Vervet Monkey Facts, Diet, Pictures and All Information

It is an old-world monkey belonging to the family Cercopithecidae and lives in Africa. The scientific name of this species is C. pygerythrus and genus Chlorocebus. These monkeys are covered with grey hair and faces are black. They are considered as the nonhuman primate model due to understanding the social and genetic behaviors of humans. Furthermore, vervet monkeys have different subspecies as well but most of them have the same body color. One can get the Vervet Monkey Skull for sale from various websites on google.

Green Vervet Monkey

The monkey has a genus named Chlorocebus and the family is the same as the vervet monkey has. There are six subspecies of vervet and it is one of them. The monkey’s upper portion is covered with yellow to gray-green or brown to dark brown. However, the lower portion has a hair ring while the face of this monkey is whitish-yellow. They are dimorphic sexually and not the forest dwellers at all. Their body length is 42-60 cm (male) with bodyweight 3.9-8 kg while females have 30-49.5(female) with 3.4-5.3 kg of weight.

Green Vervet Monkey For Sale

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Black Faced Vervet Monkey

Black Faced Vervet Monkey
Vervet monkey live in social groups

The vervet monkeys are also known as black-faced vervet due to the black faces and black tail tip. Moreover, they live in social groups consisting of 10 to 70 individuals. However, the monkey’s significant behavior is their communication skills and alarm calls. They inform their group members about the predator sightings through the alarm. These monkeys do not attack but could bite you as a response to their self-defense. Furthermore, the body length of this monkey is 14-26 cm and the tail length is 17-28 cm. Their body weight is 5.5 kg.

Vervet Monkey For Sale

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Vervet Monkey Facts

The followings are the Vervet Monkey facts:

  • It is a medium-sized to the large-sized monkey.
  • The monkey’s body length is 15-23 inches.
  • Furthermore, male monkeys are larger than females.
  • These are the small monkeys with the grey colored body and black faces.
  • The monkeys have 5 or 6 subspecies that lived in East Africa.
  • Their habitats include scrublands, savannas, and forests. Moreover, the monkey prefers to live near the rivers and streams.
  • They have long arms, legs, and a long tail which helps them maintain the balance.
  • This monkey is rarely seen on the ground and walks by using their four extremities.
  • Vervet monkey spends hours in grooming.
  • Their natural enemies include servals, baboons, pythons, eagles, crocodiles, caracals, and leopards.
  • The monkey has a playful nature and spends time wrestling just to check their capabilities.

Vervet Monkey Pet

Vervet Monkey Pet
This is wild animals

The meat of this monkey is called bushmeat so they are also hunted for this. However, they are also trapped as well as sold as pets to different states. Apart from their playful nature don’t forget that they are wild animals and keeping them as a pet is not a good idea. However, there are still different pet shops and websites offering them as a pet too.

Vervet Monkey Habitat

They live in East Africa in the mountains about 4000 meters. Additionally, these monkeys preferred to live in the rivers, streams, woodland, and lakes.

Vervet Monkey Lifespan

The monkey can live for 12 years however their lifespan in captivity is 24 years.

Vervet Monkey Diet

The following are the items included in the diet of Vervet Monkey:

  • Leaves.
  • Young shoots.
  • But bark.
  • Flowers.
  • Bulbs.
  • Fruits.
  • Grass seeds.
  • Roots.


1. Are vervet monkeys dangerous?

These monkeys are serious pets that damage the crops if you keep them in agricultural areas. However, the monkey is listed as Lower Risk by IUCN. They are not dangerous but could bite you as a reaction for self-defense.

2. Are vervet monkeys good pets?

These monkeys are playful and love spending time grooming. Moreover, it is not good to keep them as a pet because wild animals do not belong to the homes.

3. What does vervet monkey eat?

The monkeys are vegetarian so they love eating fruits, seeds, seed pots, and leaves.

4. How long do vervet monkeys live?

The monkey can live for 12 years and 24 years in captivity.


The Vervet monkey is an old world monkey belonging from Africa and common in east Africa. It has different subspecies that includes the green vervet monkey and others. Moreover, they are grey with blackface. Their tail tip is black but the ridge of the eyebrow is white. The monkeys are seasonal breeders and their mating has a specific time.

Moreover, the reproductive cycle of the female monkey is 32.5 days. Twins are not common in them so the female monkey gives birth to one baby at a time. Furthermore, their diet includes fruits, barks, seeds, seed pots, etc. Additionally, they live longer in captivity as compared to wild.

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