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Do Fish Feel Pain

Do Fish Feel Pain? Do Fish Feel emotional and physical pain Both

Have you ever wondered if animals feel? Well, they have feelings, and they feel pain too. It would be inhumane to think that animals are numb creatures. Fishes are also animals. So, do they feel pain or not? The answer to that is not that simple. The pain is not …

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Do Fish Drink Water

Do Fish Drink Water? Do Fish Ever Feel Thirsty? All Details

One thing that primary school taught you is that every organism needs water to live. It’s a fact that no one can live without water. So the question is comes in mind “Do Fish Drink Water?” However, if water surrounds a living being, it would be ridiculous for it to …

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Who Do Fish Swim

How do Fish Swim? Finally We Know The Reality On Facts

If you swim, you might’ve wondered, “Why do I get so tired, but fishes keep on swimming hassle-free?” Fishes have to live in water their whole life. So, by nature, their design is the best to keep them there. So now you are going to know about “who do fish …

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What do Fish Eat

What do Fish Eat? The Fish’s Nutritional Requirements

Have you ever wondered what a fish’s favorite dish is? Well, the answer to that is not straightforward. So in this article we are trying over best to gave you ans of this question. What do Fish Eat? There are way too many types of fishes. Plus, they have different …

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Types Of Fish

Types of Fish with Their Differences and Characteristic

The underwater world is home to a million different animals and plants. However, we are yet to reach the end of diversity. Amongest the species, the majority is that of the fishes. Here you can read about Types of Fish. Fishes are one of the most diverse groups of animals …

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What is fish

What is Fish? Different Types of Fishing and Their Features

essAlthough it may seem a ridiculous question to ask, do you know what a fish is? Well, the straightforward answer that any layman would put forth is that of animals that live in water. However, that is not entirely the case. Whales are enormous creatures that reside in the seas …

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