Can Rabbits Eat Plums? |Is Dried Plums Or Cherry Plums Toxic?

Rabbits can eat plums. They mostly feed on fresh hay and grass. You can offer some sweet treats like non-leaf vegetables and fruits such as plums to pet rabbits occasionally. These treats add extra dietary fibers to their meals.

After in-depth research about plum’s nutritional facts, we learned that a small treat of sweet and fresh plums could make your rabbit content. Rabbits have a non-adaptive digestive system for high sugars and carbohydrates. So, remember to give them plums without pits and within small quantities. 

Rabbits are fond of fresh fruits and vegetables and plum could be the best snack for them. 

Nutritional Facts of Plums

Plums are sweet juicy fruits that have a rich content of sugar and carbohydrates.

Plum could be healthy for your rabbits if given in a minimal amount as it contains essential minerals and vitamins. Large sugar intakes could make your rabbits gain weight and obese.

Nutrient Amount Nutrient Amount
Carbohydrate  7.54 gm Pantothenic acid 0.089 mg
Fiber  0.9 gm Vitamin A 227.70 IU
Protein  0.46 gm Vitamin C 6.3 mg
Iron  0.11 mg Vitamin B6 0.019 mg
Potassium  103.62 mg Vitamin E 0.17 mg
Magnesium  4.62 mg Vitamin K 4.2 mcg
Niacin  0.275 mg

Are Plums Safe For Rabbits?

Are Plums Safe For Rabbits
Yes plums are safe for rabbits

Rabbits are of the type lagomorphs. Lagomorphs have digestive systems that could not adapt to high intakes of sugars and carbohydrates.

Plums are rich in these two contents. A single plum has 90% carbohydrate in it. Plums are safe for your rabbits until offered in a small amount as treats, like other fruits, such as berries, mangoes, and cherries.

Large plums intake could cause obesity. Also, the water percentage in a plum could make your rabbits bloat. 

The gastrointestinal tract of rabbits does not allow them to overeat any treat causing improper digestion.

Can Rabbits Eat Dried Plums?

Yes, rabbits can eat dried plums. Don’t worry if you have fed your rabbits on the dried plums. Dried plums are often called prunes. They are neither poisonous or toxic for pets.

You can give prunes as treats to your rabbits, but look out for small and fresh ones. Also, the pits should be wiped off from prunes.

As Prunes are dried plums and anything that becomes dry increases in sugar levels. So, the sugar level in a dried prune is three times that of a fresh prune.

Also, dried prunes have many health benefits like preventing constipation and improving the heart health of your rabbits.

Nutrition Facts of Dried Plums

A prune is the powerhouse of almost all healthy nutrition. Prunes contain excess nutrition than plums such as 2.18 gm of protein, 7.1 gm of fiber, and 63.88 gm of carbohydrates with high in vitamin K and B. 

Besides this, it improves the vision and relieves the constipation of rabbits.

Nutrition  Amount  Nutrition  amount
Calories  67 gm Vitamin B3 3%
Carbs  18 gm Vitamin B6 3%
Fiber  2 gm Potassium  6%
Sugars 11 gm Copper 4%
Vitamin A 4% Manganese 4%
Vitamin K 21% Magnesium 3%
Vitamin B2 3% Phosphorus  2%

Can Rabbits Eat Cherry Plums?

Yes, rabbits love to enjoy cherry plums. But, only cherry plums or simple cherries! Any other part of trees including (peach cherry and apricot trees) could be dangerous for them. 

All other parts of the cherry tree such as branches, limbs, leaves, barks, and twigs are poisonous for rabbits.

Rabbits are fond of sweet fruits, so they often overeat them. Make sure to give your bunny a limited number of cherry plums, not exceeding twice a week. As cherries are high in fruit sugar it can affect her stomach if overindulged.

Also, we ensure that your bunny does not eat the stones of the cherry plums because it can cause harm to them.

Can Wild Rabbits Eat Plums?

Can Wild Rabbits Eat Plums
Yes wild rabbits eat plums

Yes, wild rabbits will prefer to eat plums if available because it contains high content of water to help digest, otherwise, they lose weight.

The habitat of a wild rabbit and a pet rabbit is quite different. Both of the types have different sources for food and fresh water availability.

As wild rabbits are concerned, they would rather go for the option of green plants such as grass, fresh leaves, shrub weeds, and clover. It depends on what is available to them in different seasons.

But the similarity between the two is both need fresh water for digestion. 

Can Rabbits Eat Plum Leaves?

Yes, plum leaves are edible for rabbits. It has a significant effect on the reproductive and growth cycles of rabbits. In an experiment of four groups of rabbits, each group was replaced to feed over plum leaves rather than alfalfa hay in different ratios daily.

It has been observed that the groups that have fed over plum leaves have similar reproduction as compared to the groups who have fed on alfalfa hay. So the reproduction cycle is the same.

The difference is shown in the growth cycle. Rabbit groups that have fed on plum leaves have better digestibility than the groups that have fed alfalfa bay.

Also, the feed consumption ratio in the former group (the group fed over plum leaves) has greater feed consumption.

The difference between both groups is not as much greater but it is worth noticing.

Can Rabbits Eat Plum Plants?

There is no harm if your bunny loves to eat plum plants. According to scientific research, plum plants are healthy if added to the regular diet of your rabbit.

Any type of plum plant can be used to feed your bunny pet such as parlor plants (home-décor plants) are one of the favorite foods of small bunnies.

One thing to make clear is the plum plants should be pesticide-free. Otherwise, it would badly affect digestion and gut health.

Can Rabbits Eat Plum Peels?

 There is no clear evidence if rabbits are fond of eating plum peels or not. It is more likely depending on the mood of your bunny whether it would go for plums, plum plants, or plum peels.

Rabbits usually love to eat sweet and fresh fruits and vegetables. Green plants attract their appetite more often as they do more water consumption by it.


Rabbits love to enjoy sugary fruits like plums. Always feed them fresh organic and properly washed plums.  An average 6lb adult rabbit should have a healthy diet with two plum treats per weekend. While a baby bunny could have this fruit once a week. 

If you want to get close to your bunny, start offering them little treats every weekend. 

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