Can Bunnies Eat Bread? | Are White, Brown, Or Banana Bread Safe?

Bread is not a suitable choice for bunnies at all. We cannot force a specific species of rabbits to eat what other species like to eat. When it comes to bread, you are thinking of can rabbits eat bread? Bread could be a part of a rabbit’s diet once in a rare while.

Can Bunnies Eat Bread

Experts do not recommend feeding bread to the rabbits. Bread is processed food which is not a good snack deal for them. Processed food always has a high level of sugars and carbohydrates in it. This could be harmful to the immature stomach of poor rabbits. Also, bread is not a nutritious food item for pet rabbits. It is better to throw the leftover bread instead of giving it to this little creature. 

Nutritional Facts Of Bread

Let’s have a look at the nutritional value of bread first. After that, we will see what a bunny requirement is and whether bread fulfills that need or not. 

A 100 g of whole wheat bread contains: 

  • Fat 6.45 g
  • Proteins 9.68 g
  • Energy 258 kcal
  • Fiber 6.5 g
  • Iron 2.32 mg
  • Carbohydrates 45.16 g

As you can observe, the energy a 100 g bread provides is too high for a rabbit. Bread is low in proteins. A rabbit body needs 12-17 g of protein for healthy functioning. The fiber content is below the moderate amount as the rabbit’s daily requirement is 14-25 g of fiber. Loaves of bread are high in carbohydrates that are not acceptable by rabbits. 

The comparison of what a rabbit’s body requires and what a loaf of bread has to offer is not a good way out. A rabbit will eat bread but it will not provide any nutritional value.

In What Quantity Does My Baby Rabbit Have Bread?

In What Quantity Does My Baby Rabbit Have Bread
One slice of bread give your baby rabbit

An adult bunny can have bread once in a while. Cut a slice in four equal portions and give one portion at a time. 

When it comes to feeding bread, we go into the confused state of yes and no. Bread is a straight no for baby rabbits as well as for newborn rabbits. Their digestive system is not very strong to digest the bread. Moreover, they can choke on bread. 

Side Effects Of Eating Bread For Rabbits

Besides starch and sugars, bread contains unhealthy carbohydrates and preservatives. If a bunny is exposed to bread, it will result in the below-mentioned problems.

  • Bloating
  • Struggle for digestion
  • Diarrhea
  • Runny stool
  • Obesity

Can Rabbits Eat Bread Crust?

If you are smart, you would never feed your rabbits bread crusts. Bread crusts are as damaging as bread itself. They provide an oversupply of scratch and carbohydrates making a bad choice for rabbits. It is better to give them green vegetables or carrots. Foods that are high in carbohydrates are complex for the bunny’s digestive system. 

Can Rabbits Eat Breadsticks?

Can Rabbits Eat Breadsticks
Yes Rabbit can eat breadsticks

Rabbits can eat breadsticks. Breadsticks will not poison them, but it is not a fine treat for rabbits. Breadsticks are processed food that is high in sugars. High sugar food will make rabbits fat and lead to obesity. Although pets eat everything their owner puts in front of them, breadsticks should not be compelled to the rabbits. 

Can Rabbits Eat White Bread?

While having rabbits at your home you must be concerned about their health. It is a known fact that white bread is not good for humans as well as for other animals. Therefore, it is not a wise choice for rabbits too. Refined flour is used in making white bread. Refined flour has zero nutritional value and cannot bring health benefits to rabbits. 

Can Rabbits Eat Brown Bread?

Do not provide brown bread to eat to your bunnies. We may consider brown bread a fine yet healthy option concerning white bread, but this is not true. Unless or until rabbits are eating enough hay, they can have a tiny piece of brown bread. If you are feeding your rabbits brown bread and they are not expressing any adverse reaction to it, continue feeding the bread. All rabbits can behave differently to brown bread consumption. 

Can Rabbits Eat Banana Bread?

Rabbits will love to eat banana bread as they like bananas very much. If they find banana bread in your kitchen, they will love to have a mouth full on it. It is on us not to provide them with whole banana bread at once. If they swallow a big piece of banana bread, it will get stuck in their throat. Also, in banana bread, the levels of sugars are doubled as compared to plain bread. This is because bananas themselves are sugary fruit. 

Can Rabbits Eat Dry Bread?

Believe it or not, rabbits should never feed on any grains at all. They may try to eat dry bread but in the end, it will just bring stomach problems. 

If your rabbit eats a chunk of dry bread, do not panic. He will not be dead but can suffer from some gastrointestinal issues. He will get back to a normal healthy life if you stopped his further interaction with the bread. 

What Could Be The Alternative To Bread?

We can search for some bread alternatives for our pet bunny. Nutrients in bread can be achieved by feeding other natural sources. Rabbits in the wild usually grow on hay, vegetables, and fruits. Here are some healthy alternatives to bread.

  • Give Some Fresh Fruits Occasionally

Introducing your rabbits to fresh fruits occasionally is a good start. They will love to have different fruits as their treat. However, deciding the ratio is still an important task. Even fruits have good vitamins, still, moderation is essential. Any fruit that fits into a tablespoon could be given to the rabbits. 

  • Feed Bunnies On Fresh Vegetables

Having pets requires effort when it comes to their feeding.  Rabbits will be overwhelmed by eating green leafy vegetables and their florets. You can buy fresh vegetables from a shop or grow them in your backyard.

Rabbits can also have spinach, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, parsley, cilantro, bell appears, etc. There are a lot of other fruits and veggies that can serve as a treat without providing harm or risking the rabbit’s life. 


Feeding bread to rabbits will surely cause some undenied health problems in the end. Bread is low in fiber but high in scratch and carbohydrates. It is just like junk for rabbits. Other healthy alternatives to bread are carrots, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and more. If you are looking forward to trying bread for rabbits, it should be offered to them once a month with a little square piece of it. Never let your little bunnies confuse the treat with their proper meal.

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