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The Sussex chicken Breed  is the productive ones that have good layers and comes with the ability to lay eggs even in the coldest winters. People use this breed for meat as well as for eggs. It is one of the oldest chicken breeds and first appeared in the poultry show in 1845 in the London zoo. However, the Sussex breed club was started in 1903.

Sussex Chicken Appearance

Sussex chicken is available in 8 different colors

Sussex chicken breed has a graceful body and available in 8 different colors. No matter what body color is, they have long, flat black which is quite broad, straight breastbone, rectangular body shape, and wide shoulders. However, the tail is at 45 degrees from the body, red eyes in those with a dark color body and some have an orange with lighter body color.

Moreover, the chicken has a single comb, red earlobes, legs as well as skin is white no matter whatever the body color is. Their kids are cute and play with you plus easily handle due to their sociable nature and playful behavior.

White Sussex Chicken

This is the popular breed and tamer as well as easier to handle. It comes with a white body, flight feathers covered in black color, and a black tail. Furthermore, the white Sussex developed from the light one a few years ago. Moreover, white Sussex chicken eggs can lay 260 eggs per year with the white egg layer. If you’re a beginner in poultry then this one is good for you due to the easy handling. This bird has an attractive look with a black pattern.

Furthermore, the chicken has pinkish-white toes, shank, and beaks. It is also a dual-purpose breed with outstanding layers, excellent egg production, and meat. Additionally, the breed can adopt any environment due to a calm and friendly nature.

Black Sussex Chicken

It is another variety of the Sussex chicken with black color. They are friendly and you can handle them easily. Moreover, these chickens enjoy foraging and mix easily with the flock. Furthermore, it can lay 250 eggs per year which are large. These are bred for the dual purpose the same as other members of this breed. However, breeders use them for meat and egg production. The black Sussex are hardy and contain consistent layers.

Moreover, they feel the happiest when you let them go free to move around and feel comfortable in smaller spaces. Their appearance is opposite to the light Sussex as they have a black body with white patterns and marking at the tail. Furthermore, their chest is covered with silver laced feathers. This is the black chicken with white spots.

Red Sussex Chicken

Red Sussex Chicken
Red Sussex are quiet hens

The red Sussex chicken is a heavy breed with a good egg as well as meat production. They have a large size and have the capability to lay medium-sized brown eggs. These are the quiet hens and pleasant. Moreover, their body is covered with red color, red eyes and earlobes, and black neck. However, this chicken is good at foraging. The chicken has white legs and a medium-sized single comb.

Light Sussex Chicken

They are larger and classified as the dual breeds used for both eggs plus meat. These are the white birds with a black tail and black collar. Moreover, the hen can lay 260-280 eggs per year. Furthermore, they are a calm breed with a friendly nature. However, they make good mothers due to the broody nature and are hardy as well.

Coronation Sussex Chicken

Sussex coronation means a Sussex chicken breed and coronations define the color. However, it is a dual-purpose breed which originated in Sussex and is considered as the older breed. This comes with the single erect comb and red earlobes. Moreover, their legs and skin are white. These are the attractive yet impressive birds that are perfect for your poultry exhibitions.

Golden Sussex Chicken

The Golden Sussex Chicken go hardy and have a good appearance. This chicken is covered with golden feathers and red comb plus white legs. You can use them for meat as well as egg production. Furthermore, they have a good nature and make incredible pets.

Buff Sussex Chicken

It is an easy breed and one of the uncomplicated birds but has a graceful body. Moreover, the chicken has a prolific layer and can lay 5 eggs per week. Furthermore, they are brown and have black streaks at the head with the black feathers. Moreover, the bird is docile and quite tame. However, it is a good choice for those who want to keep chicken as a pet due to their friendly behavior.

Sussex Chicken For Sale

You can buy this chicken for sale from,, omelet, and Moreover, you can get the chicken at a reasonable rate during sale days. However, the bird is available at a low cost at a few stores.

Speckled Sussex Chicken Eggs

The speckled Sussex chicken is an excellent layer that can lay 4-5 eggs per week which is brown. Moreover, the speckled Sussex rooster has 8-10 pounds and matures in a few months.


1. Are Sussex chickens good layers?

It is a good layer of chicken that keeps laying even in winters.

2. How long do Sussex chickens lay for?

This chicken can lay eggs for 7 years.

3. Do Sussex chickens go broody?

It is one of the oldest breeds with a prolific egg layer and goes broody during warm weather.

4. How big do Sussex chickens get?

The chicken has 3.2 to 4.1 kg weight.


This is the dual-purpose chicken that is used for meat and eggs. Furthermore, it comes in 8 colors and is standard-sized. Moreover, they can lay 250 eggs per year. However, the eggs are large with brown, cream, and tan color. Additionally, the chicken is alert and docile. If you are looking for the bird to keep them as a pet in your family environment and stay with your kids without harming them at all due to the friendly nature. Moreover, you can easily handle them due to tame nature.

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