How Long Do Rabbits Live In Forests, Grasslands, Wetlands & Meadows

Rabbits are the small family of mammals. Same like other animals, Rabbit does have a lifespan. Mainly their life depends on their quality of life. If you get a rabbit as a pet, make sure to provide them with adequate care; otherwise, you’ll end up losing your pet. Furthermore, the lifespan of every kind of Rabbit is somehow varied. Moreover the lifespan of rabbits are quite different from cats and dogs. Well, most of the people who have Rabbit as a pet come up with the question How long do rabbits live? The answer is simple, and it depends on the quality of care you provide.

How Long Do Rabbits Live?

Feed plays a vital role, and their lifespan mainly depends on it. The average lifespan of domestic Rabbit or pet rabbit is more than the wild ones. The lifespan of every breed of Rabbit is different. Some live for few years while some of them live for just 3-4 years. These days due to the awareness of veterinarians the Rabbit live longer. You may be thinking how? Well mostly rabbits deals with the severe disease and end up dying due to the disease attack. But now the availability of veterinarian brings treatment for the life-threatening illnesses. To increase the lifespan of Rabbit, all you need to provide them adequately:

  1. Food.
  2. Place to live.
  3. Veterinary care.
  4. Things to play.
  5. Mental refreshments.

There are so many reasons behind rabbits death like predators attack, but the common cause of their death Is GIT related diseases. If you’ve got a pet rabbit, make sure to provide them with good food. There is so many pet shops where the Rabbits For Sale is available. Don’t forget to check their health before purchasing them.

Where Do Rabbits Live?

Rabbit has a habit of living in holes and tunnels. They find this place safe to hide from hunting. Rabbit love to live in colonies or groups. They dug the grounds to make a place of their living. In the forest, the rabbits live together in tunnels which are called burrow. Group of these burrows make a warren where mother place their newly born baby rabbit. While the pet rabbit lives in a cage.

Hunters Trap Rabbit that’s why they make their home underground to stay safe.

The living area of Rabbit changes seasonally. In winter they find a place that is warm to protect themselves from cold. While in summers they go for some cold environment. Thus the habitat of Rabbit changes with the season. Here are the places where you can find Rabbit:

  1. Woods.
  2. Forests.
  3. Grasslands.
  4. Wetlands.
  5. Meadows.
  6. Deserts.

How Long Do Pet Rabbits Live?

If you provide enough care and every basic necessity to your pet rabbit, then they will live for almost 8-12 years. Some breeds of Rabbit may live longer than this.

Every breed has its lifespan, and it has been proved that extensive breed lifespan is shorter than the smaller ones.

How Long Do Rabbits Live As A Pet?

If you have a rabbit as a pet, then all you need to do is give them care. Make sure to provide your pet with healthy food and an attractive place to live. Their housing, food, and mental refreshment all these things play a role in their longevity. One thing more if you keep your Rabbit save from predators, then your pet may live longer. The average lifespan of Rabbit as a pet is 8-12 years almost.

How Long Do Rabbits Live In Captivity?

It has been said that pet rabbit lives longer than others. The reason behind this is good food, safe place to live, no risk of predators, no disease attacks and peace of mind. The lifespan of rabbits in captivity is 8-12 years, and it could increase depends on the level of care you provide.

How Long Do Wild Rabbits Live?

The lifespan of wild rabbits is shorter than the domestic ones. As the lifespan of rabbits mainly depends on the food, shelter, climate, safety and the domestic Rabbit get all of it in one place. Furthermore, the wild Rabbit is at risk of having disease, predators, or hunters attack and whatnot. Due to the inadequate food and shelter their lifespan is shorter than the pet rabbit. Well, the average lifespan of wild Rabbit is nine years.

How Long Do Domestic Rabbits Live?

Same like other pets, Rabbit also has some requirements, mainly nutritional needs. One has to fulfil their dietary requirement daily to increase their longevity. If you provide them with bad quality food with the stained area to live, then it will directly affect their health and decrease the lifespan. Along with the right diet and housing, the other important thing is companionship. One has to provide them companion along with the mental refreshment to keep them happy.

Don’t forget to go for vaccinations timely to keep your pet safe. The average lifespan of a domestic rabbit is between 8-12 years. More the care provided more will be the lifespan.

How Long Do Dwarf Rabbits Live?

The smallest dwarf rabbit breed found in the Netherlands. Their weight is less than the other races. We have said earlier in the article that shorter the breed longer the lifespan. Thus the lifespan of dwarf Rabbit is 10-12 years.

How Long Do Lionhead Rabbits Live?

How Long Do Lionhead Rabbits Live

These rabbits need more care and attention. If you provide them with proper care, they can live for ten years. Their average lifespan is from 7-10 years. Fulfilling their particular needs will increase their longevity. Same like the lionhead rabbit, Feeder Rabbits also live for 7-10 years.

How Long Do Jack Rabbits Live?

Jackrabbit has a different lifespan as a pet and wild. They are hares, but due to their long ears, they got the name of jackrabbits. The average lifespan of a jackrabbit is eight years. The wild jackrabbit could live for 5-6 years.

How Long Do Mini Rex Rabbits Live?

Despite the lifespan duration, the longevity of rabbits depends on care and diet. Well, the average lifespan of Mini Rex Rabbit is ten years.

How Long Do House Rabbits Live?

The average lifespan of a house rabbit is 10-12 years.

Can Rabbits And Guinea Pigs Live Together?

Can Rabbits And Guinea Pigs Live Together

Rabbits and guinea pigs are two different animals. They can’t live happily with each other. No doubt a rabbit needs a companion to live happily in a cage, but that does not mean put the Rabbit with a guinea pig in a cage. The Rabbit can live happily with a rabbit companion, and the same goes for the guinea pigs. A guinea pig will live comfortably with another guinea pig rather than a rabbit.


Can We Get Rabbit For Sale At PetSmart?

Yes, PetSmart has a variety of collection of rabbits.

Which Is The Suitable Place To Keep Rabbit?

If you want to keep your pet rabbit safe, then make their home inside the house.

Can A Rabbit Stay Alone At Home?

You can leave a pet rabbit alone at home for almost two days but not more than that. Make sure to place their food in their living area so that they won’t feel hungry.

How To Hold A Rabbit?

How To Hold A Rabbit

Hold them gently with firm support. Don’t be cruel.

Do Rabbit Smell Bad If We Make Their Home Inside?

There is no evidence of rabbits smelling bad. But if you provide them with improper care, then it might cause bad smell in rabbits.

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