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Cockatiel Parrot Bird

Cockatiel Parrot has the unique colors. They have white and light-yellow feathers with orange-red patches on their faces near the ears.


Owning a low voice, hanging attractive appearance and sweet nature, these small parrots can be made extremely good pets.


There’s a huge fallacy that is the smaller genre of cockatoos!


With that being stated, many human beings may also frequently get a Cockatiel Parrot.


With the hope that it will likely be lots much like a cockatoo.


However, this is not actual!


Whereas, Size and height and lifespan much differ from Cockatoos.


If you’re new in this pet possession then you definitely are in luck!


In this article, we’ll cover the lot you want to recognize approximately about the cockatiel food and care and cockatiel behave.


appearance include yellow/white bodies with orange cheek patches and a yellow head and mane.


Infants have red eyes which darken as their age increased.

Cockatiel Types Or Cockatiel Mutations

Cockatiel Types Or Cockatiel Mutations

Cockatiel types are mutations of cockatiels. These might accidentally occur during the breeding process. Sometimes these mutations are domesticated also, by cockatiel breeders for their own requirements. Although, Cockatiel types have different cockatiel colors for their diversification. All cockatiel types have the same social behavior except grey and ashenfallow cockatiels. …

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Normal Grey Cockatiel Behave, Breeding, Food & Care

Normal Grey Cockatiel

Normal grey cockatiel is the original cockatiel of all cockatiel color mutations. They mostly have grey plumage and round patches of orange color. All types of cockatiel parrots are cockatiel color and genetic mutations, excluding the normal grey parrots. Therefore, the system of cockatiel mutations starts to form the normal …

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Male Cockatiel Behave, Lifespan, Breeding, Food & Care

Male Cockatiel Behave

The male cockatiel is yellow or white on face and has round orange patches on both ears, therefore often mentioned as “cheddar cheeks.” Cockatiel parrots are singing birds, the songs of the male cockatiel being more diverse and smooth as compared to the Female Cockatiel. Male cockatiels are more active …

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Cockatiel Bird Best Food Recipes, Brands And Cockatiel Care

Cockatiel Bird Best Food And Care

Cockatiel parrots are appreciated everywhere in the world because of their lovable nature. With proper cockatiel care and cockatiel food, they are simple to breed, soft, and lovable to be controlled and pet. They make soft chirping cockatiel sounds but are less loud and noisy as compared to other parrots. …

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Best Cockatiel Cage Size & Accessories

Best Cockatiel Cage Size

A cage is a place wherever your pet parrot will pass the age of consent, and it also considerably influences the character of their life. We will let you know, The best Cockatiel Cage seizes. Doubtless, the major quality to consider while choosing a cockatiel cage is the size of …

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Female Cockatiel Nature, Behave & Breeding Process

Female Cockatiel

Female Cockatiel parrots originate from Australia. They belong to other parrots such as Galah and cockatoos. Mature male and female cockatiels having a grey body and yellow head are nearly easy to differentiate them sexually by their plumage. Male and female cockatiels seem alike, therefore, it is complicate to determine …

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Common White, Blue, Ashenfallow Cockatiel

Common White, Blue, Ashenfallow Cockatiel

Common White, Blue, Ashenfallow Cockatiel are also, native to Australia and are broadly spread in approximately all regions of Australia. They were first classified in 1793. By the time, many cockatiel mutations having different cockatiel colors were domesticated. Some of these cockatiel mutations are also, pied cockatiel, pearl cockatiel, white-faced …

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Pearl Cockatiel Food, Behave, Breeding, Lifespan & Care

Pearl Cockatiel

Pearl cockatiels are among the marvelous mutations of cockatiel parrots. The Pearl cockatiels mutation is sex-linked recessive. Pearl cockatiel is an arranged cockatiel mutation. It is express as a lacy arrangement. Pearl cockatiels have creamy white or yellow edges of their feathers. It is an all-covering arrangement. In this article, …

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Pied Cockatiel Food, Lifespan, Care, Behave and Breeding

Pied Cockatiel

Pied Cockatiel, The first cockatiel mutation of cockatiel color genetics is the Pied Cockatiel. They have chiefly grey blended with light-yellow and white feathers with orange cheek patches. Cockatiel breeders can breed to discover unique and different cockatiel colors and cockatiel traits. Breeders have been breeding cockatiel to find out …

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Types of White-Faced Cockatiel Lifespan, Food, Care and Breeding

Types of White Faced

As name shows, white-faced cockatiels are recognize by their white face which is without orange cheek patches. Cockatiel mutations is a long list of different cockatiel colors. Some further cockatiel mutations of white-face cockatiel parrots should also be given. So, there are some Types of White Faced cockatiel such as: …

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