Do Betta Fish sleep | Possess Eyelids, Sleep Vertically And How Long?

Betta fish necessitate sleep to stay alive. Like all other creatures, they sleep in a wide variety of postures and places. Betta fish sleep at night and hold several naps during the daytime. Their asleep pattern is similar to human beings.

Do Betta Fish have eyelids?

Fish don’t possess eyelids as they don’t require them underwater because dust particles cannot get inside their eyes.  Betta fish also lack eyelids so when they are sleeping or resting, you might think that your betta fish is still awakened. However, a transparent eyelid is observed in some species of fishes that cover the whole eye. 

Do Betta Fish sleep vertically

Do Betta Fish sleep
Some betta fishes sleep vertically

Some betta fishes sleep vertically others choke themselves among things. Some betta fishes wish to hide, others prefer to lay beyond leaves. 

This is often caused by overeating or by feeding plenty of dehydrated foods like freeze-dried bloodworms, flakes, or grains.

Do Betta Fish sleep with eyes open?

Betta fishes do not own eyelids thus they are unable to close their eyes. They sleep with open eyes. They find a suitable spot at the bottom to sleep. Some bettas also sleep with their fins open.

How long do Betta Fish sleep per day?

Do Betta Fish sleep
Betta fishes sleep in darkness

Betta’s will usually sleep in darkness, though, they will periodically take naps during the complete day as well. Some fish pretend to be very lazy and crave rest a lot, while others will remain active throughout the maximum of the day including night. Must provide your fish with eight to 12 hours of daylight and 12 to 16 hours of darkness daily. Never leave the light above your tank at midnight.


Betta fishes sleep diagonally and some wedge themselves among things. They sleep in a variety of areas and postures. Some snuggle into the tank’s gravel others find a hiding place inside the aquarium and some will just hang around on the top.  They sleep at night and take naps in the morning. Betta fish don’t have eyelids while sleeping their eyes remain open.


1. How long do betta fish sleep?

Betta fish’s sleeping pattern is likely relatable to human beings. These fish prefers to sleep at night time So if possible try to provide your fish with 8 to12 hours of daylight and 12 to 16 hours of darkness daily.

2. Can Bettas sleep with the light on?

No bettas demand complete darkness during sleep yet they often take several naps through the day.

3. Do betta fish hibernate?

Betta fish do not hibernate but if you see a lack of activity it could determine that your fish tank temperature is extremely low. If you see that your betta is napping throughout the day there may be a problem such as the lights on the tank are not bright enough, he is annoyed, sick, exhausted, or may just be idle.

4. Do betta fish sleep on the bottom of the tank?

They like to sleep at night and stay alert during the day. If they don’t take sufficient sleep at night, you may see them snoozing at the bottom of the tank. 

5. When do betta fish sleep?

 Betta fish sleep at night and take several naps during the daytime.

6. What do betta fish look like when they sleep?

 Bettas have specific sleeping preferences. Your betta sleeping rolled up likewise a cat, lying on one side or even sleeping vertically, with its head directed towards the base of your aquarium.

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