Harlequin Rabbits Breeds, Size, Colour, Sale and Facts

This breed is originated from France and introduced by the US in 1920. It is a colourful breed with distinctive markings around the body. The real name of Harlequin Rabbits Breed is the Japanese Rabbit. It has a commercial body with a 6.5-9.5lbs weight with a great broadhead. This rabbit comes with short fur as compared to others so it does not need maintenance daily.

Harlequin Rabbit produced by the mating of wild Tortoiseshell Dutch Rabbit with the wild rabbits. In 1887 it was first displayed in Paris during the international events. Moreover, this breed became popular in World War 2 for the production of meat. It has two types i.e. Japanese and Magpie. Both varieties come in different colours and markings. Some use this breed for the shows while others utilize it for meat. Harlequin Rabbits also make very good pets due to their playful and docile nature.

Harlequin Rabbit Kinds

Harlequin Rabbit Kinds
Two kinds of Harlequin Rabbits

There are two kinds of Harlequin Rabbit including Magpie Rabbit and Japanese Harlequin Rabbit. The magpie harlequin rabbit comes in white colour and usually has a combination of white with black, blue, chocolate, or lilac. However, colours of Japanese Harlequin Rabbit are mostly orange mixed with lilac, blue, chocolate, or black. Moreover, the distinctive body marking has different patterns including bars, bands, or both. Both rabbit breeds are medium-sized with a round head and medium ears.

Japanese Harlequin Rabbit

Japanese Harlequin Rabbit
Japanese harlequin rabbit is famous due to the unique colour pattern

The Japanese harlequin rabbit is famous due to the unique colour pattern. It comes with a different colour blend of orange with black, or orange with blue, iliac, and chocolate. Moreover, the base colour could be fawn too. These rabbits make good pets and some people love to take them for shows or events.

Harlequin Rex Rabbit is one of the breeds with incredible looks and such intense colouration. It has a friendly nature that makes them the best pet. It has luxury fur that is so soft to touch. Some utilize the rabbit for commercial purposes while others love to take them home. Moreover, the maintenance of this rabbit is easier due to the short fur. It comes with a broad head with erect ears and 7-8 pounds of weight. The hindquarters are perfectly rounded with the graceful yet attractive curves. No doubt the coat of this rabbit is impressive and makes it unique.

Harlequin Lion Head Rabbit

Harlequin Lion Head Rabbit
Harlequin Lion Head Rabbit have long hair around the face

It has long hair around the face and great fur in the body. Moreover, the lionhead rabbit with the harlequin pattern is most amazing. it has little fur at the tail side. The harlequin lion head rabbits have stripes at the back instead of spots and have no butterfly marking around the nose with no coloured ears. Moreover, the Japanese coloured lionhead rabbit has an orange base while the magpie has white. They make great pets.

Harlequin Rabbits For Sale

No doubt the harlequin rabbit has different colour markings that make it the most difficult breed. There are so many pet shops that sell specifically this breed. One can get this rabbit more easily from the US and France. But if you’re living in any other state you can get them online or from the great rabbit pet shops nearby you. Looking for Japanese Harlequin Rabbit For Sale or Magpie? You can get any kind mainly from the US rabbit breeder’s pet shops.

Harlequin Rabbit Colors

Harlequin Rabbit Colours
Harlequin Rabbits comes different colours

The harlequin rabbit comes in different colors including black, orange, lilac, brown, chocolate, fawn, and white. The Japanese harlequin has a white base with different colored bands or strips on the body and the Magpie Harlequin Rabbit has an orange or fawn background.

Harlequin Rabbit Size

Due to different bands and markings, this breed is also known as the clown of a rabbit or the royal jester. The weight of these rabbits is different in does and bucks. The bucks come with 6-9 pounds of weight while the doe has 7-9.5pounds of weight.

Harlequin Rabbit Facts

The harlequin rabbit has a playful and friendly nature that’s why they are good pets. These rabbits are highly intelligent and even respond to their own name but require adequate care plus training. It has a soft yet calm temperament so kids can easily handle it. They love to play in plenty of space and feel great pleasure during the training games.

The rabbit needs care and one has to monitor the hygiene, diet, and everything carefully. Make sure to hide all the wires and cables otherwise the rabbit will chew them. Don’t put them in any area with the small animals because the large rabbits could injure the other smaller pets. It is safe for children but kids should carry them in the supervision of adults. The lifespan of a harlequin rabbit is almost 5 years. However, the diet is similar to another rabbit with 70% hay. Don’t forget to mix some healthy pellets, fruits, and vegetables in their diet.


In this article, we have discussed the harlequin rabbit description, kinds, and some facts. Moreover, this rabbit is from a large breed with joyful nature. It is highly intelligent and comes in such an attractive pattern. One can keep them as a show animal or a pet. We have talked about the unique colours and kinds of this rabbit. It has a broad body and such attractive colour patterns. However one can buy this rabbit from any pet shop mainly located in the United States.

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