How Long do Goldfish Live? Original Facts and Figures

Goldfish is the ideal first choice pet for a bowl. Moreover, if you haven’t had a fish yet, people will tell you to start with the goldfish. Have you ever wondered how long do goldfish live? Why should you start with them?

Apparently, they require little to no attention, take up a lot less space, and naturally, they die sooner.

However, they do need attention and care. The only reason to start with goldfish is that you don’t need much space. Nonetheless, goldfish can live for a few years to decades.

So, without further ado, let’s find out the truth!

How long do goldfish live in a bowl

A bowl is not the best place for a goldfish. Nonetheless, it can be if you set the conditions right. In nature, the goldfish can grow up to one foot. However, the same goldfish will grow up to half of that in a bowl.

The stunted growth doesn’t favor the lifespan of the goldfish. So, even if you give your best, there isn’t much space for the goldfish to move and grow.

The most you can see of your goldfish in a bowl is between 2 and 5 years. If you want to see them grow older and bigger, move them to a larger tank.

How long do goldfish live in a pond

Goldfishes are famous for having a short life, and it is valid for the ones in a bowl. However, goldfish can live for long in a pond.

Nonetheless, food and water quality are crucial in the ponds as much as it is in a bowl. You can expect a minimum of 6 years, but the goldfish in a favorable pond can live up to 25 years or more!

Until now, the world record for the oldest goldfish is 43 years. Although your goldfish might not live for that long, with the right diet, adequate space, and good-quality water can live for long years.

How long do goldfish live without food

How long do goldfish live without food

We do not encourage starving your goldfish at all. However, there can be times when you have to go for a picnic or a work trip. During that time, what if there’s no one to feed them?

Most goldfish can survive without eating for a week or two. So, if you plan on going out for a more extended period, then please ask someone to feed your goldfish.

How long do fantail goldfish live

Again, the lifespan of goldfish or any other fish depends on your hospitality. It’s simple. You take good care of them, and they live for long.

This theory holds for the fantail goldfish as well. So, if you keep the conditions right in a tank, you can expect a fantail goldfish to live for 10 years or more. Meanwhile, the ones in the ponds can live up to 20 years.


To sum it up, this fish can live as long as you take good care of it. They grow better and live longer in tanks and ponds than they do in a bowl.

Therefore, if you wish to see a goldfish live for 10-20 years, put it in a pond or a large tank and feed them well. Otherwise, they’ll only live to see a couple of years.


1. How big do fantail goldfish grow?

Usually, the fantail goldfish grows 6 inches long.

2. Can goldfish live in a bowl without a filter?

Yes, it can live in a bowl without a filter. However, it will negatively impact lifespan.

3. How big do goldfish get in a pond?

They can grow up to a foot in a pond.

4. How long can goldfish live without water?

A goldfish can survive for a couple of hours outside the water. However, sometimes, it can be more than that.

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