Betta Fish Bubbles | Nest, Making, In Fish Tank

Betta Fish Bubbles means nest-building phenomena, creating clusters of sacs on the tank’s surface for reproduction. Male fish dissipate bubbles via gulping on top of the tank. This symbolizes your betta fish is healthy and energetic.

 Betta fish Bubbles Nest 

Betta Fish Bubbles
Male betta fish stays in these nests

Betta fish bubbles nest also named aphrophilus refers to bubbles formed from air or mucus for mating and reproduction. These nests are considered to be foam-type affection nests for possible breeds.  Male betta fish stays in these nests and await for their prospective females to mate. These nests appear on the top surface of the tank and float beyond as piles of bubbles.
They also make these nests below the buoyant debris, floating litter or waste, and weeds in uncleaned water.
 Infants who hatch are unable to survive instantly. They remain in these bubble nests under the guardian of male betta fish till they are capable of surviving individually. 

 Betta Fish making Bubbles

Betta Fish Bubbles
These bubbles are able to see with a naked eye

Betta fish make bubbles to carry out the breeding process. Male bettas create a bunch of foaming bubbles on the surface of the tank by gulping air. They lubricate these bubbles with saliva to protect them, and also make bonds among the bubbles to store oxygen for eggs and infants. Because these species of fishes are found in shallow water habitats which are poor in oxygen. Sometimes bubbles are also caused by a rapid deficiency in gas air pressure due to an instant mounting of a diver in the water. 

Bubbles in the blood often result in the death of fish. Bubbles also produce in the skin and fins of fish. These bubbles are able to see with a naked eye or one can feel with their fingers by placing them over it. Formation of these type of bubbles is also a sign that the tank comprises an excess of oxygen it.

Bubbles in Betta Fish Tank

Betta Fish Bubbles
This is a natural behavior of fish

Seeing Bubbles in the Betta Fishtank is a natural behavior of fish. Male Bettas make nests by bonding these clusters of bubbles. These nests are used by them for best breeding and mating even these nests play a role in the hatching of the eggs to raising the infants. Male bettas are appreciated as best parents. It also shows a sign that betta fish consider the tank as his territory.
A large amount of protein in the water may also result in bubbles. Bubbles are created by mucus or air.
Male betta fishes have the ability to create bubbles with or without females. So if you see bubbles on the surface of your tank it is not compulsory that these bubbles result after the mating of male and female betta fishes.


Betta fishes are known as the best nest-building species. These nests are actually the clusters of bubbles that are built by the male betta fish. The male bettas remain in them and wait for the female to come and mate. When the female fertilizes eggs male bettas take them within the nests. Eggs will hatch for about 2 to 3 days. The infants or betta fish babies remain in these nests until they become strong enough to survive alone.  Male betta takes care of them until the betta fish babies come out of their nests. These nests are the foaming sacs of love for breeding purposes.


1. Why do betta fish make bubbles?

Betta fish build assemblages of bubbles to make foaming affection nests for their respective mates to breed.

2. Why do betta fish make bubble nests?

Betta fishes make bubble nests for reproduction i.e show their females that they are willing to copulate with them. And after this, they place their eggs and hatch their babies in these nests and raise them as strong adults.

3. Do betta fish like bubbles?

Yes, These fishes like bubbles. Making bubbles on the top surface of the tank symbolizes that your betta fish is healthy and active. It is a natural behavior of fishes to make bubbles. Seeing bubbles in your betta fish tank is a sign that your fish is stress less and you are successful in providing them with a comfortable environment. 

4. How often do you feed a betta fish? 

Betta fish feed criteria directly depend on its size attribute. Betta fish needs to feed twice a day, once at night and once in the morning. Feeding them twice a day is important because some bettas are larger in size and they opt to feed more. Small and young fishes maybe feed only one time a day as per requirements. Babies should also need to be feed twice times a day. The correct portion of food for your betta fish is about 1.8 grams. This is an estimate not exact. It varies according to the size of your fish. 

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