White Faced Cockatiel

White Faced Cockatiel Lifespan, Food, Care and Breeding

White-faced cockatiel is a cockatiel color mutation. Genetically with a typical white or grayish face. Basically, it is the double mutation of white face and Lutino Cockatiel. The white-faced cockatiel has no orange cheek patches or yellow color. This is the seventh established cockatiel mutation. It was performed for the …

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Albino Cockatiel

Albino Cockatiel Breeding, Behave, Food, Care & Lifespan

Albino cockatiels is a very beautiful parrot. As the name albino cockatiel which means lacking all pigments. Actually, it is not a cockatiel mutation although it is the color variation of cockatiel parrots. Albino cockatiels are white color cockatiel parrots with red eyes. Often albino cockatiels have yellow plumage because …

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Lutino Cockatiel Types

Lutino Cockatiel Types Lifespan, Breeding, Food & Care

As lutino cockatiel is the most popular mutation of the cockatiel. Lutino cockatiel normally white yellow feathered birds having orange patches on the cheeks. Several mutations of lutino cockatiel have been discovered. These are actually the 5 main Lutino Cockatiel Types. In this article, you will get to know about …

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Lutino Cockatiel

Lutino Cockatiel Behave, Lifespan, Breeding, Food & Care

Lutino Cockatiel is a very beautiful parrot. Its also, an imported face that, is the second mutation of Cockatiel parrots. This is firstly done in the United States in 1958 after the first mutation of cockatiel parrots are pied cockatiels. This bird turned into owned via Mr. Cliff Barringer of …

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