Polish Chicken Breeds, Facts, Color, Eggs, Sale and All Information

Polish chicken Breeds is mainly the European breed that is famous due to its remarkable feathers crest. However, they have an origin from the Netherlands but the exact foundation is not known yet. With the large crest, their entire head is covered. This is a special yet unique breed with a v-shaped comb.

Moreover, the polish breed was introduced to the American association in 1830-1840. Later on, in 1874, 1883, 1938, and 1963 most of the varieties of this breed were recognized.

Polish Crested Chicken

Polish Crested Chicken
Polish Chicken is unique breed

It is one of the unique or you can say unusual breed with lean bodies, beautiful crest, and tall structure. However, they are good in egg production and have wonderful layers. The rooster comes with attractive feathers at the top that have sharp-tipped giving them an appearance of a Rockstar.

However, the females contain smooth topknots with the closer crest curve surrounding the head that gives a bob like an appearance. These chickens are not the hardiest and do not need any special care. They can live easily in cold or warm climates.

However, one has to introduce them to new flocks carefully. Moreover, it is the popular breed that attracts so many people at the poultry shows. Furthermore, the polish chicken recognized varieties are as follows:

  • Golden polish chicken.
  • Buff polish chicken.
  • Silver polish chicken.
  • Buff polish chicken.
  • Silver laced polish chicken.
  • Blue polish chicken.
  • Polish frizzle chicken.
  • White polish chicken.

Silver Polish Chicken

Silver Polish Chicken
Silver Polish Chicken is most attractive

This is one of the most attractive Polish Chicken Breeds with appealing feathers. However, it is an outstanding variety that people love to use for exhibitions. The chicken comes with silvery-white plumage and feathers are laced with the black color. It is the prettiest yet ornamental breed that comes in bearded as well as no bearded form.

This chicken has full crested feathers that come from the knob on the skull. Moreover, the bird comes with cavernous nostrils. The bird can lay small white eggs but are non-setters.

Golden Polish Chicken

These are the excellent layers of birds which are so unique and have a notable appearance. However, it has a protruding bone on the skull with clean legs and feet. The bird is covered with black color feathers and gold lacing on it. Moreover, it comes with a friendly nature and limited vision due to the crest. Moreover the golden and black colored is visually appealing and used for exhibitions.

Buff Polish Chicken

It is one of the rare chicken breeds and this is the European breed with the unique crest. Moreover, polish chickens are friendly with gentle behavior. However, the heavy crest could limit their vision that’s why they stay in an alarming situation every time. Furthermore, the bird body is covered with rich buff golden feathers that are laced in the creamy color.

Moreover, the chicken comes with blue toes and shanks. Additionally, it is a good productive chicken with amazing layers and egg production. They are non setters and rarely go broody. However, the baby polish chicken is creamy in color with a dark mark over each eye. The buff polish chicken eggs are white in color and small in size.

Blue Polish Chicken

This is a unique or unusual breed of the polish chicken. However, the blue polish can lay 200 eggs per year. They can make great pets due to active behavior and tame nature. Moreover, it has blue feathers on the body with a white crest and is funny that makes them popular as well. Some members of this breed have puff and beards while others are mixed.

White Polish Chicken

This is known as the whimsical breed that you can keep in your backyard. These are the fancy chickens and mainly used for the exhibitions. It comes with a pure white color having red wattles with a blue beak, blue legs, and feet. Moreover, the body of this bird is sleek and has an upright bearing. Furthermore, it can lay 200 eggs per year. This chicken sometimes fights but stays calm most of the time.

Tolbunt Polish Chicken

This is the light breed covered with the soft feathers having large crests and prettiest tolbunt patterns are the body. However, the pattern is in black, brown, and white color. Moreover, the chicken is friendly and ideal to keep them as a pet. Additionally, hens are chatty while the roosters are friendly. Tolbunt Polish Chicken make such cute pets, get friendly with your kids in no time and often run towards you for food.

Polish Chicken Eggs

This chicken breed is mainly known for its attractive appearance, not for egg production capability. However, still, they can lay 200 eggs per year. However, they take some time to get into the swing of laying but once it starts the chicken will lay eggs consistently.

Moreover, if you are looking for a chicken with a high egg production capability then this one is not for you.

Polish Chicken Facts

Polish Chicken Facts
Polish Chicken do not belong to Poland

Following are the Polish Chicken Facts:

  • They do not belong to Poland.
  • The chicken has a regal look due to the unique crest.
  • It has a bony prominence at the skull that makes their crest more noticeable.
  • They are considered as the excellent layers of medium or small-sized white color eggs.
  • This chicken is sometimes broody but a non-setter.
  • To not make them alert or to not keep them in an alarming situation so one has to provide this chicken adequate care with friendly behavior.
  • The Polish Chicken Size is 6 pounds male weight and females have 4.5 pounds.
  • In the hierarchy, they are at the bottom of the pecking order due to low vision so one has to keep them away from the aggressive birds or other pets.
  • When attacked this chicken wants to be left alone and lacks aggression.
  • They love to eat pests and forage to look more to eat.

Polish Chicken For Sale

You can get the polish chicken for sale from different bird shops easily. However, one can easily find the polish chicken for sale from online stores including olx.com, cacklehatchery.com, hoovershatchery.com, mypetchicken.com, polutryshowcentral.com.

Polish Baby Chicks

The baby polish chicks are no doubt most adorable and look so cute with the little crest at head and body covered with amazing colored feathers. However, the baby chicks required extra care and should keep inadequate heat for the first week.

Top Hat Chicken

Top Hat Chicken
Top Hat Chicken have good layers and are very gentle

The crested breeds come with the appearance of top hats that makes them look appealing yet wonderful. Similarly, the baby chicks develop the cute little top hat at the head that makes them look cutest. They have good layers and are very gentle.

The top hat contains 4 different crested chicken varieties including white crested black polish, silver polish, golden polish, buff polish, and white polish. They make good pets and have friendly behavior.


1. Are polish chickens friendly?

They are used for the exhibitions but have a friendly nature with a pretty appearance.

2. What color eggs do polish chickens lay?

The chicken can lay white eggs and rarely go broody.

3. What color polish chickens?

They come in white, brown, and black colors or feathers with mixed patterns.

4. How long do polish chickens live?

This chicken can live for 7 to 8 years depending on the care you provide.


Polish chickens are stunning and available in multiple colors. Due to the variety of colors, people can’t stop loving their attractive appearance. They have a fluffy crest that makes it look like a hat on the head which has a separate fan-base. Moreover, the chickens are good in egg production but do not use mainly for this purpose. However, they have a friendly nature and make good pets. Furthermore, this chicken rarely goes broody and is not a good mother

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