Polish Rabbit Breeders

The polish rabbit has its origin in England, not in Poland. These rabbit breeds don’t carry the dwarf gene but are known as one of the smallest known rabbit breeds. The scientific name of these breeds is Oryctolagus cuniculus. In addition to this, these rabbit breeds were developed by the selective crossing between the Dutch and the Himalayan rabbit. The breeds were originally created for meat purposes, but people started to use them as pets and animal shows also. There are many kinds of these breeds, but we are going to discuss only a few of them here.

Polish rabbit breeders

Polish rabbit breeders
this kind of rabbit use to fulfil meat purposes

The Polish breeders breed these kinds of “Rabbit Breeds” to fulfil their meat purposes and also to earn money. A lot of the breeders throughout the world are doing their business using these attractive rabbit breeds. Different kinds of breeds are bred here, but some of them are described as follows:

  • Polish dwarf rabbit:

The polish dwarf rabbits are the smallest rabbit breeds rather than having a dwarfing gene. These rabbit breeds have a compact body with a rounded head. People usually confuse these rabbit breeds with the Nether land dwarf rabbits, but there is a slight difference here. These types of Polish breeds are slightly larger than the Nether land dwarf rabbits; therefore, they are called the second smallest known rabbit breeds. 

  • Black polish rabbit:

Many different colors of the breeds are present, but the Black polish rabbits have their own beauty. These new kinds of rabbit breeds have short ears and head with large eyes and full cheeks. In addition to this, these breeds weigh 0.9kgs only. These pure black-colored breeds are used for different exhibitions and take the attention of many people around the world.

  • American polish rabbit:

These kinds of breeds are known to have been originated from Britain. These rabbit breeds have a compact and rounded body with beautiful bold eyes. They weigh 1.1kgs only. The American polish rabbit breeds are created from the crossing of many of the mixed rabbit breeds. 

  • Blue polish rabbit:

The Blue polish rabbit breeds are very smart, intelligent, gentle, and attractive breeds. The beautiful color of their body with the expressive blue bold eyes attracts people a lot. These types of breeds can be used as pets also, because of their loving nature. 

  • Chocolate polish rabbit:

These types of breeds are small bunnies with the dark brown-colored eyes. They also weigh only 2 pounds, which makes them different from the other rabbits. In contrast to this, the Chocolate rabbit breeds are very loving, well-behaved, and are of good personality. Their personality makes them different from other breeds.

  • Polish rex rabbit:

The Polish rabbit breeds have a unique type in them, which is the Polish rex rabbit. These kinds of rabbit breeds are also very cute and loving breeds, and people love to use them as their pets. Instead of this, these are the medium-sized rabbit breeds.

Polish rabbit size

Polish rabbit size
their size depends on a good diet and proper care

These breeds are small-sized rabbit breeds with a low temperament. The standard size of these breeds is about 1.1kgs, but some of them weigh 1.58kgs also. However, their size and weight can be increased by providing them with a good diet and proper care. The Polish rabbit breeds generally have a small solid body with a short head and small ears. These kinds of rabbit breeds are of dwarf-sized. But they cannot be called the dwarf rabbits, because they don’t contain the dwarfing gene. 

Polish rabbit colors

The breeds have different colors, but only six of them are recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association. These six colors include Blue-eyed white, chocolate, Black, blue, Ruby-eyed white, and a broken pattern i.e., a mixture of any color with the white color. These different-colored rabbit breeds have become the attention of many people, and people love to play with them.

American polish rabbit club

The American polish club clearly tells us about the characteristics of these new rabbit breeds. According to APRC (American polish rabbit club), these new breeds are of small size with small ears, and a short head. This club also gives some information about the colors recognized by the ARBC (American Rabbit Breeders’ Association). In addition to this, the members of this club have won an award from the contest named “Sweepstakes contest.” Also, a newsletter named The Little Aristocrat is published by these members.

Polish rabbit for sale

Polish rabbit for sale
Polish rabbit cost almost 50$

The Polish breeds usually cost 50 dollars only. But, this price can be increased depending upon their quality and pedigree. Different breeders have different food sources for these rabbit breeds, but providing them with a good diet will keep them healthy. In addition to this, different polish dwarf rabbits for sale are also present in many pet stores. People buy them at different cost prices. Also, these dwarf  rabbit breeds attract people a lot with their beautiful red and blue eyes.


As we discussed earlier, the Polish breeds are the second smallest rabbit breeds with a light-weight body. Proper care and attention are required for making their pedigree good. These cute rabbit breeds, because of their intelligence and loving nature are used as pets by different people around the world. Therefore, keeping in mind all these characteristics, we must take care of these rabbit breeds to make them more useful.


Different questions about these polish breeds arise in the minds of people. Here, we are going to answer the following questions:

1. Are polish rabbits good pets?

Because of the cute and loving nature of these breeds, they make good pets. They are safe to be used as pets even for the children, and can be trained easily; if handled properly. Otherwise, they will become aggressive.

2. What colors do polish rabbits come in?

There are only six colors of the polish breeds that are recognized by ARBC. These colors are Black, blue, broken pattern, i.e., a mixture of any color with white, Blue-eyed white, Ruby-eyed white, and chocolate.

3. What are polished rabbits used for?

These breeds were originally developed for meat purposes, but they are currently used as pets, fancy exhibition breed, and as show animals also.

4. How long are polish rabbits pregnant?

Like the other rabbit breeds, these rabbit breeds have a short pregnancy period, which is 31 to 32 days. But, the doe sometimes gives birth either on the 29th day or on the 35th day of pregnancy.

5. How big is a polish rabbit?

The polish breeds are the second smallest rabbit breeds and are not so big. Therefore, they can be handled easily due to their small size.

6. How much a polish rabbit weigh?

They are not so heavy and usually weigh 1.1kgs in the case of females and 1.6kgs in the case of males. However, giving them a proper diet can maintain their weight.

7. What type of fur does a polish rabbit have?

In contrast to other rabbit breeds, these rabbit breeds have soft, short, and flyback fur, i.e. having the ability to fly back into the position when not brushed in the right way.

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