Do Chickens Pee Or Urinate? | Mechanism Of Pee Reabsorption

A lot has been asked about chickens. There are myths and theories which are mostly not true. Researchers have done extensive research and unfold many aspects and attributes of chickens after the study. It’s so normal to ask – Do chickens pee? Well, yes, as far as peeing is concerned, chickens do pee.

Do Chickens Pee Or Urinate

However, they don’t urinate the liquid as other mammals do. If you have chickens, you must have noticed the scarcity of urine on the floor. The main reason behind this is they don’t have bladders. Chicken’s urine is the whitish crystal we can see on the upper layer of the poop. 

Chicken’s kidneys process urea into a white solid thing instead of converting it into a liquid form of urine. This process helps chickens sleep better and perform day-to-day excretions easily.

How Do Chickens pee?

Many of us believe that chickens are uncomplicated and easy-to-understand animals. We think they are as quiet as they are in the chicken shop. But, they are different from other animals and birds. 

There is a lot of complexity involved in their body structure and digestive system. Interestingly, chickens have kidneys but they don’t have bladders. This is the reason why urine is expelled along with the poop.  They coat their waste with uric acid that is expelled from the body when chickens poop. 

Both the fluids came out of one hole. This hole is called Cloaca. This is the multipurpose part of their body. Apart from peeing, this part of the body involves mating, birthing, and pooping. To be honest, this is the most efficient way of doing things together. A perfect example of multi-taking.

Do Chickens Pee And Poop At The Same Time?

Do Chickens Pee And Poop At The Same Time
Yes chickens do pee and poop at the same time

Chickens mix all the discharged waste with undigested food. Therefore, urine and feces are mixed and passed out in one go. Uric acid is not water-soluble so it is deposited into fecal material. As a result, the poop becomes soft and wet at the same time.

It means whenever they poop, they urinate and whenever they urinate, they poop. Chicken’s poo is a blend of waste that’s why it is known as a good fertilizer. It contains lots of nitrogen.

Do Chickens Pee Through Their Skin?

Maybe this is the most asked question about the chickens. Do they pee through their skin? 

This is one kind of myth that is not true at all. They don’t pee through their skin. They have kidneys that produce uric acid. Uric acid expels from the vent. Cloaca or vent is used to receive sperms and expel pee from the body. Chickens have kidneys instead of balder. 

Moreover, sweat glands are not present in their skin so there is no question of peeing through the skin. Chickens don’t even have a urethra. Chickens have many complex bodily features and functions which help excrete matter. Mouth, esophagus, crop, stomach, digestive pipe, gizzard, kidney, and the multitasker vent. 

Mechanism Of Pee Reabsorption

Chickens have kidneys that manage the electrolytes, water level and extract waste from the body. When urine is there in the intestine, the body starts to absorb all the unused water from the urine. This pushes all the extra water back into the system. Chicken’s digestive system works better during nighttime instead of in the morning. 

How Often Do Chickens Pee?

People often want to know the number of times chicken creates a mess when they pee. Most probably they want to compare it with other animals or with themselves. Chickens discharge uric acid every time they pee. They normally do this between 20 to 40 times per day.

We cannot blame them for this habit, but we can only do research. As per research, I have made so far, it depends on multiple factors. Baby chicks poop almost after 10 minutes. Large chickens do this nearly after 25 minutes. They do this frequently and in numbers. This helps them remain light even if they don’t fly long distances compared to other birds.

The Smell Of The Chicken’s Pee

If you have ever seen chickens poop, you must notice some wet and soft smelly stuff. Instead of passing out urine, Chickens drum out thick urine matter in white paste form with poop. The color of pee is dependent on what they eat. It is sometimes light brown or green. Chicken’s pee contains lots of nitrogen. 

When droppings become soggy, nitrogen starts to break down and produces ammonia gas which has a very strong smell. It is one of the reasons why people avoid passing by poultry farms. The most disappointing thing about chicks is that they create a lot of messy environments with their smelly waste.

Are Chickens Smart?

Are Chickens Smart
Chickens are extremely intelligent

Humans consider themselves sharp, smart, agile, and intelligent. We call “bird brain” to someone who is a very silly or stupid person. But a recent study reveals that chickens are extremely intelligent and possess the ability of self-control. They have long-lasting memories and they can memorize more than 100 faces. These can be their fellow chicks or humans also. 

Chickens are affectionate, kind-hearted, and very friendly. You must have seen how a mother adores his newborn chicks. Many owners feel that chickens recognize them, and have feelings of affection and care for them. 

Sadly, despite being friendly, humans have raised them for killing and for food. We all use chicken in our day-to-day life. Humans bind them with ropes and cut their throats just to feed our hunger and earn some money.  


After extensive research, researchers have found that chickens do pee. They don’t have bladders but they have kidneys which help them in peeing. They have kidneys that produce uric acid. Uric acid along with waste food expels from the vent. 

Chickens pee after around the next 10-25 minutes. They do this frequently and several times. Chickens are not “bird brains”, They are quick, sharp, and have a strong feeling of care and affection. If any of you stay involved in catering chickens trust me you have a lot of work to do.

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