Mini Lop Rabbit

Dogs are not only great pets but rabbits are as well. Some People think that dogs are only available in the stylish and designer breed, but that’s not true. Anyone can even get a cute little designer bunny that is also an adorable pet. There are many “Rabbit Breeds” are available in the market but the Mini Lop rabbit is a very popular Breed. After the production of this rabbit. It starts winning the hearts of people and gain so much fame in a very short time. It was developed by the matting of German Lop with Chinchilla Lop. This rabbit is also known as Little Hanging Ear or Klein Widder.

The name of this rabbit changed into Mini Lop back in 1974. ARBA accepted it in 1980. The bunny lovers have always sought out this rabbit due to its cutest appearance and fantastic nature. Rabbits can eat leaves/vines fruits and vegetable plants including Sweet Potatoes. So if this question rise in your mind anytime Can rabbits eat Sweet potatoes? Here is the answer, Yes. 

If we sum up the appearance of mini lop, then it is the Fuzzy Basketball With ahead. The rabbit belongs to the smallest breed and has a compact body. It has low weight so you can carry them easily without getting fatigued. The bunny has a circular shape with a little fur on it.

Mini Lop Lifespan

Mini Lop Lifespan
Mini Lop Lifespan

The average lifespan of Mini Lop Bunny is 5-10 years. Some live longer than ten years if you provide them adequate care. The lifespan of every rabbit, not only this breed, mainly depends on the care and protection you provide. More excellent the care higher will be the lifespan.

Velveteen Lop life is normally up to 5 years, but they can live for more than 11 years if take properly cared.

How Long Do Mini Lop Rabbit Live For?

Mini lop is a healthy breed and does not go through any specific disease during its lifespan. The longevity of this rabbit depends on the care you give them. However, the average life of this bunny is 5-10 years, but it could be 5-14 if you handled them properly with care and provide a healthy diet.

They require proper attention, so if you don’t have time, then don’t buy them as a pet. These antibodies produced by the different B cells extracted from the body. This antibody is the collection of immunoglobulin molecules that can react against a specific antigen. It is an important tool for all researchers. If you want to increase the lifespan of these rabbits then give them potatoes. These Rabbits Can Eat Potatoes because it is a healthy diet and source of nutrients.

Mini Plush Lop

Mini Plush Lop is a breed that comes in two sizes includes mini and standard. The mini plush lop has a silky texture the same as the Rex rabbit, but the size is different. The mini plush lop comes in a smaller size with 3-4 pounds of weight. It has fur on the body with a floppy ear and such adorable nature.

Is Mini Lop Friendly?

They are the cutest pets with such friendly nature. They have a calm temperament and require proper care plus attention.

Mini Lion Lop

Mini Lion Lop
Mini Lion Lop

It is the new breed of smaller rabbits that makes them excellent pets. The British Rabbit Council has accepted it already, but ARBA still not recognized this breed. It was developed in the 2000s through the matting of the Lionhead rabbit with the Mini Lop rabbit.

Some consider this breed as one of the Mini Lop Kinds. The mini lion lop is the cutest bunny with the lion head and has fine fur on the chest area. It is also known as the mini version of Lionhead Rabbit. Despite the size, this rabbit has a strong structure and body covered with proper muscles. These are so tiny rabbits not like Continental Giant Rabbit which are very heavy and big rabbits. 

Mini Lop Colors

The ARBA has accepted different colors of mini lops. However, seven amazing colors are standard in these rabbits includes Pointed white, self, broken, agouti, shaded, ticked and full band. These bunnies are not only adorable but practically customizable as well.

One can get the Mini Lop Bunnies For Sale from any pet shop or through online pet sites.

Mini Lop Full Grown Size

It has a compact and smaller body. The average weight of the Mini Lop Bunnies is 3-6 pounds. The fully grown mini lop is around 1-3 pounds of weight. 

Mini Lop Breeders

A person named Bob Herschbach finds this Mini lop breed at a rabbit show in Germany in 1972. He bred the agouti lop with the white female lop and developed solid colors mini lop. Thus with the breeding mini lop qualities enhances.

Now, there are so many mini lop breeders around the globe. You can purchase Mini Lop Bunny For Sale directly from the breeders or through any rabbit shop.

How much is a Mini Lop?

How much is a Mini Lop
How much is a Mini Lop

The cost of a mini lop is from $31 to $200. However, the cost varies according to the state you’re living in. Moreover, the price also depends on the color you need.

Mini Lop Weight

The average weight of Mini Lop Rabbits is 5.5 pounds. The old bucks and does Mini Lop Size less than 6.5 pounds. So 5.5 is the ideal weight of these bunnies. 


We have summed up all the details related to mini lop, including the history, colors, structure, age, and whatnot. Mini lop is a small breed of rabbit with a pleasant appearance and soft nature. It is one of the popular breeds these days, so you can quickly get it from any pet shop.

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