Can Rabbits See In the Dark? | Are Rabbits Nocturnal Or Not?

Rabbits have good night vision. They can see in the dark, but better at the hours of sunrise and sunset. The unique placement of a rabbit’s eyes helps them to do so. They see more clearly in low light conditions than completely dark. Their attractive eyes have a perception that is quite different from the human way of seeing the world.

Come let’s see the world today from the eye of a rabbit!

Can Bunnies See In The Dark?

Yes, bunnies can see in the dark. Bunnies are crepuscular animals which means their eyesight works best in dim light. Bunnies can see far better than humans in low light frequency. However, complete darkness is still impenetrable to their eyes.

This is helpful for bunnies to forage on fresh grass and weeds in the dawn and dusk, as their vision is more suitable in twilight hours than at night.

Can Rabbits See At Night?

Can Rabbits See At Night
Yes rabbit can see in night

Yes, rabbits can see at night. However, their vision becomes grainy, and not sharp, and clear at night. Unlike other animals, rabbits do not have tapetum lucidum for a good vision at night.

In extreme darkness, your rabbit can rely on his other senses such as hearing, and strong smell to know what’s going on around. Darkness can sometimes cause anxiety to your rabbit, for he would feel helpless if any predator comes his way.

How Do Rabbits See In The Dark?

Rabbits have light-sensitive photoreceptors called rods and cones. The rods are sensitive to low light conditions. A rod photoreceptor can detect even a single photon of light in the dark.

Rabbits have a larger number of rods (up to 300,000) than cones. The concentration of these rods is double that of the human capacity to see in the dark. That is the reason rabbits can see far better than other animals in the dark.

However, pitch-black darkness could reflect a blurry or grainy image to rabbits.

Do Rabbits Have Night Vision?

Yes. Rabbits have a good night vision as compared to humans and other animals. They can see in the dark. The poor bunny can only become blind if there is unilluminated darkness. 

In addition to the detailed discussion above, the rabbits’ eyes are adapted to see in gloomy light like in the morning and evening hours. The best time to see your rabbit play is when they are most active and aware at dawn and dusk.

Are Rabbits Nocturnal?

Are Rabbits Nocturnal
Rabbits are not nocturnal animal

No, rabbits are not nocturnal. They have photoreceptors sensitive to blue and green lights. When the sun is low in the sky, it emits two different light wavelengths. One is the direct light that is yellow, and the other is a reflected blue light.

The greens and blues cones of a rabbit’s eye ideally attract all the contrasting colors to detect the objects out there. That is why they are not nocturnal like cats because they cannot see in coal black.

How Do Bunnies See?

Rabbit’s eyes are ideal to view the 2D image of the world. Most bunnies have monocular vision which means they can use one eye. However, bunnies do use their binocular vision to see straight away at their front.

They have ideal eyes placed on the lateral sides of their head. This helps them look out for their predators and take a view of nature from all directions; front and beyond above and sideways.

One disadvantage is that the bunnies have a blind spot at the front of their nose. This makes a poor perception of the objects placed so closed; right at the front of their face. Else, bunnies are the only animals that have a 360-degree wide field of view like an owl.

Do Bunnies Sleep In The Dark?

Yes, both wild and domesticated bunnies need a dark place to sleep. Wild bunnies find dark barrens out when they want to take a good sleep. If you own a pet rabbit, make sure to provide him a place with darkness or some natural dim light.

Some people feel that their bunnies are afraid of the dark. This is not true. Bunnies are adapted to living in shady places. A constant artificial light will disrupt their growth patterns.

Do Rabbits Like The Dark?

Conditionally, rabbits like to hide in dark underground tunnels called burrows. They feel safe in the dark only in their environment. Yet, they become alert when leaving their burrows at night. 

So in short, rabbits feel safe in the dark if they are familiar with the place; otherwise, darkness scares them out in the open.

Do Rabbits Have Good Eyesight?

Rabbits have far greater eyesight than one could know!

Yes, interestingly apart from the lateral positioning of the rabbit’s eyes high on the skull. The other important thing that imparts a role in the good eyesight of your rabbit is the placement of the large corneas.

The corneas of a rabbit’s eyes are about one-fourth of the human eye’s corneas. This gives them a prominent vision from the 360 degrees panorama.


Rabbits can see in the dim light and dark. But, not clearly in the extreme dark. They are crepuscular instead of nocturnal and diurnal. They have limited color vision. Their eyes are developed for low and dim light frequencies. The human perspective of a rabbit seeing the world is always found different depending on how better you know about your pet rabbit.

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