Celestial Pearl Danio Fish (Galaxy Rasbora) All details

The Celestial Pearl Danio or the galaxy Rasbora is a tiny and peace-loving fish present in the freshwater. This fish has mesmerizing color patterns, white spots with orange fins. Moreover, the galaxy rasbora size is so small that it looks adorable in an aquarium.

Nowadays, the Celestial Pearl Danio is an immensely popular pet. Surprisingly, it is a relatively new species of fish. Scientists discovered it back in 2006, which is not so long ago.

Are you wondering why we’re using two names for the same fish? Well, at first, the name of the fish was the galaxy rasbora. Recently, after establishing a relationship with the Danios fish, we have started to call them Celestial Pearl Danio.

celestial pearl danio size

The celestial pearl danio is a tiny fish, only growing up to an inch. Moreover, growth continues for a year. As you might expect from a creature of that size, they are quite reserved in the aquarium and the wild.

Nonetheless, you still have to provide them with proper space. If you plan on keeping one, it’s best to keep 5, or 6 at max, in an aquarium of 10gallons.

Celestial Pearl Danio tank mates

Due to their shy nature, they are pacifists. So, for the tranquil celestial pearl danio, you have to keep the fishes that are not aggressive and of a similar size or smaller.

You can consider fish like guppies, killifish, neon tetras, and corydoras to go with the calm nature of the celestial pearl danio. Also, they are compatible with the temperature of the fish.

Celestial pearl danio eggs

The fish is an egg-laying animal, and are these adorable little creatures! The female celestial pearl will scatter its eggs all over the place. So, you should keep the base of the tank smooth and keep the lighting minimum.

The laying process is quite romantic. The male will dance around the female to make her lay the eggs. Then, the male counterpart will fertilize the egg.

Celestial pearl danio lifespan

Celestial pearl danio lifespan

Provided that you can keep the aquarium favorable for him, they can live up to 5 years max. The average life is from 3 to 5 years.

So, how do you keep these fishes in a tank?

Tips for better celestial pearl danio care

To take care of your galaxy rasbora, make sure that your tank has an adequate number of plants. Not only they feed on these plants, but they also lay their eggs there. Besides, the galaxy rasbora enjoys small shrimps. However, they don’t bother the large ones.

For water, keep the pH neutral and temperature around 75o Fahrenheit. Despite their small size, you should keep them in an aquarium of 10 gallons. Even in that, do not exceed more than 6 of them.


If you are looking for a calm and colorful aquarium, then you can fill it up with the celestial pearl danios. The white-spotted fish are a recent discovery and quite popular pet.

To keep them, make sure that you have adequate space, which is around 2 gallons for one fish. If you take good care of them, then they can brighten up the aquarium for five years.


1. Are Celestial Pearl Danios hardy?

Yes, they are hardy fish. They can tolerate a wide temperature and pH range. Ideally, it is between 73o and 79o Fahrenheit and 6.5 and 7.5, respectively.

2. Do celestial pearl Danios jump?

Well, usually they remain calm and move around a lot. However, if something startles them, they will jump in panic.

3. How many celestial pearl Danios are in a 5 gallon?

Using the 2-gallon space rule, you can keep 3 to 4 of them in a 5-gallon tank. Although it is not a hard and fast rule, you still have to provide them adequate space.

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