

A sole cockatiel parrot should need a cage that is a minimum 24 inches wide, 24 inches tall, and 24 inches deep. Pied Cockatiel, Pearl Cockatiel and Common White cockatiel also, need same cage.

Cockatiel Cage Size For Breeding Pair

Cockatiel Cage Size For Breeding Pair
Cockatiel Cage Size For Breeding Pair

The cockatiel size for breeding pair should be at least 20 x 20 x 50 inches. A cage for breeding pair contains a nest box of 12 x 12 inches.

Appropriate bird cage accessories like bird perches, bird swings and bird toys and nesting stuff including striped paper, pine shavings, and molted feathers, should be provided.

The sides of cage are designed from one section of 18″ width fixed wire enveloped to construct a 24″ by 30″ box.

Take-Two pieces of 24” wire which is cut 30 inches extended assist for top and bottom.

All three pieces of wire are joined by “J” clips. An eight-inch high, ten-inch wide hole is cut four inches from the base and four and a half inches from the side from the front for the door of the cockatiel.

Couple of 3/32″ diameter slide coils are attached with each side of the door to help to open and close the door.

The wires are attached at the base of the door and the roof of the cage. The loops of wire are willed on the eight inches by a ten-inch door when it is separated from the fixed wire. These loops are later enveloped throughout the slide wires.

In this way, you can easily construct a cage for breeding cockatiels.

Cockatiel Food

Use best cockatiel food brand like Zupreem and Harrisons cockatiel food with complete cockatiel feeding guide for maintaining a healthy cockatiel diet during the breeding process with recommended cage size for breeding pair.

A good cage and a healthy cockatiel feeding guide, both are very important for the breeding process.

What size cage do you need for 2 cockatiels?

The appropriate size of cage must be 20 x 20 x 24. The bird can be “n” and the spacing within the bars should be a half inch to 5/8.

DIY Cockatiel Cage

Constructing a DIY cockatiel cage should seem a useful way to lessen your cockatiel care prices.

Though it is comfortable to use more money than whether you buy a prepared cage from the market.

The main purpose of providing a cage to your cockatiel parrot is to preserve it from the dangers of the external environment.

Therefore it is very important to build a DIY cockatiel cage and confirm everything about the bar spacing for DIY cockatiels cage and bird cage accessories.

Make sure the DIY cockatiel cage is secure and protected for the cockatiel parrots to spend their rest of life.

The bird perches and DIY bird toys are useful bird cage accessories for the enjoyment of cockatiel parrot in DIY cage.

Many breeders and cockatiel keepers spend their time, money and energy for building DIY cockatiel cages and are fail in providing proper cage to their pet parrots.

Industrial companies appoint a team of experts to manufacture and design cockatiel cages.

Their times of analysis, tests and faults, and selling of cages assures thus they can propose a variety of cockatiel cages that will definitely defend your cockatiel parrot.

Construction of a secure and reliable DIY cockatiel cage needs time and tolerance, particularly if nevermore prepared it before.

Do cockatiels need to be kept in pairs?

Cockatiel parrots are naturally adapted to live in pairs or some other birds of same species. Therefore they always select the fellowship of their own species.

They can be lived in pairs of male and female however if only having a few birds together in a cage, either both sexes should be the same. Lutino Cockatiel pair and Lutino Cockatiel Types also, kept in pairs.

Bar Spacing For Cockatiels Cage

Almost in all cases, the bigger the cockatiel cage, the more superior it will be.

Make sure that the cockatiel will enjoy a good time in the cage. Therefore the cockatiel cage needs to be large as feasible.

Furthermore, some birds are really small. These parrots are energetic and require exercise, therefore, a large spaced cage is very important to make them happy and healthful.

That is why bar spacing for cage should be measured carefully.

Moreover, some birds have long tails and they need large cages, this will help them to get around the cage easily without damaging their tails.

Bar spacing for cage is more important because improper bar spacing can be dangerous that it might be injured your cockatiel parrot.

Following standard instruction for bar spacing for cage for cockatiel parrots.

The bar spacing for cockatiel cage shouldn’t be higher than 5/8 inches, therefore, your cockatiel parrots cannot get around without striking their heads with the cage.

How much space does a bird need?

Small birds also require a large space for the exercise they need.

Some are several “rules of thumb” for measuring least cockatiel cage size.

There is a rule which is that the width of the cage should be at least twice the wingspread length. It is tall enough to adjust the long tails of cockatiel parrots. Albino Cockatiel, White Faced Cockatiel and Types of White-Faced Cockatiel also, need same space.

Imported Cockatiel Cage Accessories

Imported Cockatiel Cage Accessories
Imported Cockatiel Cage Accessories

While selecting a cockatiel cage for your cockatiel parrot keep it in your mind that keep in mind that primary bird perches, DIY bird toys and some more playful cockatiel cage accessories instantly needed to fill the cage.  

So provide your cockatiel parrots with favorable and comfortably large cockatiel cages.

This will help your cockatiel parrots to allow all the basic cockatiel cage accessories to make their cockatiel cage lovable.  

The supply of imported bird cage accessories to the cockatiel parrots make them active and multi functional when they become practical.

Provide your cockatiel parrot with some DIY bird toys such as:

  1. Cuttlebones or crystal bones
  2. Shredding toys
  3. Wooden toys
  4. Bird Swings
  5. Mirrors

Bird perches in the cage will make them feel that they are sitting on the branches of a tree.

Give your cockatiel parrots possibilities to climb by providing them with climbing nets. It improves the health and functioning of the foot. It is also a good way of exercise for cockatiel parrots.

You can make your cockatiel happy by creating his/her housing structure that includes different bird perches.

Bird perches can be of different diameters and they can also be healthful for cockatiel’s feet. You can also offer them with dry treats and foot toys in the cockatiel cage accessories.

What do cockatiels need in their cage?

Every cockatiel owner wants to know the things which are required for the cockatiel cage.

So there are some cockatiel cage accessories are given below.  

  1. Variety of bird perches.
  2. Food and water dishes
  3. DIY bird toys
  4. Enrichment bird toys
  5. Bird Swings
  6. Paper at the bottom of the cage

These are the most important imported bird cage accessories and they are necessary to make your pet cockatiel happy.

Travel Bird Cage For Cockatiels

The best travel bird cage for cockatiel parrot should be both secure and suitable. It will give you the rest of mind that your cockatiel parrot cannot fly.

It is very important that the carrier of the cockatiel parrot can feel confident without pressure during traveling.

A standard travel bird cage for cockatiels can serve the complete life of your cockatiel parrot. Therefore it takes time to decide whichever is right for your pet cockatiel.

Many cockatiel parrots will usually take time to get familiar with a new transport bird cage.

Although deciding a high standard and attractive travel bird cage for a cockatiel is all different.

Before selecting the perfect travel bird cage for cockatiel parrot some points should be noticed which are:

  1. Size
  2. Materials
  3. Build quality (escape potential & strength)
  4. Cost

A simple wire cockatiel cage is also preferred to transport the cockatiel parrot to the vet.

Some magnificent travel bird cage for cockatiel parrot is also in the market that can help you to take your cockatiel parrot on hiking experiences.                                                

Owning at least one well-designed, maintained and secure travel bird cage for a cockatiel is surely important for cockatiel parrots.

This can be helpful in case of emergencies and for routine check-ups.

Can you travel with a cockatiel?

It depends on the numbers of cockatiel parrots you have and the airline on which you are traveling.

Ensuring such important things will make you able to bring your cockatiel parrot with you.

You can be benefited from Cargo shipping because it allows extra opportunity.

Whether planes are already full of pets or your airline of selection will not allow to let your cockatiel parrots fly with you.


Hopefully, after reading this article you become well familiar with the instructions about complete cockatiel cage set up.

Cockatiel cage size for breeding pair has been discussed broadly. The advantages and disadvantages of making DIY cockatiel cage have been considered.

Bar spacing for cockatiel cage and the imported cockatiel cage accessories have been given accurately.

I am sure that your thoughts about the travel bird cage for cockatiels have been clear after reading this piece of knowledge about cockatiel cage.