Can rabbits Eat Red Cabbage? | Nutritional Facts and Health Risks

Carrots always first come to mind when we are deciding what a rabbit will eat. However, giving the same vegetable daily will be boring for the pet. Why should we not introduce our rabbit with some other vegetables? This is a crucial moment for a rabbit owner to decide what will suit him. What will happen if they eat red cabbage? Are there any side effects? Or is red cabbage healthy for them? These are the questions one is looking for a perfect answer.

Can rabbits Eat Red Cabbage

Can rabbits eat red cabbage? Yes, they can eat but one should carefully expose them to red cabbage if they are new to it. Always start with the smaller amounts so they can digest it easily and develop a taste. This article will cover all the related facts about can rabbits eat red cabbage?  It’s feeding limit, nutritional value, how to introduce it, precautions, and more.

Is Red Cabbage Different from Other Cabbage? 

Red cabbage is sometimes called purple cabbage and Blaukraut after preparation. It belongs to the family of broccoli, kale, and sprouts. It is a healthy vegetable and similar in taste to white cabbage. Besides low calories value, it is high in other nutrients. Humans grow cabbage in greater amounts and use it in different recipes and salads. It is easily available in the market and cheap to buy. It can be eaten in raw form and cooked. 

Nutritional Facts Of Red Cabbage

Nutritional Facts Of Red Cabbage
Red Cabbage is good for fiber

 A 100-gram red cabbage flower contains 21 calories in total with 90 percent water present in it. Proteins are little as 1 percent with no fat. Carbohydrates are of 4g, which results from all-natural sugars. Moreover, red cabbage is good for fiber intake. It has a variety of vitamins and minerals present in it. They help to produce blood and enhance red blood cells. Red cabbage contains vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and more. It also provides zinc, calcium, magnesium in smaller amounts.  

Can Rabbits Eat Red Cabbage Safely?

Different rabbit owners shared different experiences while giving their rabbits red cabbage. Some of them find no harmful effects while some of them complain about bloating and urine color changes.

However, each rabbit’s body reacts differently than other fellow rabbits. There is no harm in introducing them to red cabbage. Start by offering them a limited amount so their stomach can be used to it. They have bacteria in their stomach that helps to digest food. These bacteria required time to adjust to new food.

Remember that the nutritional value of cabbage does not provide much benefit to your rabbit.

Can Rabbits Eat White Cabbage?

Can Rabbits Eat White Cabbage
Yes rabbits can eat white cabbage

Do you see your rabbit enjoying eating white cabbage? If they like it, then there is no suffering in giving white cabbage to them. There is no harm in adding cabbage to their daily routine chart. Cabbage has a high calcium ratio, which may cause a gas problem in some rabbits. Though, it also comprises good fiber content and minerals.

Is Cabbage Safe For Rabbits?

Cabbage is not poisonous, but there are still things to consider just to stay on the safe side.

  • Give Moderate Amount

Introducing a new vegetable to our pet will be a positive gesture but be sure to give in moderate amounts first. Let their body adjust to that new food. It will also help the rabbit owner to keep track of what is beneficial for his pet according to the reaction.

  • Do Not Overfeed

Pets usually try to eat all the food present in their bowl because they are not familiar with the concept of obesity. Obesity targets the animal’s physical performance leading to inactivity. Never over-feed your rabbit with cabbage because bacteria present in his stomach have to regulate well with the new food.

  • Rich In Vitamins And Minerals

Cabbage is safe for rabbits because it has lots of minerals and vitamins present in it. It has vitamin C and K, which maintains the breeding rabbit for producing babies.

  •  Health-related Problems

Some rabbit owners complain about giving cabbage to bunnies because their pets cannot manage the nutrients residing in cabbage. But, this is not a life threat for other rabbits out there. If your rabbit is behaving normally after having cabbage you can continue giving cabbage, whether red or white to him. Despite this, if you notice some unusual behavior, stop giving cabbage to your bunny.

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Red Cabbage?

Can Baby Rabbits Eat Red Cabbage
Yes baby rabbits can eat red cabbage

Yes, your baby rabbits can eat red cabbage if it is a few months older. Never give cabbage to a newly born baby rabbit because he just needs milk from his mother.

If your baby rabbit is nearly one year old, then cabbage is a healthy option to include in your pet’s diet if it suits his stomach. It is an easily available vegetable in the market. While giving loose leafy red cabbage to your baby rabbit, keep an eye on his behavior and body reactions. If rabbits remain happy and active throughout the day, that means it suits their digestive system.


Rabbit’s bodies are used to eating vegetables because they rely on grass, hay, carrots, and other leafy greens. The thing you have to do is to limit the quantity when you are exposing them the first time and onwards. Also, measuring the after-effects is essential to predict if something is wrong or not. Pet is your responsibility because they rely on and trust their owner. Never put their life at risk due to your negligence.

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