Mini Rex Rabbits Lifespan, Care, Size, Colours, Weight and Other Facts

There are so many varieties of rabbits available in the market. The Mini Rex Rabbits is one of the famous rabbit breeds. It was first created in Florida in 1984 and became popular right after the discovery. However, the ARBA accepts the 9 lbs bunny but suggests growing the smaller version of mini Rex.

Thus, as a result, the breeders produced a rabbit with all the Rex qualities similar to the little furball. Monna R. Berryhill developed the mini Rex Rabbit from Texas. It produced after the mating of Black Dwarf Rex Buck and the Lynx Red Doe.

 Thus in 1986, ARBA recognized this new small rabbit breed. Since then, it is the most favorite breed of rabbit for every rabbit lover. This rabbit proves that size doesn’t matter. It attracts millions of people through the small size and great beauty.

They are known for their fabulous physique, fantastic coat, and attractive appearance. However, the smaller size just increases the charm and beauty of this rabbit. Rabbits Can Eat Strawberries with the leaves.

Mini Rex Rabbit Size

Mini Rex Rabbit Size
Mini Rex Rabbit small Size rabbit with a compact body

The mini rex rabbit has a compact body type with a plush coat and velvety fur.  Mini Rex Size is small, with 3-4 pounds of weight. However, the females are bigger than males. Their back is fully rounded with a wholly developed shoulder. The legs are straight with a filled body. Their head is close to the shoulder with the short neck that makes it more compact. The upright ears and such an adorable physique is making this rabbit a masterpiece. No matter how small this rabbit is still, the beauty is impressive.

How Big Do Mini Rex Get?

The average weight of a mini rex rabbit is 3.5-4.5 lbs. Mini Rex is from the dwarf breed, but the weight is even more than other dwarfs rabbits that can only reach a maximum of 3.5 pounds. However, the fur grows 5/8 inches, not more than this.

Mini Rex Colors

Mini Rex Colors
mini rex available in different colours

Here are the Mini Rex Rabbit Colors accepted by American Rabbit Breeders Association:

  • Black Mini Rex.Castor Mini Rex.
  • Chinchilla Mini Rex.
  • Himalayan Mini Rex.
  • Lilac Mini Rex.
  • Lynx Mini Rex.
  • Black Otter Mini Rex.
  • Silver Marten Mini Rex.
  • Otter Mini Rex.
  • Red Mini Rex.
  • Sable Mini Rex.
  • Opal Mini Rex.
  • Seal Mini Rex.
  • Tortoise Mini Rex.
  • Red-eyed White Mini Rex.
  • Blue Mini Rex.
  • Blue Eyed White Mini Rex.
  • Castor Mini Rex.
  • Broken Mini Rex.
  • Tri-Color Mini Rex.

Mini Rex Rabbits For Sale

There are so many pet shops as well pages that offer mini rex rabbits for sale. Living in Ohio? Looking for Mini Rex Rabbits For Sale In Ohio? Need Baby Mini Rex Rabbits For Sale? Well, you can get it from any shop nearby you. However, the other way to purchase is by using an online platform. You can get the mini rex from different rabbit websites. 

Their complete detail and website address are available at Google. However, you can get Mini Rex Rabbits For Sale In Texas through the online site of texas rabbits breeders or texas mini rex rabbit club. There are so many other pet sites offering the rabbit on sale. The mini rex is the popular breed, so the Baby Mini Rex Bunnies For Sale is readily available at any rabbit’s pet shop.

Mini Rex Rabbit Lifespan

Mini Rex Rabbit Lifespan
Mini Rex average lifespan is ten years

The average lifespan of this rabbit is ten years. Moreover, the lifespan of this rabbit mainly depends on how much care you provide to them.

How Long Do Mini Rex Rabbit Live?

The mini rex rabbit can live for ten years or even more depends on the care plus diet you give them. Mini Rex Personality is livelier and easy-going. They enjoy company, care, and love. Mostly the rabbits live for eight years, but some have longer lives due to good health. Some rabbits lover give them popcorn also without knowing about Can Rabbits Eat Popcorn? or not. Popcorn is not a healthy diet for rabbits. 

Mini Rex Rabbit Care

Mini Rex Rabbit Care
mini rex also need care like other rabbits

Same as other rabbits, these “Rabbit Breeds” also need adequate care and attention. One has to provide them with healthy food and a safe environment. Make sure not to brush the mini rabbit’s coat too often; otherwise, the fur texture will be damaged. They need a safe place to sleep, eat, and play.

Don’t make the rabbit house with wires; otherwise, it’ll hurt their feet. Provide them with a proper home and give a healthy diet daily. Rabbits can eat Asparagus because it is a great source of fiber and nutrients. Rabbits Can Eat Watermelon leaves too.

The mini rex rabbit enjoys eating pellets, hays, fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. Be careful of what food you’re giving to your pet rabbit. Clean them when required and brush the fur from time to time.

Mini Rex Weight

The weight of this rabbit is almost 4.5 pounds. It is the maximum weight of a Mini Rex Rabbit.

Mini Rex Rabbit Facts

Mini Rex Rabbit Facts
mini rex has the genes of dwarfism.

Here are some facts about the mini rex rabbit:

  • It belongs to the Rex rabbit family that comes with 8-10 pounds of weight. But due to its smaller size, this rabbit is named mini rex.
  • The mini rex rabbit has a well-rounded back with a wholly developed midsection, hindquarters, and shoulders. The ears are thick and less than 3.5 inches in length.
  • The fur of this rabbit is dense and straight with a smooth touch.
  • They have a joyful and friendly nature that makes them the ideal pet. Make sure to handle them carefully; otherwise, they’ll get injured.
  • It has the genes of dwarfism.
  • This rabbit comes in a variety of colours mentioned above.


In this article, we have discussed the mini Rex Rabbit origin, appearance, color, and all the details related to it. Moreover, this rabbit makes the best pet due to its calm nature. It has such a fantastic appearance and comes in a variety of attractive colors. The rabbit has a low weight, so one can easily carry it. Make sure to provide adequate care if you want them to live long. However, this rabbit is famous so you can buy it from any rabbit shop nearby you.

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