Continental Giant Rabbit Lifespan, Cost, Breeds and for Sale

Continental Giant Rabbit is the largest breed. According to experts, these rabbits is discovered back in the middle of the 16th century. That means it is one of the oldest breeds of rabbits. Flemish Giant rabbits from Belgium are the ancestors of this rabbit. Moreover, these Rabbits also have an inheritance with the Belgian hare. Rabbits Can Eat Tomatoes to get more nutricions.

Giant rabbit was naturally docile and later on, in the 19th century, it became popular as the pet rabbits. In addition to this, the giant rabbit was sent to the US from Europe and Britain for increasing the size of rabbits.

The Continental Rabbit has two varieties. Some are the white continental while others are colored continental. The British Rabbit Council was recognized by the Giant Rabbit. Conti is the name given to this majestic rabbit breed by the loved ones.

It has the semi arch body and giant look. However, the arch of the back starts at the shoulder level and ends at the tail. It has a mandolin shape. The body of the continental Rabbit is long yet strong. Grapes Antioxidants Promote the rabbit’s brain and heart health. The front legs are straight and well proportioned.

The head of males is larger than the females. The eyes of Continent Giant Rabbit are open, bright yet wide. The shape of the eyes is round. The ears are thick, round, and long. The ears made 25% length of the body. The cheeks of the Giant rabbit are clearly visible. Lilac Rabbit Body is slim, with an upper-body line that rises slightly.

Continental Giant Rabbit For Sale

The cost of Continental Rabbit starts from $60 dollars to $350. However, the Giant Rabbit mainly depends on age, weight, nature, and lifespan. One can get this rabbit from any pet shop. There are so many outlets mainly for the continent giant rabbits that are offering it on sale.

Continental Giant Rabbit Lifespan

Continental Giant Rabbit Lifespan
Continental Giant Rabbit Lifespan is 4 to 7 years

The lifespan of the Continental Giant rabbit is almost 5 years. This is the average lifespan but there are few giant rabbits that have lived for 7 years. Their life span depends on how much care you provide to them. Rabbits can eat Asparagus because it is a great source of fiber and nutrients. Rabbits Can Eat Strawberries with the leaves.

Continental Giant Rabbit Cost

Continental Giant Rabbit Cost
Continental Giant Rabbit Cost is 300$ to 500$

The current cost of the healthy continental Rabbit is from $300-$500. Furthermore, if the pet shop is in another city or somewhere far from your house then add the trip expense too.

Continental Giant Rabbit Breeds


This is the large breed of those rabbits which was actually used for meat. The continental Rabbit has the semi arch breed. It has a broad body with the arch from shoulders to tail. The weight of this breed starts from 6kg. It was declared by the British Rabbit Council in two types. One is the white rabbit while the other is the coloured one.



1. How do Big Do Continental Giant Rabbits get?

One can easily suggest from the name itself that the rabbits must be huge. These Rabbits grows as big as 3 inches. However, the height of these rabbits is up to 4’4.

2. How Much Does a Giant Continental Rabbit Cost?

The current cost of the rabbit is $300-$700 almost. The healthy, well-trained rabbit will have a high cost.

3. How Long Do Giant Rabbits Live?

The life of this larger rabbit depends on the care you provide. As they require high maintenance with the growing age. The average life of this giant rabbit is almost 4-5 years.

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