Giant Betta Fish Size, Lifespan | King Betta Fish Vs Giant Betta

The Giant Betta fish is amicable species acknowledged as Betta anabantoids are a subfamily of Macropodusinae, part of the gourami family.

giant betta fish

Huge betta fish are patrilineal mouth-brooders and are found in various freshwater habitats. The first giant betta fish came into existence with a process of extensive selective breeding.

Size of giant betta fish

Giant bettas are well worthy of their size to their names. They can expand up to 3 – 6 inches in normal. But presently there is evidence to see the largest betta fish that is 7 inches long.

Comparison of giant betta fish size with regular betta fish:

The difference between the biggest and regular betta fish is that, the body size of the biggest betta fish evolves greater than regular betta fish from 2.25 inches to 3 inches in length.

  • Biggest betta fish size is 7.6 cm.
  • Regular betta fish size is 5.7cm.

Care of Giant Betta Fish

Huge giant bettas have their favorable environment and necessities. They are quite permissive to care, and require fresh water of good quality like other fish species. Giant betta fish care includes nourishment in lesser acidic and salty water with a minimum flow rate.

Mostly, huge giant betta care requires natural or artificial light and darkness during the night to sleep. Prevent direct entry of sunlight in the tank as it causes an increase in the temperature of the water. You can prefer artificial lighting to provide a great effect during the day and night.

The lifespan of Giant Betta Fish


Giant betta lifespan precisely depends upon Giant betta fish care. The largest betta usually lives about 2-3 years. But they can live up to 5 years, relying upon how well they are cared for.

Giant betta lifespan entrusts on distinct factors that how long they can survive e.g. betta fish care, genetics, and feeding, etc. Giant betta who are placed in small tanks typically live for a small period.

Factors affecting Giant Betta Fish

  • Sleeping Pattern:
    Giant betta fish often takes more naps when they get older. As compared to their young age, they are likely to sleep more.
  • Scales Fading:
    With time, huge giant betta scales fade in color. Those scales which were once bright blue may turn gray or brown with the age of the fish.
  • Reduction in sexual Factor:
    The sexual activities of the biggest giant bettas reduce with age.
  • Effects on vision:
    The vision of giant betta fades with age and because of this giant bettas are unable to find their food.

Breeding of Giant Betta Fish

As giant betta fishes are mouth hatching species of the fish family, giant betta male hatch the eggs once the female lays them. These fishes are not the simplest to breed because of their greater size.

Healthy male bettas make large bubble nests expecting the diverse attraction of a female giant betta to pair with him. Every betta fish doesn’t need to make any bubble nests even if they are healthy. Their mating can only be done if they are provided with larger tanks.

Tank requirement of Giant Betta Fish


The least recommendation on Giant betta fish tank size is 5 gallons. Per inch of fish can grab 1 gallon of a tank that means five female giant bettas of 3 inch each needs 15 gallons or additional volume of the tank.

Larger tanks are convenient to retain as the constant changes of water are not necessary. Giant betta demands never fill the tank adequately because they need to approach the surface to gulp air.

Also, place a lid on the tank as the fishes can jump and leap out. Giant Betta is more likely to live alone. But your betta fish should only remain alone if one makes sure that it is comfortable and the tank mates are adaptable.

Sometimes male giant betta can show attacking behavior towards female giant betta too. Despite all, females can live together in a group if the tank size should be big.

King Betta Fish

King betta fish are known best for their beautiful fins and a wide range of stunning colors. Like other bettas, they are also members of the gourami family. Their temperature ranges from 78–82 °F.

It is difficult to find anything among king betta fish but some of us say that Betta raja and Betta splendens procreate in nature to conceive the King betta. The Male King Betta is also named as Siamese Fighting Fish.

The life span of the King betta fish is shorter, usually 3 often reaching 4 years.

  • Greater than the normal betta fish.
  • Male Bettas never accommodate together in any way.

King betta fish is the most expensive when compared to the betta for sale.

King betta Vs Giant Betta


It is difficult to find a difference between king betta and giant betta as they both have the same characteristics. The only difference between king betta and giant betta is their size.

  • Giant betta fish takes 5 gallons of the tank.
  • King betta fish takes 10 gallons of the tank.

Half-Giant Female

The female giant betta never contributes to bringing up the babies. Half giant female average size is 2.5 inches while the male giant size is 3 inches.


Size is the key difference between giant betta and king betta fish. Giant Betta are found in freshwater habitats. They are peaceful species that usually have a lifespan ranges from 2-3 years.

King betta fishes are part of the Gourami family and have a wide range of remarkable colors.
Aging factors affect giant betta fish a lot. With their increasing age, giant betta fish bears a variety of problems like difficulty in locating the food, etc


1. How big do king betta fish get?

King betta fish are usually brought to 5–6 cm. As with most betta fishes, female king betta fishes are smaller and less colorful than male fishes.

2. What size tank does a king Betta need?

King betta fish minimally 10 gallons of the tank because they are doubly the size of regular betta fish.