Male Cockatiel Behave, Lifespan, Breeding, Food & Care

The male cockatiel is yellow or white on face and has round orange patches on both ears, therefore often mentioned as “cheddar cheeks.”

Cockatiel parrots are singing birds, the songs of the male cockatiel being more diverse and smooth as compared to the Female Cockatiel.

Male cockatiels are more active and energetic and famous for their vocalization. Of first hollow bubbling cockatiel sound and copying talk rhythm to hearing to tell sounds, naturally, just the male cockatiel tends to speak.

So in this knowledgeable article, we will learn everything about a male cockatiel.

Adult Cockatiel Male Behavior

Adult Cockatiel Male Behavior
Adult Cockatiel Male Behavior

From the male cockatiel names and singing to adult cockatiel male behavior and appearance of male cockatiel, all should be discuses efficiently.

You will also come to know about the lifespan of the male cockatiel and also the size-weight of the male cockatiel.

Male Cockatiel Mating And Nesting Behavior and Male Cockatiel Diet As a Chick And During Cross should also be explained in this article.

Male Cockatiel Diet When Feeding Their Chicks and Problems Of Male Cockatiel should also be described in this article.

You will also clear your thoughts by knowing the price of male cockatiel parrots.

Male Cockatiel Names

 Male Cockatiel Names
Male Cockatiel Names

You can also give a name to your male cockatiel. Picking a name for your pet cockatiel can be interesting, even captious attempt.

So there are some unique male cockatiel names which you can give to your pet cockatiel parrot.

  1. Alfalfa
  2. Alpha
  3. Babie
  4. Balto
  5. Candy
  6. Caramel
  7. Daisy
  8. Dax
  9. Elwis
  10. Harmony
  11. Harley
  12. Ivy
  13. Jasmine
  14. Jazzy
  15. Koko
  16. Kiwi
  17. Mongo
  18. Max
  19. Rambo
  20. Snickers

This list of cockatiel names might help you to call your pet parrot with a good name. And make your male cockatiel to feel special.

What should I name my bird?

You can see your pet bird with some unique and interesting names. It will help you to differentiate your pet birds. So there top 10 names for your bird listed below.

  1. Angel
  2. Tweety
  3. Spike
  4. Rio
  5. Rainbow
  6. Lola
  7. Kiki
  8. Alex
  9. Tiki
  10. Sunny

Male Cockatiel Singing

Male Cockatiel Singing
Male Cockatiel Singing

The adult Cockatiels have the ability to whistle more and better than females. They mainly whistle to excite their partners. This courtship and attracting mates is a long procedure. When your cockatiel is happy, he always whistles.

It is in male cockatiel’s also, nature to create a play to attract the female partner. This play consists of different cockatiel sounds and talking.

If you want to tame your cockatiel for talking and whistling, then it is best to have a cockatiel. Make your male cockatiel parrot familiar with the sound of kinds of music.

Begin by standing close to your cockatiel parrot by hearing him and randomly whistle. Sound loudly the melodies of different songs.
Different Types of White-Faced Cockatiel, Pied Cockatiel and Pearl Cockatiel have same behave.

By Repeating:

These steps many times in a day make your cockatiel parrot familiar with the tunes. Copy the singing activity for your cockatiel parrot.

Cockatiel parrots make a loud scream for getting care when they are disconcerted, frightened, alone or delighted.

When a cat is chasing your cockatiel parrot, your cockatiel parrot starts making the wild cockatiel sounds, because he’s confused or afraid.

The male cockatiel parrot also, can make such cockatiel sounds which are as under:

  1. Whistle
  2. Make irregular chirps
  3. Loud screech.
  4. Sing melodies
  5. Copy the sounds around him

What is a male cockatiel called?

Male cockatiel parrots are often called as “Cheddar Cheeks” because of their orange cheek patches on face.

Species: N. Holandicus

Genus: Nymphicus; Wagler, 1832

Family: Cacatuidae

Adult Male Cockatiel Behavior

Adult Male Cockatiel Behavior
Adult Male Cockatiel Behavior

When you spend time with your cockatiel parrot you will start to notify different actions and signs, cockatiel sounds, gestures and responses they show.

Adult male cockatiel behavior some other common aspects. Scroll down to get more about adult male cockatiel behavior.

Hopping And Jumping

Hopping and jumping are related to beak bobbing.  A male cockatiel will take his wings off from his body slowly and hold his head up creating a heart-shape while seeing it from the back.

This is usually accompanied with a few hops around. Mostly male cockatiel parrots show this behavior as a sign of manliness.

Pacing Around The Cage

Male cockatiels pace throughout the bird perches in the cage. Pacing around the cage is caused for great intention and frequently followed by some noisy cries.

Their main purpose for pacing is to let them out of the cage; otherwise, you have something that might be a favorite treat for them.

Hanging Upside-Down

Your Male cockatiel parrot may hang upside-down and spread his wings out as a regional attitude or to protect their cage area. They may flap their wings while hanging upside-down which means to “pull them out.”

The male cockatiel may tilt their head to left or right and watching both up or down. They show this behavior to listen to something, but we feel it very humorous.


Many cockatiels show hissing and biting behavior to protect themselves and warn you to stay away. They often hiss and move their head onward and show head-butt action.

Head Bobbing

Young cockatiel and chicks often show this behavior of head bobbing when they are hungry want to feed. It is frequently followed by a loud scream. Usually, older male cockatiel parrots show head bobbing.
All types of cockatiel like Lutino Cockatiel Types, Albino Cockatiel and White Faced Cockatiel have same behave.

Are male cockatiels affectionate?

Many male cockatiel parrots can be affectionate with only a few peoples not with all. Male cockatiels are not offensive to strangers, but they may try to get rid away. This can be actually diversified.

Appearance Of Male Cockatiel

Appearance Of Male Cockatiel
Appearance Of Male Cockatiel

Naturally male cockatiels are more colorful. The initial color of their feather is grey, shades of grey color may slightly differ in every cockatiel parrot. Their lower side is usually dark grey but mostly black.

Collectively there are 12 feathers in the tail of male cockatiel parrot. The middle feathers are light in color. The top back is a little lighter in color as compared to the entire body.

The wings and back of male cockatiels are darker, and their head is brighter than other body parts.

Male cockatiels have a yellow face color touching the origin of the crest and becomes grayish to the tops of the crest feather.

Specifically, on both ears, they have orange colored cheek patches. They have grey beak and legs. Their nails are black, and eyes are brown.

When the adult cockatiel opens its wings, you can see long white spots on the wings that seem like a triangle.

After reaching puberty, the production of melanin in male cockatiels start. The grey color of the face and marked tail feathers will also lose and will follow by yellow color on face and dark, without spots feathers.

This natural wild-type color arrives the ultimate coloration at the ninth month of age. The time of the final coloration is different for different cockatiel mutations.

Do Cockatiels need a companion?

Naturally, cockatiels are not individual birds, so they will always like the partnership of their own kind. Either live in pairs or a few birds together does not matter.

Cockatiel parrots can live alone, but at this stage, they require much attention and care from his keeper.

LifeSpan Of Male Cockatiel

A pet male cockatiel can live 16 to 25 years and the shortest time is given as 10 to 15 years. Healthy cockatiel diet and exercise on daily basis is the main factor of long cockatiel lifespan.

Are male cockatiels aggressive?

Mature male cockatiels often act obsessed with a person or object. When that object does not return their affection, the bird might turn on it in an aggressive manner. Most likely, your cockatiel is biting because you are not behaving as a proper mate should. He is frustrated.

Do male cockatiels nest?

Nesting for cockatiel parrot is quite hard for a female cockatiel in the absence of a male. When your female cockatiel is laying plenty of eggs, eliminate any noted nesting region. Then the adult cockatiel is shifted to another room for a limited period of time if the egg laying becomes an actual difficulty.

Do Cockatiels need a nest?

Naturally, cockatiel parrots have the ability to search out comfortable nesting areas for themselves. While in captivity, cockatiel parrots may need the help of their owner. Trees and holes are not available for cockatiel parrots who live in captivity. After mating, nesting becomes an important need.

Size – Weight Of Male Cockatiel

A normal mature male cockatiel can be weighed about 70 to 120 grams. Different cockatiel color mutations show variations in size and weight. The bigger cockatiel parrot weighs more than 100 grams.

They are approximately 28-33 cm tall. The tail is almost half of this size. A wing is about 16-18cm long.

The crest size of wild adult cockatiels is 4 to 6 sm. The pet cockatiels have more than 10 cm long crest.


Male Cockatiel Mating And Nesting Behavior

Male Cockatiel Mating And Nesting Behavior
Male Cockatiel Mating And Nesting Behavior

The male cockatiel parrots show different cockatiel behavior in their breeding process, and it is very important to the male cockatiel mating behavior and make cockatiel nesting behavior. So these two aspects cockatiel breeding behavior are briefly given below.

Male Cockatiel Mating Behavior

Male cockatiel interested in a female cockatiel starts to whistle and show some courting behavior. Raising of wings away from the body is also a sign of adult cockatiel mating behavior. Male cockatiel also starts tapping his beak on the walls of the cage or on nesting box to get the attention of female cockatiel parrot. He used to tap his head on bird perches also.

Male Cockatiel Nesting Behavior

Male cockatiel nesting behavior can be seen when he is flying all around the room to search for a safe and tight place to lay eggs. The cockatiel nesting areas may include spaces can be behind boxes, up on your refrigerator or in a shoe box. The male cockatiels will show aggressive nesting behavior to defend the nest box and the eggs.

Do cockatiels recognize their owners?

Cockatiel parrots are able to recognize some faces and voices. They can recognize the face and voice of their owner if the cockatiel owner spends most of his time whit his pet cockatiel.

Cockatiel parrots are being able to find a friend and a regional foe.

Male Cockatiel Diet As A Chick And During Cross

Male cockatiel diet as a chick is as similar to female chick cockatiels. During the cross, they required such a cockatiel diet whose effect is hot. So there is some explanation about the cockatiel diet in the cockatiel feeding guide for the male chicks and the male cockatiel during cross.

Male Cockatiel Diet As a Chick

Male cockatiel diet as a chick includes soft foods which are easy to digest. Soaked bread can be a good cockatiel diet for cockatiel chicks. Soft and Mashed vegetables can also be given to cockatiel chicks.

Male Cockatiel Diet During Cross

Male cockatiel diet during cross includes hot food enriched with proteins to warm up the body. Egg food is the best cockatiel diet for adult cockatiel during cross because it contains proteins.

Hard boiled egg with is its shell completely mashed with soaked bread is the procedure to make egg food. Seeds and pellets with a high quantity of minerals can also be given as a male cockatiel diet during cross.

Is corn good for cockatiels?

The Fresh Corn Contains magnesium, vitamins B, carotenoids, and vitamin C. Corn also, contains Protein but only 3.4 g in 100 g. So it’s very good for cockatiels. Especially, at the time of breeding its very good.

Price Of Male Cockatiel

A normal cockatiel mutation of grey cockatiels has the price round about 150$. But different cockatiel mutations have a different price. Male lutino cockatiel price will vary from 150$ to 250$. Pied Cockatiel Prices will range from 110$ up to 170$.


Surely after reading this article, you have learned much about adult cockatiel names and singing.

You have been clear all your concepts about adult male cockatiel behavior and appearance of the male cockatiel. The lifespan and size-height of male cockatiel have been briefed efficiently.

Male cockatiel nesting and mating behavior have been discussed clearly. The adult cockatiel diet as a chick and male cockatiel diet during cross have been discussed to clear your thoughts and make a healthy breeding clutch of your pet cockatiels this year.