Albino Tortoise | Lifespan, Care, Types, Price, Tortoiseshell

Albino tortoises lack pigmentation in the iris thus are bright red eyes or pink. Their shell and skin are bright yellow-colored. They are comparatively easy to care for as compared to other tortoise species.

Albino Tortoise

Albino tortoise lifespan

Their usually have a short lifespan

They usually have a short lifespan ranging about 20 to 40 years with proper diet and care in captivity. 

Albino Tortoise care

Albino are a bit difficult to care for because of their albinism trait. It can cause harsh damage to their skin and eyes when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

There are various ways to protect your tortoise against skin cancer and sun damage. Prefer to use an unscented sunscreen cream with Zinc Oxide all over the skin and shell of your albino beside their mouth and eyes.

 Provide them with a shade on their cage to save them from direct sunlight and UV radiation. Also, sprinkle powdered calcium on their food for firm shell growth. Try to feed them with a high fiber and low protein diet. Monitor their enclosure’s temperature and humidity level regularly.

Albino tortoiseshell

They exhibit rare, beautifully marked shells with dimensions approximately 28 inches along length and 25″ in width. They tend to survive longer because of their shells.

Albino tortoise types

This are further classified in a wide variety based on appearance, characteristics, and other related features. 

Albino sulcata tortoise

Sulcata contains the albino gene

Albino sulcata tortoise also named Albino African Spurred tortoise are ivory-white along with pink eyes. They are small-sized, active species that are easy to care for. 

Albino sulcata contains the albino gene. They also occur in orange color with red eyes. Albino Sulcata price ranges from about $300.00 to $800.00. They are known to be good pets because of their calm and friendly temperament. 

This sulcata tortoises for sale are available at the Arizona tortoise compound website for best breeders and demanding customers.  They are the cheapest tortoise for sale that lays more than  60 eggs per clutch.

Albino Russian tortoise

Albino Russian tortoise is a long-term captive species, small-sized, usually weighs about 360 to 420 grams. The adult is 4 to 7 inches in length. They reach a lifespan of 40+ years.  

They mostly eat dark leafy green vegetables, mixed veggies, and cactus pads. This are excellent diggers and make good pets. Russian tortoises are native to South Eastern Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.

  Albino Russian tortoise for sale is easily available and low priced as compared to other popular reptiles. Their price ranges between a maximum of $100-$200.

Albino leopard tortoise

This tortoises are the largest species

Albino leopard are the largest species,  native to South Africa, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Their names suggest the classical marking on their shells. 

Their actual lifespan lies between 80 to 100 years. The adult reaches 40 cm and weighs about 13 kgs approximately 29lb. The baby leopard tortoise is beautifully marked with black stripes and patches on a yellow background.

 Albino leopard tortoise for sale is available online from efficient leopard tortoise breeders. They cost between $549.00 – $999.00. 

Albino red foot tortoise

These are beautiful species

The albino red foot tortoise variation lacks any color except bright red blotches on the head and limbs. Their shells are bright ivory-colored at the growing phase but turned into dark yellow when fully-fledged.

 You can avail a red foot tortoise for sale easily from online tortoise farms and exceptional breeders. Their price varies from $150 to $500 depending upon how older they get. 

Albino tortoise price

Albino tortoises for sale vary in price according to their types. Their demand is increasing day by day very much. Their price extends between $199.95 – $1,449.00. They are going to be the most popular tortoise species in the coming 10 years.


Albino tortoises are beautiful species with classical shells. They have a short lifespan and are not so big. They are generally easy to care for. But their albinism trait makes it a little difficult. 


1. Why does an albino have a short lifespan?

Albino have a shorter lifespan due to their albinism trait. But they can live long as related to other albino animals because of their hard shells.

2. How much does albino tortoise cost?

They cost under a maximum range of  $199.95 – $1,449.00.

3. Where to buy an albino tortoise?

You can buy an tortoise from online tortoise farms and marts. You can also avail them of the best tortoise breeders in the market.

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