What do Turtles Eat in Ocean | In Pond And As a Pet

What do Turtles Eat? Whether they are in a tank or the wild, turtles are the epitome of cuteness. Also, they are quite different from each other. Some live in the salty oceans, while others are in the freshwater as that of ponds.

Many people like to keep them as pets. Like any other animal, they have to eat to grow. Sulcata Tortoises are calm and docile pets that are easy to handle.

So, what do turtles eat? Do the ocean turtles and the freshwater turtles eat the same stuff? What do you have to feed a pet turtle?

Today, I’m going to answer all the questions.

What do turtles eat in the ocean

Ocean and sea turtles live in the saltwater. All of them are toothless. The turtles can be either herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore. They are plant-eaters, animal-eaters, and the ones who eat both, respectively.

The turtles in the seas and oceans eat what they can find there. Usually, the herbivores, which are the green turtles, eat seagrass, while the hawksbill feeds on coral reefs and algae. Pink Belly Sideneck Turtle are water-friendly turtles and amazing swimmers.

Meanwhile, other turtles that are omnivores and carnivores like to eat jellyfish, snails, lobsters, shrimps, and the insects that they can find.

The typical examples of turtles in seas and oceans are the green turtle, loggerhead turtle, leatherback turtle, hawksbill turtle, and the flatback turtle. Out of these, the green turtle is a herbivore, while the rest are either carnivores or omnivores.

What do turtles eat in a pond

These are the turtles that like to live in freshwater. So, ponds, lakes, and rivers are an excellent habitat for them.

All the pond turtles are omnivores. They eat both animals and plants. How else do you think they get the proteins? From the animals, of course.

In the ponds, there are aquatic plants and algae. The turtles feed on them. Moreover, even if you offer them vegetables, leaves, and fruits, they will be happy to eat them.

The meat diet usually consists of small feeder fish, dead fish, worms, insects, frogs, and other small animals.

The turtles find one diet annoying. So, they keep switching to and from plants and meat. Moreover, they like to eat in the water, so they get their food in water too.

What do water turtles eat

What do water turtles eat

The water turtles are also omnivores. They eat a wide variety of foods. However, they don’t like to eat the same food over and over again.

Usually, their diet consists of worms, laid-eggs, shrimps, plants, algae, and small fishes. Moreover, leafy vegetables are a rich source of nutrients for them.

Nonetheless, turtles like to keep a balance in their diet. So, unless they are at your mercy, they will make sure that they have a well-balanced diet.

What do pet turtles eat

So, if you’ve got a turtle, what should you feed it? The answer depends on the type of species.

Since most of them are omnivores, you can prepare a healthy meal of finely chopped spinach, lettuce, cabbage, and a topping of worms. Don’t worry about the worms; you can get them from any pet store.

Moreover, there are commercial turtle foods in the market. All you have to do is look for the right nutrients and present it to them.

The diet should contain the right amount of proteins, vitamins, calcium, and little fat.


Turtles are a diverse group of reptiles. They have different needs. A herbivore isn’t going to eat meat and vice-versa. So, it is crucial to know them first. Then, you’ll know what they eat or what you have to feed them.


1. What do turtles need to survive?

Other than the food, turtles need the right temperature, sunlight, and clean water to survive.

2. What should you not feed turtles?

For turtles, you should avoid processed foods or any food in excessive amounts. Moreover, you should not feed them dairy products as they are lactose intolerant.