Duclair Ducks | Size, Food, Eggs, Value And Temperament

Duclair duck is a domestic type of duck, a dual-purpose breed developed in Northern areas of France. They are calm, gentle, human-friendly easy to tame species. These ducks are thought out best as a roast duck dish.

Duclair Duck

Baby Duclair Duck

Duclair Ducks
Duclair Duck baby is cute to look at

Baby Duclair ducklings are quite rare and stunning, cute to look at. They hatch within a minimum of 26 to 28 days and capable of flying in a period of 5 to 8 weeks.

Male and female Duclair duck

Female Duclair duck posses a bit small regular body size as compared to male duck. Male duck weight ranges about 6.6lbs and female range about 5.5lbs. A female Duclair duck is a good mother and excellent egg layer. Male ducks endure round-shape heads, larger in size than a female Duclair duck. The single white feather is common in both males and females. They also contain a white bib.

Duclair duck color

Duclair duck
This duck is found in two color diversities

Duclair duck is found in two color diversities. One is black and the other is blue. They have brown or green heads. They possess strong brown, black, or often blue-grey carcasses. Also contains a white bib. Their eye color is bluish-green or green. They are really colorful in themselves. Because of their stunning colors, they are name classic manky Mallard

Duclair duck size

Duclair ducks are medium-sized ducks with strong legs and round heads. Female ducks are smaller than males. They have average size birds. Their body weight ranges from about 2.3 to 2.8 kgs

Duclair duck Third Eyelid

Duclair duck
These ducks blink their third eyelid at the times of swimming and flying

Besides two eyelids, the Duclair posses a third eyelid locate on the side of its eye. Their third eyelid is named as the nictitating membrane.

These ducks blink their third eyelid at the times of swimming and flying or diving in the water to protect their eyes. They also act as a cleaning barrier for the best resolution. It also prevents the eye from drying during flying and also keeps the eye moist.

Duclair ducks eggs

Duclair ducks are popular for their bluish-green eggs enriched with cholesterol and contain two to six times more extra vitamin D, and vitamin A as compared to a chicken egg. They lay eggs minimum ranges from about 80 to 100 per annum. They lay bulky eggs that weigh up to 70 grams. Their eggs are a couple of times greater in quantity than chicken eggs. Moreover there eggs contain rich nutrients omega 3 and Albumin (protein). These ducks are well remembered for their large eggs-producing quality. 

Duclair duck food

Duclair ducks are great food burglars. They are exciting omnivores. They typically seek insects e.g flies, dragonflies, worms, and a wide range of arthropods e.g shrimps, lobsters and crabs, etc. These are also fence upon a variety of snails and slugs. They hold a flexible diet. Their normal diet may bear some variations at the time of the breeding cycle.

Duclair Duck Temperament

This ducks are good-natured and easy to tame

Duclair ducks are most peaceful to raise and breed at home because of their cool temperament. They are good-natured and easy to tame. These are human-friendly and non-agressive. Make sure that no difficulty happens with their temperament as it may affect their health.

Duclair Duck Value

They are quickly growing creatures and are impervious to diseases. These are not only valued for their faster meat production but also for their tempting taste and delicious composition. They are also highly valued for their friendly nature and cool temperament. They are easy to tame and prove best as a pet because of their non-aggressive nature. These are efficient burglars utilizes to control the beetles and snuggles creation.

 Moreover, they are rare for their large eggs that are greater in size than chicken eggs and remain extra preserved because of their thicker and strong eggshells. They are declared as a table-prepared roast duck at the age of 8 years.

Duclair duck and Black Swedish duck

Duclair duck and Black Swedish duck
This ducks are highly classified

Duclair duck and black Swedish duck have a variety of things in common. Black Swedish is also a breed of domestic duck-like Duclair ducks. They are unable to fly and are rare species as compared to ducks. Black Swedish ducks choose to look around for food. 


Duclair ducks are highly classified as domestic ducks. These ducks are a dual-purpose breed utilized for eggs as well as meat production. Their country of origin is France. Duclair ducks are good and efficient egg layers and their shell life remains longer than normal. You can consider them as a  good pets because of their amiable nature. These are gradually valued due to numerous reasons.  They weigh approximately 2.5 kgs to 3 kgs. They can adjust to all sorts of climates. Whatever the weather condition is, they can tolerate it with patience. These ducks are available in a diversity of colors from black, brown to grey.


1. Do Duclair ducks fly?

Yes, the baby ducklings could fly within 5 to 8 weeks after nativity.

2. Is the Duclair duck a food duck?

Yes, Duclair is a famous meat bird very well appreciate for its juicy, tender red meat.

3. How much does a full-grown Duclair duck weigh?

Fully grown Female Duclair ducks weigh up to 5-6 (2.5 kgs) pounds and an adult males masses up to 6-7 (3 kgs) pounds.

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