Do Chickens Eat Ants? | Is It Safe, Or Toxic For Them?

One thing I am going to tell you is that after reading this article you are going to love chickens. Is it about fast food or chicken burgers? About your favorite chicken dish? No, let me tell you now that chickens help in cleaning a lot of your home by eating ants. Yes, they do eat ants. They love to eat ants. If you place some meat at one side of the house, or some vegetables and salads, but the chickens would prefer ants. This is something they love the most. So, if you are thinking of raising chickens, you would be happy to know this is a good investment. In addition to eggs, you are going to have a clean, bug-free yard. Ants act as pest control agents. There is no need to buy expensive pesticides or chemicals when you have chicken in the house.

Do Chickens Eat Ants

Do Chickens Eat Insects?

Yes, why not. Chickens love eating insects and consider their snacks salty. They can snatch flies, grasshoppers, spiders, and any other insect with 6-8 legs. This are the best pesticides ever. They beat chemicals and sprays. Maybe, this is one of the reasons I am thinking of raising a backyard full of chickens. I want them to eat all the insects in the house and keep it safe and clean, free from all the bugs.

The fundamental issue with eating insects is that they can transfer parasites to chickens. These parasites can be murderous and deadly. 

Are Ants Safe For Chickens?

Are Ants Safe For Chickens
It’s depend the type of ant

Well, it depends on what type of ants they are eating. Most of the ants are safe but fire ants can be dangerous for chickens if they bite them while eating. No way, chickens don’t care about the pain, suffering, and dangers when seeing fire ants. Who cares man, they just love to catch them. It’s like a winning catch for them. “Catches win matches”, you know. It perfectly applies to chickens, when they go after pests and ants, telling everybody that they have got them, Chairs!

Ants In A Chicken Coop

Fire ants are found mostly in the chicken coop. Though chickens eat fire ants, they still want to be close to them in the chick coop. Have you ever seen a chicken coop? You must have noticed hundreds and thousands of fire ants there. It’s not that they feel affection or care for chickens. It’s because of food. Food brings them together. Fire ants target small chicks especially baby chicks. Imagine an army of ants targeting a baby chick. Sometimes chickens escape from death but still, they get acute pain, infections, or swelling. 

How To Get Rid Of Ants In A Chicken Coop?

Farm owners use multiple methods to get rid of ants in the chicken coop. Some focus on uneaten food when chickens finish eating. They remove all the extra diet and keep it safe for the next meal. Few pay attention to broken eggs and get rid of them quickly. Some pour hot water on them which is not an efficient way to kill all the ants. They just run for a shorter time and then come back or relocate. Some owners use anti pesticide powders to kill ants, most of the ants get rid of them easily. Few farmers spray chemicals in the chicken coop which kill most of the ants. Different farmers use different approaches. Some mix hot water with chemicals also to lessen the side effects of these chemicals on chickens. 

Do Chickens Eat Red Ants?

Do Chickens Eat Red Ants
Yes chicken eat red ant

Yes, chickens eat red ants. Red ants also eat chickens and are quite dangerous for them. Red ant’s bite is more painful than black ants. They do reflect with their army when attacked by chickens. Sometimes, their army beats the young or injured chicks and they have to run to save their life. 

Do Chickens Eat Black Ants?

Yes, they can eat black ants. Same like other ants they eat them as well. Black ants are the most common food that chickens will enjoy in their surroundings safely. 

Do Chickens Eat Leaf Cutter Ants?

These ants are normally bigger. The army of leaf cutter ants depart from the nest to attack their enemies, and then they meet chickens. Sadly, they are defeated when encountered with chickens. Chickens eat leaf cutter ants well.

Do chickens eat carpenter ants?

Yes, chicken breeds can eat and enjoy having this common carpenter ant as a regular snack. These ants prefer to live in colonies in damp woods. This is a reason chickens can have fun by eating them in bulk amounts. These ants are the great predators of their small fellow ants. These ants can also aggressively bite the chicken and their other eaters in their defense. Due to their large size, their bite can be very painful and hurt the chicken a lot. 

What insects eat ants?

What insects eat ants
chickens eat every species anywhere

Ants are food for most animals, insects, and humans. Spiders eat ants, flies eat ants, beetles do the same. Wasps, antlions, and butterflies eat ants.  Interestingly, few ants eat baby ants of their fellow ants. Are you Surprised? No, I am serious. Fire ants are eaten by fire ants. Let me add one more thing that humans also eat ants. If you visit the USA, you would see lots of stores selling ants packed in a snack box. 

We find ants wherever we go. They have shown their presence on every part of the earth. If you dig a hole, ants are there. They Were found between two bricks. Moreover, on the floor, crawling on the walls, the rooftop, and inside the doors. Their guerrilla fighters reside in the chicken coop as if they want freedom and an independent nation. Maybe that is the reason why they are eaten by every species anywhere. 


A lot has been asked about the diet and food of chickens. What do they eat? How do they eat? What is dangerous for chickens? Which is their favorite dish? One thing is sure that Chickens don’t love eating chicken burgers or eggs or salads. They just love ants because they are the source of their basic food. 

Chickens like to mix their diet with ants and insects. They can eat all types of ants. Fire ants are quite dangerous for chickens but chickens don’t care for that. You can see them fighting in the chicken coop. Farmers and farm owners use multiple methods to get rid of ants. They throw hot water on them, spray dangerously, and kill chemicals on them. Few focus on the safety parameters and get rid of broken eggs immediately to avoid more ants in the chicken coop. Other insects also enjoy eating ants. 

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