Mini Plush Lop | Size, Facts, Lifespan, Characteristics, Price

Plush Lop is a domestic rabbit kind including two distinct diversities: Mini and Standard. This race was created in the United States by Devie D’anniballe in 1995

With the combination of recent existing races Holland Lop, Mini Lop, and Mini Rex, she was successful in developing these mini plush lop rabbits. 

Her sole objective was to end result in a perfect pet animal by retaining these breeds favorable qualities, while “breeding out” all the problems in these existing breeds. 

Due to the selection of best traits in the existing races, Deve was successful in creating the most attractive and cute pet bunny that has a compact body with hop ears and super soft small fur along with friendly nature. 

Quick facts about mini plush lop

Details  Specifications 
Scientific name Oryctolagus cuniculus
Species name Mini plush lop 
Class Mammal
Order Lagomorphs 
Family Leporids 
Kingdom Animalia 
Life span 10-12 years 
Size/weight 2-5 pounds 
Temperament  Friendly, docile
Colors Many
Cage size 24”x36”
Diet Hay, vegetables 

Mini plush Lop’s characteristics

Mini plush Lop’s characteristics
Plush Lop tail is furry and straight
  • Size

As indicated by the name, the mini plush lop’s size is small and weighs approximately about 2 to 5 pounds. The standard variety of plush lop also exists with extremely soft and medium-sized coats. Lionhead Rabbit are the small cute bunnies who are almost 8 to 10 inches tall.

  • Appearance 

The body of a mini bunny is compact, firm, audacious, muscular, and short in size. The overall look of the Mini Plush Lop resembles the Standard. 

The head is wide and bold with features such as full cheeks and large eyes. The head is well placed in between the shoulders of the rabbit. Strong and short are the front legs, while hind legs are short and aligned parallel to the body. 

The tail is furry and straight, and there can also be a small dewlap. A mini-plush lop has well furred, round, and wide ears that are behind the eyes and facing downward and are not pointing to the down or front. A small neck is also visible. 

Coat and fur

Coat and fur
Plush Lop fur has good density and over the whole body

The soft coat of the mini Plush Lop is about half-inch long and it has a fine and silky feel that seems to be completely free of wooliness. The fur has good density and over the whole body, it is flat and smooth. 

A lustrous shine on fur is present, and the fur is soft and solid, with no protruding guard hairs. The mini Plush Lop does not shed heavily, but it does molt twice a year.

  •  Colors 

It comes in a huge variety of colors such as white, blue, black, brown, chocolate, frosted pearl, sable, lilac and smoke pearl, chestnut, agouti, broken, tricolors, pointed white, black, or blue. Florida White Rabbits comes only in white color.

Miniature plush lops are also found in shaded colors such as sable, sable point, frosted color, tortoise, seal, and smoke are popular among them.

  • Lifespan 

Their estimated lifespan reaches above 12 to 14 years Their average life expectancy can be increased if they are properly cared for in captivity. And Mini Lop Rabbit average lifespan is 5-10 years.

  • Temperament 

Because of its soft and docile nature, the mini Plush Lop makes an excellent family pet. This mini bunny will be content while sitting and resting in the owner’s lap, but they also love to hop around in search of new things to do. 

Mini plush enjoys playing when provided with a range of toys, such as kitten balls or toilet paper rolls. since they are sweet, they get friends with children.

  • Diet 

Mini bunnies should be fed a healthy diet that is important for an ideal weight because junk and unhealthy foods can make rabbits overweight and vulnerable to diseases. 

A plush lop rabbit should be given clean fresh water along with their standard food, good quality hay, and a lot of fresh vegetables, leafy greens, and fruits. 

Health and care 

Health and care 
Plush lops ears are very sensitive

Mini plush lop is a fragile rabbit so it should be handled with utmost care. The ears are very sensitive so do not pull them with force.  They should be held gently and when letting them down place them lightly. 

Although the Plush Lop prefers to be kept indoors, you can keep him outside unless you surround him with a wide enough habitat/cage that is protected from predators and the environment. 

When your rabbit isn’t playing or exploring, you should provide him with a cage to return to and relax in. If the Plush Lop’s diet is deficient in fibrous vegetables and he isn’t given gnaw toys to keep his teeth at the proper length, the Plush Lop can develop dental issues. 

If your pet will be spending some time in your backyard, speak to your veterinarian about getting him checked for fleas, worms, and ticks. Your veterinarian will even talk to you about the possibility of getting your pet vaccinated and spayed. The fur should be combed regularly during the shedding season and rabbits should not be given a full bath.

Price of Mini plush lop rabbits

Price of Mini plush lop rabbits
Some mini plush lops exhibit classy characteristics 

$300-$400 is the actual price of this rabbit. The price is fixed at the age of one month according to the characteristics of the rabbit. 

Some mini plush lops exhibit classy characteristics such as blue-colored eyes or exceptional fur quality. Because of these traits, they are priced higher. Rabbits with more attractive bodies and a much smaller size will have a big price. 

Mini plush lop breeders

Mini plush lop breeders
Plush lop luxurious fur coat is attractive

There are only two original and certified breeders of this unique rare quality rabbit with soft fur. Original and pure lines of mini plush lops from the herd of Devi D’Anniballe are bred at Ellie’s rabbitry. American mini plush lop club is also a renowned breeder. 


This mini rabbit with a super soft and luxurious fur coat is attractive, adorable, and a perfect choice for a pet. Compact body, cute dropped ears, beautiful color patterns, friendly nature are basic features.

Fur coats are smooth instead of long hairs so it is a good choice for people with allergies. Mini plush lop only differs from its existing race in fur or coat quality so it is not accepted by ARBA, a standard breed, rather it is known as a breed that is still in development. 


1. How big does mini plush lop get? 

It can weigh from 2-5 pounds with a small body. 

2. Does mini plush lop like to get cuddled? 

Yes, they like to be cuddled up and sit in their owner’s lap and relax when handled with gentleness. 

3. Do mini plush lop bites? 

They are very friendly mostly but if you do not hold them gently or pick them up again and again they may bite you. 

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