Do Turtles Get Lonely? | How to Entertain Them?

Turtles are adorable reptiles that don’t get lonely. They even lack emotions and feelings like sadness or happiness still exhibit some basic emotions. They often get bored and pessimistic. It is not compulsory to keep a turtle with his tank mate until the mating process. The only thing they need is a suspicious and clean tank including a raft, maze, empty shells, and their favorite treats for playing. Turtle species own different temperaments. Keeping more than one turtle in a tank is possible. It depends on the personality of the turtle species.

Do Turtles Get Lonely

The facts about the turtles being happily living alone without the company of other turtles or animals surprised me. 

Read the article below before getting a friend for your pet turtle.

Does Turtle Get Lonely?

Interestingly, a turtle is a solicitor reptile. It means they are not social. Turtles do not get lonely, living as an individual is all by themselves. A turtle enjoys his own company.

An unexpected fact is that turtles love to be alone, and do not like to be social or make friends with other turtles.

Turtles came into living beings on earth from the evolution of dinosaurs. They are the longest living creatures on the earth. In their evolution phase, many turtles leave their habitat and family from lands and move to oceans and seas for their survival.

Hence, these particular species are adapted to live on their own. They know very well what they are doing.

Do Turtles Get Sad?

Do Turtles Get Sad
Turtle is not get sad

Turtles do not have emotions. It means, unlike human beings, turtles cannot feel happiness, sadness, or anger. They don’t understand the meaning of being happy or sad, however they know how to be satisfied.

So don’t worry about your turtle being happy or sad. If he is satisfied with his environment it means he is happy.

However, turtles do feel the sensation of pain and fear. There are some sensory receptors in their brain called nociceptors that sense a feeling of pain when they get hurt. Also, they fear being attacked by predators or remain in danger.

Do Pet Turtles Get Lonely?

Definitely NoTurtles either wild, domestic, or being pets are unsociable. This is important for the healthy living of your pet turtle to keep him alone and not in pairs.

Don’t worry your pet turtle does not feel lonely. They love to be alone without companions.

If you are petting a turtle, you should know they can live a long life being alone. Just make sure that you provide your pet turtle with a perfect and interesting habitat, and a basking area to avoid their boredom.

Do Turtles Get Depressed?

Turtles often get depressed. Stress is the main cause of depression in any turtle. Turtles get depressed when they feel a sense of fear, stress, or anxiety over something.

Depression can cause extreme health problems for your pet turtle. To avoid the risk of depression in your pet turtle, you must replace the factors that cause depression.

If you have another pet along with your turtle in the same house like a cat or dog, and it keeps tingling your turtle’s tank, it can also scare your turtle which ultimately causes depression.

Other factors include:

  • Loud noises 
  • Continuous replacement of the tank
  • Improper handling 
  • Low temperature 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Bad food 
  • No basking area 
  • Bad water temperature or basking temperature 
  • Illness or injury

Do Baby Turtles Get Lonely?

Do Baby Turtles Get Lonely
No baby Turtle is not get sad

Unlike adults, juvenile and baby turtles are more peaceful and calm. But it does not mean that they are likely sociable. Baby turtles do not feel lonely if kept alone in the tank.

However, if you place more than one baby turtle in the same tank it can lead to a fight for survival. As baby turtles are smaller, they may get confused seeing each other’s tails resembling a worm. 

Juveniles usually fight when one bites the other’s tail causing injury. This is not good to happen as biting can leave scars on their body resulting in great pain.

How to Entertain Turtles?

There are very minimalistic things that you can do to entertain your turtle. Turtles love to play with small toys instead of playing with their owners because they don’t like to be handled again. 

Turtles admire empty shells and rafts. They love to play with them. However, if you don’t have one then just don’t bother to buy from the market. 

Try to place small plants and sticks in their tank. It will entertain them as turtles love to climb over the sticks.

How to Make Feel Good To Turtles?

Turtles are easy-to-go pets. You can make them feel good just by providing a healthy environment to them, where they can actively grow and play. Swimming, sun-basking, and good space can make them happy. For the good living of your pet turtle, try to fulfill the essentials of a tank and a heat or UVB light lamp.


Turtles do not feel lonely if kept alone in the tank. They don’t need any companions as they lack emotions. This is the reason turtles only like to live separately. However, for mating, an adult turtle can go to the female turtle. Otherwise, they assert dominance over the other turtles.

You just have to take care of the environment and place suitable for the turtles to live a stress-free life. This is strange but it is how they are entertained!


1. Can we place two or more turtles in the same tank? 

If you have more than one pet turtle in the same tank you should be very careful and attentive as they can fight sooner or later for their necessities. And, even if you are good to both of them and give plenty of space, shelter, basking area, and food; still they would fight to enjoy the place alone.

2. Can we place one male turtle and one female turtle in the same tank?

The couple ends up fighting for the reason that the male turtle will continuously try to mate with the female turtle. This will soon irritate the female turtle and they both end up fighting to live alone in the tank. So, gender discrimination could not help them being friends or experiencing happiness together.

3. Can we place an adult turtle with a juvenile turtle in the same tank?

The juvenile one may get bullied by the adult turtle, as the turtles are not good guardians to the younger ones. The juvenile and baby turtles would hardly get to find a space or food for their survival, even if the tank is huge. Ultimately, the baby turtle gets serious health issues and becomes ill.

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