What do Baby Turtles Eat

Are you looking for adopting a lovely little turtle? The adult turtles are cute, but the young ones are even more so. Nonetheless, you have to give your utmost attention to a baby turtle and you need to know about what do baby turtles eat because the diet of baby turtles and adult turtles is different? 

If you are going to keep one, you must know what do baby turtles eat. Although you can buy baby turtle food from your local pet store, you cannot nourish them right without knowing about their needs.

So, here I am with all the information you need to know about the baby turtle diet. Let’s take a look.

What do Baby Turtles Eat and Drink

What do Baby Turtles Eat and Drink


Do you want your baby to grow healthy and well? If yes, then you have to feed it. Moreover, a baby turtle’s diet is quite different from an adult.

In the growing years, the babies need calcium for their hard-rock shells. So, your best bet is not only on the commercial pack but also on leafy vegetables. You can mix the two by chopping them finely. However, feed them only once or twice daily because higher intake can be detrimental for their shell.

Animal foods that baby turtles like are worms, snails, small fish, and insects. Don’t think that you have to catch them by yourself. Any pet store will have them in stock.


The vegetables that you can try in combination are spinach, broccoli, kale, cabbage, and lettuce. Beware that if the pieces are too big, the baby turtle will not consume them.

Furthermore, baby turtles need Vitamin D as well. Either you can let them take it directly from the sun, or you can provide them with supplements.  

Talking about their drink, baby turtles will drink the water around them. So, make sure that the water is clean, and you replace it regularly. 

What do Baby Turtles Eat in the Wild

What do Baby Turtles Eat in the Wild


In nature, baby turtles are on their own. Besides, their diet is a whole lot different than the one for the pets. 

Domesticated turtles are omnivorous; they’ll enjoy meat, fruits, vegetables, other plants. However, wild turtles are usually carnivorous. They get their protein and calcium from different little feeder fish. 

When the wild baby turtles grow for a while, they start to feed on different plants.

What do Baby Water Turtles Eat

What do Baby Water Turtles Eat

Baby water turtles love to be in the water. Hence, they demand their food in water, as well. 

Once a baby water turtle hatches out, it will not eat for weeks as it will be feeding on the egg. So, don’t panic if it doesn’t accept your offerings.

Water babies eat a lot more than the land ones. You can feed them commercial pellets, worms, cockroaches, small fishes, fruits, and vegetables. The baby water turtles are slow eaters, so give them time.

Do Baby Turtles Grow

Do Baby Turtles Grow

Baby turtles grow faster than they move. However, some baby turtles stay the same. Sulcata Tortoise full-grown males are a bit larger than females and still grow slowly

Usually, the turtles can grow up to one or two feet long. The growth of the turtles depends on their diet, type, and environment. A complete guide line about the turtles diet plan and growth shared on PetsHoods.


Baby turtles can live healthy and happy if you feed them right. So, to make them so, you have to fulfill their calcium, protein, and Vitamin D needs.

So, the best meal is a fusion of commercial food and leafy vegetables. Moreover, you have to keep the water (their drink) clean. 


1. How long can a baby turtle go without food?

Although you should feed a baby turtle daily, nonetheless, they can still survive for a week.

2. Can you feed milk to the turtles?

Turtles are lactose intolerant. So, the dairy products are off the table.