Toad vs. Frog | Difference Between Frog and Toad

Do you use the two terms, frog and toad, interchangeably? Well, although the two are quite similar, they are a lot different than you think. 

You must’ve noticed that not all frogs look alike. Especially by looking closely at the skin, eyes, and the environment, you can tell that one is different from the other.

So, which ones are the frogs, and which are the toads? Let’s find out!

Difference Between Frog and Toad

Toad vs. Frog

Frogs differ from toads in several ways. Let’s take a look at each one by one.

  • 1. Skin

At a glance, the surface of both amphibians looks similar. However, frogs have flawless, smooth, and moist skin. Meanwhile, a toad’s skin is dry and rough, making them difficult to swallow.

  • 2. Eyes

Although the eyes of both look similar, toads have oval-shaped eyes while frogs’ are round-shaped. Moreover, a frog’s eyes bulge out, whereas the toads’ eyes are present inside the head.

  • 3. Limbs

If you were to notice a frog and a toad moving, you’d see that the frog hops while the toad crawls. Frogs have long and sturdy legs to move the way they do. Since toads’ legs are short and less reliable, they crawl instead.

  • 4. Environment

Both are amphibians. However, as I told you, they have different skins. So, a frog lives mostly in water, and a toad is usually on land.

  • 5. Teeth

Frogs and toads swallow their food without chewing. However, some frogs have upper teeth to prevent the food from escaping, and toads lack those.

  • 6. Tongue Size

 Frogs have longer tongues than toads. So, they can capture their prey from afar. 

Facts About Toads

Facts About Toads

Here are some facts about toads.

  • There is a close relationship between frogs and toads. However, they are slightly different in ways that I have told you.
  • What do you call a group of toads? A knot.
  • Like frogs, they also start their lives as tadpoles.
  • Toads are nocturnal and hibernate during winters.

Facts About Frog

Facts About Frog

Now, let’s talk about frogs.

  • Frogs have their eyes on top of their heads. By this arrangement, nature helps them to see outside water while they’re in it.
  • They are freshwater amphibians. You’ll never see a one in the sea. 
  • Frogs are impressive jumpers, thanks to their strong legs


Frogs and toads may look almost the same, and also, they are in the same biological order. However, they are quite different, and now you can tell.

The difference between frogs and toads lies in the skin patterns, size, location of eyes, presence or absence of teeth, tongue size, and habitat. There are more informative posts on different animals you can read on PetsHoods.


1. Which is the bigger toad or frog?

Of the two, a frog is bigger and more well-built. It is slender and longer than the toad. Whereas, a toad has a chubby and stout appearance.    

2. Are toads dangerous?

Toads and their tadpoles have a poison coming out of their glands. So, if you put one in your mouth, then you are in trouble, although the deaths from it are quite rare. 

Nonetheless, it is life-threatening for the dogs as they will put their mouth anywhere. So, be extra careful that your pet does not lick or swallow a toad.

3. Is it dangerous to touch a toad?

Toads indeed release a toxin. However, the poison only works if someone ingests it or puts it in the mouth. Fortunately, it does not poison the skin.

4. Which is poisonous, frog, or toad?

While toads and frogs have their differences, they have a lot in common. One of them is the toxin they release from their glands. So, yes, both frogs and toads are poisonous.