Do Betta Fish Need A Filter? | Best Filter, Types, Costs

Betta fish is a tropical fish mostly found in Asia. They are also called Siamese (fighting fish).They are forced to live in bowls, vases, and small fish tanks for their whole life, further bubble nests are created by male bettas for young ones through their mouths for their protection. Single betta can live easily in a five-gallon tank. Betta fish can survive in low oxygen due to kinesiology in the wild so they can live in harsh conditions. In this article we will give you answer of “Do Betta Fish Need A Filter?”

Why do betta fish need a filter? 

Do Betta Fish Need A Filter
Betta Fish need a filter for clean water

To flourish, do betta fish need a filter? Yes, betta fish need a filter, clean water, and a little assistance from you. The filter is better for your betta and thinks before you choose the tank for your betta because filters require different tank sizes. Dirty water or cold temperature, betta fish can thrive in any atmosphere for a while but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a filter or heater.

Betta Fish Care

Do Betta Fish Need A Filter
This Fish can grow up to 3 inches long

Betta fish lifespan is up to 3 years. Also, you need to know about betta fish care so they can grow up to 3 inches long and can survive more. Now you need to understand more about betta fish care like where do bettas live and their habitat or can these fishes survive without a filter in their tank or bowl, bad water conditions can lead to fin deterioration, infections and can cause death for your betta.

Filters for betta fish

1. Azoo Mignon Filter 60

  • Nano expensive filter for tanks up to 10 gallons
  • Its adaptable flow rate is the best which doesn’t cause strain.
  • You can include a sponge or activated carbon to catch the waste.

2. Rio Mini 50 Internal Power Filter

  •  Mostly used for small tanks up to 4 gallons.
  •  An inner filter is placed standing inside the tank by suction cups.
  • This would be great for tanks that have a hood and an air pump filter.

3. Best filter for 10-gallon betta tank

  • The best filter for a 10-gallon betta tank is Azoo Mignon Filter 60.
  • Surroundings of this type let the betta fish demonstrate normal activity.
  • Bowls are too small for betta fish’s everyday swimming and mauling habits
  • Many other surgeons suggest that betta fish shouldn’t live in bowls rather they should preferably live in a 5-gallon flexible tank.

 Betta fish tank with filter

Do Betta Fish Need A Filter
Fish like betta need filters to reside in the water

Although it may seem like an ominous task, selecting the best betta fish tank with a filter and heater does not have to be tough. For the healthy and cheerful betta fish, you should look for tanks more than 5 gallons in size. There is a folk tale about betta tank setup that they can live in vases or even in tiny bowls that are not true. Here are some key points for a betta fish filter:

  •  Condition of water

In small tanks, the pier of water becomes dirt and scraps more quickly. Repeated water changes and eventually your fish is living in the poisonous water. 

  •  Inversion of water 

Tropical fish like betta need filters to reside in the water of 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This will require a small filter for the betta tank.  Heaters should not be used in fish bowls that are small as the temperature can differ quickly. Bring distress or even death.

  • Span to live and swim

Mandatory equipment like heaters and filters must be inspected when thinking of the space available. In smaller tanks space is used swiftly by other elements. Plants, Decor, and coating will take up more room in a small fishbowl than in a larger aquarium.

  • Is the betta fish filter too strong?

If your betta is fighting to swim then the tide in your tank is too powerful. Still, if the betta has surfaced from a small cup then you should keep the betta fish filter as it is.

Types Of Filters

Do Betta Fish Need A Filter
Betta fish tank and filters is in wide range

There is a wide range of useful betta Fish tank filters. Some of them are given below:

  • Sponge Filter

Betta sponge filters can provide biological and mechanical staining. You can also use it for chemical filtration after some adjustments. Sponge filters can also be used in breeding and quarantine tanks. It can also remove scrap without eliminating the beneficial bacteria.

  • Canister filter

A Betta canister filter is used in your aquarium as an exterior filter below the tank. They are used in larger tanks with more than 30 gallons of water, its strong pressure sends water through multiple filter media then the cleaned water fills up the tank.

  • HOB Filter

Betta Hang on Back (HOB) filters are effective in using a pump to force water through various filtration media. They are semi-submerged, hanging on the back of the tank. They are not much beneficial as betta fishes find it difficult to float with a regular HOB filter.

  • Under gravel Filters

Betta Under gravel filter uses mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration to filter waste pollutants from your tank. They are mainly designed for 40 to 50 Gallons of fish tanks. It is the size of a plastic plate that covers the bottom of the tank, set aside a layer of gravel to be hanging above a water-filled space. 

  •  Corner Filters

Betta Corner filter drives on the fundamentals of an “airlift”. A stream of bubbles moving up a tube further pushes water up with it. Water flows inside the top, surfaces, or bottom vents of the filter to hold its position. Water passes through filter media as it flows through it.

  • Internal Power Filters

Betta Internal Power filters extract water on the lowest of the filter, carry it through an unrefined sponge that catches waste. This moocher holds bacteria that grows in the contaminated oxygenated water passing through. They change ammonia to nitrite, and nitrite into nitrate.

Best filter for betta fish

Do Betta Fish Need A Filter
Other betta fish bowl filters can be used too.

As mentioned above Azoo Mignon Filter 60 is the best filter for betta tank setup. Further, other betta fish bowl filters can be used too. Like 

  • Penn-Plax fishbowl filter kit
  • Pann-Plax small world filter kit.

Cost of a betta fish tank

Do Betta Fish Need A Filter
Betta fish tank is different prices

The fish tank’s price is as much as you are ready to spend. Aquarium costs more than 50 USD it is safe to assume a betta fish startup will be 100 USD.


Betta’s need a filter for their long and healthy life, these fishes can live without a filter for some time but it will narrow their life duration and can damage their quality of life. Filters in aquariums can keep the water from getting dirty and cloudy, they destroy any menacing substances either they are chemical or physical. Without the filter, water needs to be changed every once in a while, or it will cause strain to your betta and terminate any helpful bacteria in your tank to grow. There are many types of filters like Azoo Mignon Filter 60 and Rio Mini 50 Internal Power Filter each of them has their pros and cons. While pickling a filter for your betta tank setup find one that is easy to clean, maintain, and does not cause powerful currents.


1. Do bettas need a filter?

Yes, they need a filter. The main reason for the filter is to stop the build-up of ammonia nitrates. A filter can also protect your betta from chemicals, feces, and other rotten food. Standing water can take in carbon dioxide and can infect the tank’s PH level, so the filter protects against it by maintaining PH levels.

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