Why Does My Cat Bite Me? Respond With Aggressive Behaviour

Why Does My Cat Bite Me? When a cat becomes overstimulated, they may respond with aggressive behaviour, such as biting

Why Does My Cat Bite Me?

It mostly happens when you’re stroking your cat with a soft touch but, in return, get a bite from her. Cats show so many gestures, right? Sometimes cats show love and care, and sometimes their weird aggressive behaviour leaves us confused that what to do next.


Aggressive Behavior

You may get worried sometime that why your cat shows such aggressive behavior in the response of a light touch. Let me explain, well, when your cat receives the bad vibes, and they’ll attack. Cat is a complex creature, so when she becomes tired of your affection or soft behavior, they’ll react and bite you just to show that they’re tired of this.

Picky Nature

Cats have a picky nature, so they want you to do the things on their terms. If your cat bites you in the response of your love, then that is the clear warning to stay away. Give your cat some space and let her stay alone for some time. When your cat will ready to get your affection, she’ll come to you automatically.

But when you find your cat get aggressive on your touch, leave her alone. Furthermore, when the cat gets a negative stimulus from you, she’ll bite you in return. Make sure to give her positive vibes through your behaviour.

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