Velveteen Lop | Lifespan, Characteristics, Breeders, Price

Velveteen lop has an upper-lined body just like the shape of a mandolin. The animal tail is long which starts from the back of the rabbit’s shoulder and reaches up to the hips of the rabbit. Their skull is medium, cheeks are wide and there is a curvature on their skull. The Head is wedge shaped and the neck is small. 

Velveteen Lop


These rabbits are supposed to be petted, so they are medium size domestics animals and have features of animals that are petted. Velveteen lop rabbits are adorable pets with many large ears which add to their beauty. These rabbits have a plump body and their legs and hindquarters are more developed.

Velveteen lops have wider cheeks, with a long head and small neck which do not make them prominent. Instead of being erect their ears drop down, present flat behind rabbits’ eyes, and tend to grow downward. Their ears face forward so the inside of their ears is visible.

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Their coat is smooth, shiny, and soft

Velveteen lops have fur which is dense and upright. Their  coat  size is greater than 5 inches. Unlike some breeds of rabbits, Fur is distributed all over the body equally. Fur is not prominent but protective in its function. Their coat is smooth, shiny, and soft to  touch. 

The life span of velveteen lops

Velveteen lop rabbits are one of the most easily handled rabbits in domestic life because it depends on the way under which they are grown. Their life is normally up to 5 years, but if intense care is given to these rabbits with all the necessary nutrients then they can live for more than 11 years. Average lifespan of Mini Lop Rabbit is 5-10 years.  French Lop Rabbit has an average lifespan of 5 to 7 years,

Velveteen rabbits require moderate condition, sudden temperature change may lead to certain respiratory problems and illness. To increase the lifespan of velveteen lops they must be protected from parasites and stress because stress affects their immune system which leads to a decrease in their average life span.

Velveteen lop rabbits’ characteristics

Velveteen lop rabbits’ characteristics
This rabbits is friendly and affectionate temperament
  • Height and weight

These affectionate and friendly velveteen lop rabbits have an average height of 5/8 inches. Their weight has a range of 5 to 6.5 pounds.

  • Color

There are traces of solid colors around the nose and ears, legs are white. Dark circles are present around each eye but the elbows have exceptions in colors. These rabbits are found in different colors:

  • Opal
  • Chocolate
  • Black
  • Blue

Velveteen lop rabbit facts

Velveteen lop rabbit facts
These rabbits are well-behaved
  • Temperament

This breed of rabbits is known for its friendly and affectionate temperament. These rabbits originated from two rabbits, so they have the best qualities of the two. These rabbits are very social, so they can be handled easily. They can easily be handled by any owner because they become friends very quickly.

These rabbits are well-behaved, not shy, and are playful. They do not cause trouble even when they are alone in the room. Velveteen rabbits are so safe that any stranger can easily handle them without any trouble. They continue to play with you even when they don’t want to, instead, they lose interest in games.

  • Nutrition and health

To keep fur and coats of velveteen lop shiny and soft, they must be provided with a proper amount of water, fresh and green vegetables. These vegetables provide vitamins that keep the skin soft and healthy. 

Velveteen lop has a comparatively weak immune system as compared to other rabbits, so they are suspected to develop cold, flu, and other infections. Care must be taken to avoid any stress because it will reduce their immune system.

  • Reproduction

Velveteen lop has the same kind of reproduction as other rabbits. They can reach the age of sexual maturity when they are of few months old. These rabbits have a short gestation period so they can give birth to babies more than once in a year.

  • Diet

Velveteen lop rabbits have a diet full of fresh vegetables and proteins.  Water is the most important part of their diet. Chewing vegetables and leaves makes them active and prevents their teeth from outgrowing. They are not prone to obesity, but still, their diet should be controlled healthily. Water should also be kept clean to avoid any water-caused disease.

Velveteen lop rabbit  habitat

Velveteen lop rabbit  habitat
These rabbits are family pet

Velveteen lop rabbits are family pets and they can breed freely in domestic environments. They can be settled easily in a cage because they are not too picky in choice of their habitat. These lop rabbits feel safer indoors because they are susceptible to various diseases outside the house. Their cage should be three to four times larger than their size, so they can feel comfortable. 

Velveteen lop rabbit breeders 

Velveteen lop rabbits are the new breed of rabbits, and they are becoming famous pets. One should buy the rabbits from the breeders which are certified from ARBA. These rabbits are available to their breeders, who can answer and provide the best care routine for the rabbits.

Associations that can provide good breeds are:

  • American breed association
  • American fuzzy lop rabbit club

Velveteen lop rabbit price

Depending upon the quality and age the price of velveteen lop rabbit is from $15 to $150. Rabbits with lower cost are of bad pedigree and with higher ones are mean for exhibition purposes. 

These rabbits are not too expensive but certain requirements are filled by the owner may lead to an increase in expenses. These expenses include:

  • Fresh green and leafy vegetables for proper health
  • The cage should be large enough for their ease in movements 


Velveteen bunnies are becoming the most famous breeds of all in coming years. They are friendly in nature and can be manage in a good way. This are playful as other pets. They also attach to the owner and show their love like other pets. One of the most prominent features of these breeds is that they are well mannered and well-behaved. 


1. What are velveteen lop rabbits?

Velveteen lop rabbits are the new kind of rabbits, originated from the combination of two generations of mandolin and rex.

2. Are velveteen lop rabbits playful or not?

Velveteen rabbits are playful, but at the same time, they are very Friendly. These rabbits can play alone without getting upset.

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