Can Rabbits Eat Apple | Do Bunnies Like Apples Skin

Yes! Rabbits can eat apples because it’s a good addition to rabbit’s diets. Apples are totally safe for bunnies’ health. Apple is a vital fruit that fulfills a large nutritional requirement in the animal body. Apples are full of vitamins and minerals but eating too many apples is not good.

Can Rabbits Eat Apple

Apples are packed full of water and frequently very delightful to taste. An Apple is an edible fruit that appears in a variety of colors, such as red, green, bicolor, yellow,  and reinette. Apples appear in varieties like Cripps pink, empire, fuji, golden delicious, gala, honey crisp, Mclntosh, and granny smith all of these are edible for rabbits.

Do Rabbits eat apples?

Yes, Sure they can eat apples but in small amounts in their diet. If you feed your rabbit apples. Make sure you remove all the seeds and stems. They cannot digest any seeds, stems, and cores. 

Having adequate knowledge of apples will make you understand the advantages of feeding them to your rabbits. Apples are healthful fruit for animals. Bunny`s can eat bananas, blueberries, grapes, cherries, melons, oranges, and other sweet fruits such as apples and enjoy them a lot. Rabbits also Can rabbits eat strawberries as well.

“Rabbits and apples are very sweet So we must care for them sweetly.” 

Do Bunnies like Apples

Do Bunnies like apples
yes, bunnies like apples

Bunnies like apples too much because of their sugary taste. But Sometimes raw apples have a very bad taste so Rabbits did not like it and stopped eating them. Fiber is a major need of a rabbit’s diet. 

An apple contains 2.4 grams of fiber. A medium-sized apple has 3 grams of fiber in it. Apples also have antioxidants which are advantageous for rabbits.


Nutritional benefits of apples

Apple is the only fruit found everywhere and is everyone’s favorite. There are innumerable benefits of apples:

  • Apple has a bit of vitamin C which is very healthful for both animals and humans.
  • Apple has a lot of fiber(especially the skin) it helps improve gut health.
  • Apples contain 86% of water which make up the lack of water in the bunnies body.
  •  Apple contains elements of zinc, the amount of zinc in 100g is 0.04 mg.
  • Apples contain traces of manganese, manganese effect at growth stages and help in tissue growth.
  • Each apple contains 20 milligrams of phosphorus.

Can you feed rabbits apples?

Can you feed rabbits apples
yes rabbits can feed apples

Rabbits can eat apples because they’re rich in calories and proteins. Apples are the best feed which includes fiber, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. Apples can also be fed small amounts because it is high in sugar. 

You can feed your pet rabbit’s apple every 7 days 10 to 20 grams. You can feed your rabbits with nutritional and beneficial fruits such as pear, peach, kiwi, and apple. Do not feed high sugar items such as cookies, chips, pieces of bread, pasta, crackers, cereal, and especially chocolates. It’s harmful to the rabbit’s stomach.
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Can Rabbits eat green apples?

Apples have different types, and different colors like red, yellow and green. They enjoy fresh green foods and fruits in small amounts.

A medium-sized apple contains:

  • 72 calories
  • 19-gram carbohydrates
  • 3-gram fiber
  • .36 gram protein
  • .2 gram fat

Can Rabbits Eat Apple Skin

Yes, Why not. Young rabbits can eat apple skin but make sure it’s properly washed to remove any chemicals. But they cannot eat any seeds and stems. It’s harmful to the digestive system. Apple’s skin also contains multiple nutrients.
If you include apples in your bunny diet regularly. (Which is not recommended by experts) Then it’s not a good practice to give them their skin also. Remove the apple skin. They cannot easily digest the apple skin. If you are curious about what do rabbits eat you can check over here. 


Apple is a healthy fruit for animals. Bunnies can eat apples and consume a lot of nutrients and proteins from apples. They can eat all varieties of apples, but some bunnies prefer red apples instead of green apples.

Apples fulfill a large amount of the nutritional requirements in their body. Apples contain high calories and sugar.
Eating too many sugary items can disturb your bunnies’ digestive system. They can eat 1 or 2 slices of apple without seeds, stems, and cores per week. Adult rabbits can eat apple skin. It’s full of fiber.


1. Are apples good for bunnies?

 Apple is a good fruit for all of us. We all know that the apple is a beneficial fruit all the time. Yes, Apples are good for rabbits because they are high in calories. Apples have a lot of nutrients and proteins which are good for rabbit’s health. 

2. Can pet rabbits eat apples?

Yes, pet rabbits can eat apples because they like sugary items. They can eat a green apple the same way they eat a red apple. Apples contain a lot of carbohydrates that are not good for a rabbit’s stomach because excessive amounts of carbohydrates can ban rabbits.

3. Do wild rabbits eat apples?

Apples contain an excessive amount of sugar which is harmful to wild rabbits. Wild rabbits should not eat apples, carrots, and tomatoes because it is not suitable.  Branches, twigs, plants, dry and fresh grasses are very beneficial for wild rabbits. 

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