How long can turtles go without eating? What are the reasons?

Turtles can survive around 90 days without eating food. However, the amount of time can vary because of some external factors i.e., size, age, temperature, and diet. The best water temperature for the turtle is 72 to 77 Fahrenheit. Plus, the outer temperature should be 75 to 85 Fahrenheit. Otherwise, your turtle can die.

The most dangerous temperature for turtles is below 50 degrees celsius. The life expectancy of turtles is around 20 to 40 years. However, turtles that are 2 to 3 years old cannot go without food for a long time, but turtles that are around 20 or 30 years old can survive without food for about 3 months. 

The diet of turtles plays a vital role in extending its life. The turtles should be provided with fresh fruits i.e., apples, grapes, bananas, mangoes, etc. However, making them eat the veggies that have pesticides on them can definitely destroy their metabolism and kill them earlier. Furthermore, in order to extend their life turtles go into a period known as hibernation, as turtles are cold-blooded so, they need to produce heat in their body to survive. Therefore, the metabolism of turtles slows down. Also, less activity rate results in more saved energy. This is the reason why they can survive without food for months. 

How Long Can A Baby Turtle Go Without Eating?

The Baby turtles can live without food for 2 to 90 days (3 months). However, the baby turtles are infants and you must take care of them consistently. The early stages are an incredibly significant period for turtles. It is the point at which they need mostly nutrients for development and advancement. The nutrients like fresh green apples will increase their life expectancy. Notwithstanding, it is, for the most part, suggested that baby turtles should be provided with food regularly – ordinarily one time each day – because they are developing and need the additional nutrients and minerals. 

How Long Can a Pet Turtle Live Without Food?

How Long Can a Pet Turtle Live Without Food
Pet Turtles is live long time without food

There are some examples of pet turtles that survived for a year without food but it does not mean that you should leave them without nourishment. Pet Turtles will live for quite a long time without food. Water is exceptionally crucial for the general soundness of your reptiles. Similarly, like humans, these reptiles need sound measures of water for hydration, digestion just as for appropriate absorption, and other critical physiology measures. 

How long can a Pet Turtle survive without water?

Pet Turtles are unable to survive without water. It is their fundamental necessity. In addition to the fact that it is imperative for hydration, they likewise need water for swimming and better food processing. In fact, pet turtles cannot eat without water in their current circumstance. For suppose, if your pet is not in excellent condition, wellbeing insightful, you should not let your turtle be alone.

How Long Can A Box Turtle Go Without Eating?

How Long Can A Box Turtle Go Without Eating
Box turtles can live a little without food

The Box turtle can endure months without food but it just lives 12-24 hours without water. Box turtles are delicate creatures, and the measure of time they can abandon food or water relies upon different elements. A box turtle can live for a little while without food as long as it approaches crisp drinking water. The enclosed area must be warm. Otherwise, the box turtle can go into hibernation. 

Box turtles are testing pets and are generally found in the forests. Their walled-in areas, temperature, and diets must be perfect for keeping them flourishing. The walled-in area is the place where they are kept. It is a permanent feature so it must be filled with fresh fruits. Also, the suitable temperature for box turtles is 77 to 79 Fahrenheit. Their active diet must consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. They are touchy creatures, handily focused by change. The most secure approach to keep your turtle is to give sufficient food and clean water consistently.

How Long Can a Red-Eared Slider Turtle Go Without Eating?

The Red-Eared Slider will survive 3 to 4 weeks without food. Also, they may survive up to 3 months without food in hibernation. Yet, assuming the red-eared slider turtle is a half year old and underneath, this load of conditions along with food are compulsory; else, it may not live for a month. The red-eared slider turtle relies upon the different variables we have researched, like age, accessibility of clean water, relaxing region, heat light, and UVB are made accessible. You must guarantee that it is solid and liberated from any earlier medical problems.

 How long can a baby Red-Eared Slider go without eating food?

 How long can a baby Red-Eared Slider go without eating food
At the Survival age, the turtle cannot live without food

The baby red-eared slider turtles can abandon eating from a couple of days to seven days. As that is the stage of development and growth so they are unable to survive without eating and they starve after a couple of days.

How long can a Baby Yellow-bellied Turtle Go without eating?

The baby yellow-bellied turtles can not go for so long without eating. They should be provided with a great deal of food as they are infants. Adult grown-up Yellow-bellied can be left for four days without food. So, four days without food should not be hurtful to them. For suppose, your turtle is not for quite a while, so what you should do is change its water or the water temperature. Temperature is what makes them strong and developed. So, If they are thoroughly developed, they could endure a long time without food. 

How Long Can A Baby Musk Turtle Go Without Eating?

Baby musk turtles are newborns. In infancy, the turtles should be fed every day in order to gain energy, health, and profitable growth. Therefore, they can survive for a few weeks without eating, but they will die in the meantime because they are baby musks and are not fully developed, so they do not have that much energy to survive without food. Moreover, baby musk turtles used to eat apples and live inside the water. Baby musk turtles should be offered plenty of apples and clean, pure water to live inside.

How Long Can A Baby Snapping Turtle Go Without Eating?

Snapping turtles are one of the reptile animal varieties that get by for quite a long time without food. They can go up to half a year. Yet, this is for the most part throughout the colder time of year when the temperature isn’t favorable for food processing. So, in bondage, if it isn’t the wintering season yet, don’t deny your snapping turtle of nourishment for longer than seven days.


In a nutshell, it’s never a smart thought to leave your turtle with no food for more than half a month. Turtles can go apparently forever without food; in the wild, it’s pretty not unexpected for a turtle to leave eating for possibly 14 days. This is not beneficial for their health and will influence their life expectancy. For suppose, if you have to go over at the end of the week, you should add some amphibian plants or some feeder fish to the tank, utilize a programmed food gadget or have someone come over and care for your turtle.

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