French lop Rabbit Breeds

The French lop rabbit breed was originated in France. This new type of rabbit breed was successfully developed after the cross between the Butterfly rabbit and the English lop rabbit of France. Oryctolagus cuniculus is the scientific name of these rabbit breeds. These are the large rabbit breeds with heavy bodyweight and were used for meat purposes.

The French lop bunny closely resembles the Flemish Giant rabbit. In addition to this, these rabbit breeds were not created to be used as pet and show animals, but they were developed as meat animals. There are many kinds of these rabbit breeds, but here, we are going to discuss only a few of them.

French lop size

French lop size
French lop size

The French lop rabbits are very intelligent and heavyweight rabbit breeds. These rabbit breeds are of large size. At the age of about eight months, the senior rabbits, known as “Frenchies” weigh about 4.98 kg in the case of males and 5.21kgs in the case of females.

Therefore, due to their heavy bodyweight and large size, they look like more powerful rabbits than the other rabbit breeds. In contrast to this, they have short fur and medium-sized ears of about 5 to 8 inches. It is also said that these breeds grow faster; therefore, taking proper care of them must be our priority. With a proper diet plan, you can increase their size.

Zucchini and Sweat Potatoes can play a vital role in size increase because it contains many vitamins and minerals also. and Yes, it’s true If it’s in your mind Can rabbits eat zucchini? or Can rabbits eat sweet potatoes. So yes they can. It’s a very healthy thing for them. 

Giant French lop

The Giant French lop rabbits are very large rabbit breeds. They weigh about 4.5 to 6.8 kg. Their ears are almost 5 to 8 inches long and are hung down below the jaws. These types of French lop rabbits are very calm, friendly, well-behaved, and fun-loving rabbit breeds. Also, these new breeds can be easily trained and are being used as pets. The female French lop rabbits have a gestation period of about 28 to 31 days. After these days, the baby French lop rabbits are born, which are too cute and soft to be handled. Continental Giant Rabbit is also a large breed like it. 

French lop lifespan

The Arabian Rabbit Breeders’ Association and the British rabbit council have recently recognized these new “Rabbit Breeds”. The French lop rabbit has an average life span of about 5 to 7 years.

As we know, proper diet and care can increase the lifespan of many rabbits, but there is no such evidence about these rabbits. However, these types of rabbit breeds are very smart, loving, well-behaved, and friendly and thus can be used as pets for children as well.

As the French lop rabbit breeds have more weight than the English rabbits, they are not so easy to be handled. In contrast to this, these rabbit breeds become fully grown at the age of eighteen months and are called senior rabbits.

French lop rabbits for sale

The price of something depends upon its quality. Similarly, if the French lop rabbit has good pedigree and quality, they can cost up to 40 to 50 dollars. But, this price can be decreased immediately for the low quality and non-show rabbits. The different pet stores throughout the world are selling these rabbits as pets, and their meat is also being used for trade purposes.

That’s why these rabbit breeds are known as meat animals. Therefore, we can say that these rabbit breeds are one of the reasons behind the success of many breeders.

French lop breeders

French lop breeders
French lop breeders

A lot of the French lop rabbit breeders are present throughout the world, but a list of some of these breeders is given as follows:

  • Dickerson Rabbitry present in the USA
  • Darcy Jean’s Rabbitry and Powell Animals located in the USA
  • Fox Tail Rabbitry by Gloria Trantow in the USA
  • AK Rabbitry in Bryan; a city of Texas
  • Rebecca’s Rabbitry in Washington; having breeds of both French lop rabbit and English rabbit

All of these rabbit breeders have made a business of these rabbit breeds and earn a lot of money from them. So, the rabbit breeds can also be used for trade.

French lop colors

Different varieties and colors, i.e. solid and broken, are available for these cute, exotic, well-mannered and loving breeds of the French lop rabbit. These varieties and colors make them distinct from each other. The recognized colors of these breeds include fawn, Black, brown-eyed chinchilla, steel, blue, brown, white, lilac, sable point, seal, orange, and Siamese, i.e. cream and brown. These colors make them more attractive, and people buy them as pets for spending their time. In addition to this, these rabbit breeds do not have such unique characteristics that will make them different from other rabbit breeds. 

French lop care

French lop care
French lop care

The French lop rabbit breeds can live indoors as well as outdoor, but they require proper care for their survival. The cage must be weather-proof and secure. These rabbit breeds cannot tolerate more temperature; therefore, the floor and the tiles must be frozen.

Regular exercise will make them physically fit, and they will not get some sort of disease in this way.

These cute rabbit breeds have long and loose ears, which makes them more beautiful and attractive. The French lop rabbit breeds weigh 4.5 kgs and can also grow in a bigger size, so daily care is necessary for keeping them in the standard size. These rabbits, Florida white rabbit, Mini Satin Rabbits and Polish rabbit care are almost the same. So if you have any rabbits in these breeds you also can apply this care method to them. So with this care, you can increase their lifespan.  


As we discussed earlier, the French lop rabbit breeds are well-mannered, friendly, loving, and intelligent breeds. People use them for different purposes; either they can use them as pets, or they can use their meat for trade purposes. These rabbit breeds require proper care and attention for their survival. They are currently used in different pet shows. Therefore, we must take care of these rabbit breeds to take good advantage of them.


There arise different questions in the mind of some people about these rabbit breeds. Therefore, here, we are going to give the answers to the following questions:

1Are French lop rabbits good friends?

The French lop rabbits are very loving and social animals. They can be used as family pets; if we handle them properly. But, they become aggressive if; handled roughly. Also, these rabbit breeds are very polite to the children. 

2. How much do French lop costs?

There are different prices of these rabbit breeds depending upon their quality ad pedigree. If they are of good quality, they can cost up to 40 to 50 dollars. Instead, many pet stores are selling them at different cost ranges.

3. Do French lops shed?

The“Shedding” is actually the removal of the old coat and the arrival of the new coat. The French lop rabbit breeds also shed during the particular seasons to make wool. But, not in each season; they shed. If they shed in each season, they will not be able to make wool properly.

4. How high can a French lop jump?

Like all other rabbit breeds, the French lop rabbits can also jump. But they can jump up to 91.4 cm, i.e. 36 inches. This jumping ability also increases sometimes. But, Mimrelunds Tosen is the only rabbit to make the highest world record of jumping, which is 99.5 cm or 39.2 inches.

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