Serama Chicken Eggs, Care, Images and All Information

Serama chicken is also called Malaysian chicken. It belongs to the bantam breed that mainly originates from Malaysia for the last 50 years. It was exhibited in 1990. Moreover, this breed is one of the smallest breeds of chicken and most expensive as well. However, it is a newcomer in the western world but found in Singapore for many years. In 2000, the chicken was first imported to the US, but later the imports were banned due to the Asian bird flu.

Due to the flu pandemic, this breed was highly affected and most of the chicken has died but they have bounced back surprisingly. This is a real bantam breed with no conventional version type. These are no doubt the gorgeous buddies for home.

Serama Rooster

Serama Rooster
Serama is a tiny chicken

These are the tiny chicken with the height under six inches to less than 10 inches tall. It comes with the V posture and having upright tall feathers. Due to this, they are called upright guards because the feather always looks permanently alert like a guard on duty. It has a small head with a single comb and red wattles.

Serama Chicken Colors of earlobes are a mixture of white and red color. Moreover, females contain smaller comb and wattles as compared to females. These chickens are quite talkative, friendly, and perky as well.

Serama Chicken Eggs

Seramas eggs are small and they can lay 5 eggs per week. The total of 5 eggs of the serama chicken is equal to one standard egg. However, the laying out of the eggs varies from strain to strain. Serama Hatching Eggs or you can say the peak of fertility is from November to February.

Moreover, the incubation period of the egg is 15 to 20 days which is less than the standard chicken. There are multiple Serama Chicken Breeders mainly in Malaysia.

Serama Chicks

There is no particular laying season of the chicken but still, the fertility is high from November to February. The Serama Chicken Colors which the most chicks have includes purest white to the brownish and all the tones that come in between. Serama chicks get mature in 15 to 18 weeks. Serama chickens are incredible mommies from laying, hatching out to taking care of babies they are the best.

Serama Chickens Care

Serama Chickens Care
Focus on giving proper care of Serama Chickens

Serama is one of the expensive chicken breeds around the globe. If you want to increase the breed of this chicken you must focus on giving proper care to them. However, feeding these chickens is not expensive at all. They can eat 1 pound of food per month but make sure to provide them with mash food that is not too big for them. Give them quailed water so it does not drown.

Malaysian Serama

Malaysian Serama
Serama Chicken is the smallest expensive breed

It is a bantam breed of chicken that originates from Malaysia from the last few years. This chicken was first originated from the Kelantan province of Malaysia. However, the chicken is famous for its puffed up chest and achieving a gold standard around the globe.

Serama For Sale

It is the smallest yet expensive breed. But you can get the Serama Chickens For Sale from any bird shop nearby or any online site at a reasonable rate. Wait for the sales to get them. However, these are the most popular pets in Malaysia.


1. Do seramas chickens lay eggs?

Regardless of their size, seramas chicken can lay 5 eggs per week. However the total eggs per year includes 180-200. 

2. How big is seramas chicken?

Their height is six inches to 10 inches with the upright V posture and upright feathers. But the overall size of the chicken is tiny.

3. What is the smallest chicken breed in the world?

Malaysian Serama Bantam chicken is the tiniest one around the globe.

4. How many eggs do serama chickens lay a year?

This chicken can lay 180-200 eggs per year estimated. 


Serama is one of the unique yet expensive chickens. However, the Serama Chicken Lifespan is 7 years. They have the tiniest babies due to their small size and the eggs laid by them are quite tiny as well. You can get these chickens from a bird shop but still, they are unique and you must have to do some homework before purchasing it. They eat mashed food, and water in quail. Similarly, keep them in the safest place to protect them from predators.

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