Florida White Rabbit Breeders

A breeder named Judge Orville wanted to produce a rabbit with all-purpose. That means the rabbit must be worthy, have a great coat, provides the right amount of meat, and has all the qualities of an excellent pet. Thus it was produced in the 1860s by the matting of Albino Dutch with New Zealand white rabbit.

However, the ARBA accepted Florida White Rabbit Breeders in 1967. After ten years of its recognition, the Florida white rabbit won first prize in a show at ARBA. It is a small rabbit with a round body and short neck. It has a well-developed body with thick ears standing upright.

Florida White Breeders

Florida White Breeders
This rabbit is best in shows almost every year

The first breeder of Florida White “Rabbit Breeds” was Judge Orville, mainly developing this breed for commercial as well as domestic use. However, now there are so many breeders of this rabbit around the globe. This rabbit is best in shows almost every year.

That’s why the passionate breeders working round the clock to increase this type specifically. These bunnies can live in any weather condition comfortably. They are the best mothers, great pets, and perfect for shows.

How Much Is A Florida White Rabbit?

The cost of this rabbit is different in some states. But the average price starts at $25.

Florida White Rabbit Info

Florida White Rabbit Info
This is the mini rabbit with a small round body and upright ears

This is the Mini Rabbit with a small round body and upright ears. Their body muscles are entirely developed, and the hind part is quite wider as compared to the shoulders. It comes with short yet soft fur that does not tend to shed so much. This bunny only comes in white color with bright red hue eyes. It does not have any marking or pattern in the body.

It was mainly created for commercial purposes. They are not likely to develop any specific disease, but one has to take all the preventive measures for the sake of safety. It makes a wonderful pet due to its quiet and gentle nature. This rabbit mainly depends on their owners, so it’s up to you whether you make them social or not.

How do Big Do Florida White Rabbits get?

The average weight of these rabbits is 4-6 pounds. But the few pounds could increase in some bunnies if they get adequate care and a healthy diet.

How Long Do Florida Rabbits Live?

The average lifespan of this rabbit is 5-8 years. And Mini Plush Lop lifespan reaches above 12 to 14 years.

How Much Does A Florida Rabbit Costs?

These rabbits’ costs range from $25 to $100. However, the price mainly depends on the state you belong to.

Florida White Rabbit Facts

Florida White Rabbit Facts
They are docile, friendly, and relaxed in nature

Here are the few facts about this adorable bunny:

  • They are docile, friendly, and relaxed in nature.
  • These rabbits are versatile, so they can comfortably live in any weather.
  • This bunny has a calm temperament.
  • Their body has complete muscles with excellent bone and makes good meat to bone ratio.
  • Florida White Rabbit can produce 6-8 kits per litter.
  • It was mainly raised for meat purposes.
  • It comes only in white color.

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