Turtle Eye Infection | Problems And Related Treatments

Eye infection is common in a turtle’s life. Turtles’ runny eyes could be a sign of infection and create irritation or injury. Infected turtles continuously rub and scratch their eyes. If your turtle is doing it, take him to the veterinarian and give him medications as soon as possible.

Turtle Eye Infection

The major symptoms of eye infection are swollen eyelids and puffiness. Turtle eye infection is common in the turtle community but in some cases, it’s dangerous for turtles.

A dirty environment, polluted water and unmoisturized eyes are the main causes of eye infections. These Infections directly attack the respiratory system which is very harmful. 

Turtle Eyes Swollen Shut

Swollen eyes are a common issue for turtle species. Puffy and swollen eyes are dangerous for turtle health. Swollen eyes cause turtles to become blind permanently and can make it difficult for them to find their feed. If the turtle is not feeding or has swollen eyes shut too long they will die. 

Swelling of the eyelids is a sign of vitamin A deficiency. Eye infections can also destroy turtle respiratory systems. The respiratory infection eventually kills your turtle. Swollen eyes and hibernation are familiar symptoms of Vitamin A.

Turtle Eye Infection Treatment

Turtle Eye Infection Treatment
Swollen eyelids and bacterial eye infection are 2 types of problems in turtles

Turtles can face 2 types of problems: swollen eyelids and bacterial eye infection. Infected eyes can blind turtles and can be irritating. 

If your turtle has an eye infection you need to take it seriously and solve their problem as quickly as possible. Firstly to avoid the problem, eye drops are the best option for infected turtles. Ear abscesses can be treated surgically. Antibiotics and injection are also good options for infected turtles. Box Turtle requires great care so keeping box turtle is not an easy job to do.

Baby Turtle Eyes Closed

Baby turtle eyes closed may mean they are weak and not mature enough to open their eyes. Infected baby turtles twitching their head continuously.

You need the help of a professional vet because baby turtles are too sensitive. Eye puffiness and water discharge can bother the baby turtle. 

 Turtle Eye Drops

 Turtle Eye Drops
This eye drop is helpful for all aquatic turtles.

If your turtle eye is watery and puffy then eye drops are the best option for the turtle. Use gently, Taiyo turtle eye drops for minor eye issues and clean inflamed eyes. This eye drop is helpful for all aquatic turtles. Apply 1 or 2 drops per eye each day for 1 week for closed eyes turtles.

 Turtle Eye Care

  •  Must clean their tank regularly and provide chlorine-free fresh water.
  •  Maintain their diet which is full of vitamin A deficiency.
  • Chlorinate water is dangerous for turtle health. Its higher concentrations can cause an infected eye so be careful.
  •  Vitamin A supplementation is very necessary for a turtle’s health.
  • Keep Soft Shell Turtle water clean and sweet

Turtle puffy eyes

Turtle puffy eyes
Bad water conditions can cause puffiness in the eyes.

Bad water conditions can cause puffiness in the eyes. Turtle eyes may be slightly irritated from the water. Aquatic turtles can solve this issue itself within 2 to 3 days. If their swollen eyes shut too long, then you should have to take it seriously.

Your infected turtle avoided eating the food until the problem was solved.

Turtle Swollen Eyes Treatment

If you feel your turtles’ eyes are swollen so you can apply a cold compress. Turtles with big eyes can blind permanently, a cold compress can help decrease swelling, puffiness, and red-eye irritation. Antibiotics and injections are best for the recovery of infected turtles.

Taiyo eye turtle drop and Vitamin A deficiency can reduce the swelling. Vitamin A deficiency shows inappropriate nutrition. Cucumber slices massage can decrease their puffiness. Snapping Turtle Fact is the shell comes in a set of dark colors.


Turtle eye infection is not a big issue but it’s not good for a turtle . When your turtle looks lazy and does not eat, it’s a major sign of infection.  If you feel your turtle eyes are red then solve their issue as quickly as possible. Chlorine water can destroy your turtle life and can blind them permanently. Change tank water regularly and maintain their diet rich in vitamin A.

In some cases, the turtle has a respiratory infection and ear abscesses can also lead to eye closed and swelling. Antibiotics, injections and drops can reduce their swelling and puffiness quickly.


1. Can we use human eye drops on my turtle?

Simply no, because it’s not good for turtles. Human eyes are different from turtles. Human eye drops will not work effectively for infected turtles. You can apply Taiyon eye turtle drop for infected turtles.

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