Mini Satin Rabbits | Characteristics, Facts, Breeders, Prices

Mini Satin Rabbits has an exquisite satin coat and a distinctive personality! They are the smallest size version resembling their young Standard satin rabbit. They make excellent pets for many people, including families with children.

Mini satin rabbit Characteristics 

Mini satin rabbit Characteristics 
Never bathe the mini satin rabbit

  • Size

Mini satin rabbits possess a dense body that usually reaches about 3 to 4.5 lbs in weight. 

  • Coat

The Mini Satin Rabbit jacket has a beautiful, shiny coat, which is especially attractive in performances. Their satin coat is the outcome of a simple recessive mutation in genes that reduces the diameter of the hair shaft and produces a translucent coat. 

It does not require a lot of maintenance to keep the coat on top. Brushing with a sliding brush every two weeks is sufficient. Never bathe the mini satin rabbit, but clean it with damp clothes. 

  • Life span

Mini satin rabbit has an average life of 5 to 8 years. But, if they are kept in captivity and with extraordinary care they can live for 12 years, but this is so rare.

  • Height and weight 

The mini satin rabbit is the epitome of small and medium-sized, with a compact body, once fully grown, weighs about 3 to 4.5 pounds.

  •  Colors 

When it comes to satin mini rabbits, ARBA has accepted many varieties of colors. There may also be a broken thread pattern on their coat, which can be any color or a combination of color and white. These rabbits have been bred by many enthusiasts because of their unique compact appearance and outgoing personality.

These mini satin rabbits are found in these colors:

  • Red-Eyed-White 
  • Red
  • Chinchilla
  • Opal
  • Siamese

Mini satin Rabbits facts

Mini satin Rabbits facts
Mini Satin Rabbits like each other’s company.

  • Temperament

Mini saint rabbits spend most of their time jumping and playing. These rabbits can bite and eat anything while playing outside, so an eye should be kept on these rabbits when they are out of the cage.  Mini satin is a social animal. 

If you put them in pairs, they will be very happy. Pairs of rabbits form an inseparable bond with each other. They like each other’s company.

One should take care of the privacy and personal space of rabbits, if they become scared they may bite.

  • Health

Unlike some breeds of rabbits, mini satin rabbits are not susceptible to any special health problems, such as wool clogging. However, they can be just as susceptible to many of the same health problems as other rabbits.

Due to weather changes, this cutest mini package may encounter different health problems. They may be vulnerable to ear mites and flies. If they accidentally fall, they will also suffer from back problems.

  • Diet

The exact number of mini satin bunnies to feed should be based on the rabbit age and activeness level. As small rabbits, they will not need as much food as a large rabbit, so you should monitor their weight to ensure that they do not become obese.

The major part of the rabbit’s diet should consist of pellets or bales of hay. The rest of your daily diet should include fresh vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, kale, and broccoli. You can also provide a small amount of fruit every week, such as bananas, strawberries, and cantaloupe.

  • Exercise

The rabbit runs two to three miles per day. Exercise is very important to keep rabbits healthy and active. The mini satin bunny does not need as much exercise as the big bunny. 

However, this does not mean that they need to stay in the kitchen all day. Give them space to move, otherwise, they will feel bored and disrupted without exercise, which will shorten their life expectancy.

Mini satin rabbits habitat conditions

Mini satin rabbits habitat conditions
Mini satin rabbit cage must be large

The habitat settings and conditions of the satin mini rabbits should be carefully monitored every day to ensure that all the needs of the animals are met. The mini saint rabbits cage must be made of such wire which is comfortable. 

The playing and jumping cage must be large, so the rabbits can jump. The floor of the mini satin rabbit cage should be covered with some type of bedding to keep it comfortable and absorb moisture. 

Mini satin rabbits cannot cope with extreme temperatures well, no matter high or low temperature. If the outside temperature is lower than 50 degrees or higher than 85 degrees during the day or night of the year, they must live indoors.

Mini satin rabbit breeders

You should buy mini satin rabbits from the organizations which are certified by ARBA and they must be without any fault and defect. The recorder determines that the rabbits are a good and healthy breed. You should buy rabbits from trusted sellers who can help you answer any questions and guarantee sales.

Organizations that help rabbit lovers include:

  •  American Rabbit breed
  •  American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Club
  •  Chinchilla Americans  Rabbit Breeders Association

Mini satin rabbit price

Mini satin rabbit price
The starting price for purebred rabbits appears to be very low

The price of mini satin bunnies ranges from $50 to $150, depending on where you get them. When buying one of these rabbits, it is always important to work with a reputable breed or pet store. Although the starting price for purebred rabbits appears to be very low, the following activities will increase the cost:

  • Specialized feed 
  • Wide utensils
  • neutralize
  • Promote and vaccinate every year
  • Pet insurance
  • Ongoing dental care


Mini Satin rabbits are much smaller in size; they have many of the same characteristics as Standard Satin rabbits. The mini satin bunny is cute, and their care is easy which makes them a good pet for families. 

These satin rabbits require grooming like other pets. When interacting with them, they also need a comfortable hand. Mini Satins can be a good companion with very little care and hygiene. If you don’t have much time, please place them in pairs and they will be the happiest pets.


1. How big do mini satin rabbits get?

They are short, round, and possess a full, round head. According to breed standards, the ears should not exceed 3.5 inches in length.

2. What are satin rabbits used for?

As a commercial product, they also participated in meat competitions such as meat and deep fryer. However, these do not only show animals. They are truly versatile varieties.  They are multi-purpose nourished to supply meat for the family table.

3. What do mini satin rabbits eat?

Mini satins are herbivores. A main portion of their food depends upon  hay mostly. But at home, they can eat rabbit food, nuts, a large variety of vegetables and fruits , and seeds.

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