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Strawberries are highly rich in Vitamin C and manganese. They are edible berries that can be consumed by both humans and animals.

Can rabbits have strawberries? Can bunnies have strawberries? The simplest answer to these questions is Yes! Rabbits can eat a variety of healthy fruits including strawberries as treats.

Strawberries are the safest, delicious, and un toxic treat that you can feed your rabbits in moderation. If you are interested in rabbits so your here you can read complete “Rabbit Breeds

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberry Tops?

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberry Tops
Yes Rabbits can eat strawberries top

Can bunnies eat strawberry tops? Rabbits can eat strawberries with their stem and green leaves present at the top as well. Strawberry tops are not only edible but are healthier and rich in flavor too.  Mini Rex Rabbit enjoys eating pellets, hays, fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

These tops are safe and a high source of Vitamin C, iron, and calcium for rabbits. It depends on your choice whether you feed strawberries to the rabbit with tops or exclude them.

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberry Leaves?

Rabbits can eat strawberries along with the leaves present at their top. These edible strawberry leaves are high in powerful antioxidants, vitamins and have antimicrobial effects. 

They are safe and quite healthy for a rabbit. Strawberry leaves improve and promote the good digestion of rabbits. The leaves also contain caffeic acid that assists in arthritis pain.

Iron present in strawberry leaves helps to enhance the red blood cells in rabbits. At the first feeding of your rabbit, you just have to notice any signs of allergic reactions. 

If the rabbit shows any itching, redness, or shortness of breathing so you should avoid feeding strawberry leaves to the rabbit. Continental Giant Rabbit is the large breed of those rabbits which was actually used for meat.

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberry Plants?

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberry Plants
Strawberry plants are safe for rabbits

Strawberry plants are safe and not toxic for a rabbit to consume. Rabbits can generally eat a variety of fruits and vegetables including strawberries. Dutch Rabbits are very friendly and loving rabbit breeds.

Strawberry plants are dwarf and thus easily reachable by rabbits. Bunnies are capable of destroying the strawberry plants with their sharp incisors. 

Prefer utilizing different protection methods to keep your berry plants away from rabbits. Excess consumption of any fruit or plant can result in serious health problems.    

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberry Seeds?

Rabbits can chew seeds of a variety of nutritional fruits counting strawberries in small amounts. Strawberry seeds are richer in polyphenols than the whole strawberry. 

Reports say that strawberry seeds are more beneficial as related to tomatoes and raspberries. They are considered safe to ingest and currently result in the least harmful disorders. 

Can Bunnies Eat Strawberries?

Can Bunnies Eat Strawberries
Yes bunnies can eat strawberries

Yes! Bunnies and a majority of pet animals can eat strawberries as a treat. Strawberries contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. 

Too much consumption of strawberries can cause your bunny to become sick. Bunnies can eat the whole fresh strawberries with their tops (stems and leaves). 

Strawberry is non-poisonous and unharmed to ingest. They exhibit high concentrations of vitamin C, potassium, iron that guard the heart of the rabbits.

Strawberries Health Benefits

Strawberries have high water and low sugar content with excessive vitamins and minerals. They benefit the heart, improve the red blood cells and the digestive system health of rabbits.

Folate present in strawberries helps in rabbit’s DNA synthesis and repair. Vitamin C in strawberries builds up the immune system of rabbits. They are also beneficial in maintaining glucose levels. 

The presence of phosphorus and calcium in strawberries is healthy for fast bone development. They also fight against inflammation in rabbits. Strawberries can be used as a fresh treat to fulfill your rabbit’s vitamin requirements. 


Strawberries are a healthful addition to a rabbit’s diet. They are a high source of antioxidants and vitamins. All parts of the strawberries are edible such as their stem, leaves, and seeds. 

Rabbits consume a variety of fruits and vegetables like humans. Small portions of strawberries provided to rabbits twice a week are safe and healthier. 


1. Are strawberry leaves poisonous to rabbits?

Strawberries are non-toxic, healthy, and safe for rabbits. Whether the stem, leaf, or seeds are edible and beneficial for rabbits. 

2. Can rabbits eat wild strawberry leaves?

Wild strawberry (Fragaria virginiana) is digestible and fine for rabbits. Wild strawberry leaves are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Rabbits generally like to consume all parts of the wild strawberry. 

3. How to keep rabbits away from strawberry plants?

Put a fence longer than the height of a rabbit around your strawberry plants. You should underground a wire fence to prevent underneath escapes of the rabbit. Prefer a chicken wire for guarding the strawberry plants. Sprinkle hot pepper spray on the berry plants to keep the rabbits away. 

4. Will rabbits eat strawberry plants?

Rabbits can eat strawberry plants but in small amounts. Excess intake of strawberry plants will harm the rabbit’s health badly. This act of rabbit also destroys your berry crops completely.

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