Dominique Chicken Breed, Facts, Sale, Rooster Vs. Hen

Dominique Chicken is also known as Pilgrim Fowl, originated from the US in the colonial period. Dominique Chicken Breed is one of the oldest chickens brought to New England during colonial times. It is a multipurpose chicken use for fur, meat, eggs, and as a pet. Read the article to know more about this oldest chicken breed.

Dominique Rooster Vs. Hen

Dominique Rooster Vs. Hen
Dominique Chicken has a short and well-curved beak.

Hens are darker in color as compared to the roosters. The rooster is lighter due to the white bars on their skin than the dark patches. However, rooster means male, and hen means female.

Dominique Chicken Eggs

Dominique Chicken Eggs are medium-sized eggs and can lay 4 eggs per week and 230 to 270 eggs per year. The Dominique Chicken Egg Color is brown. Due to the auto-sexing feature, their chicks can easily distinguish. However, the males have orange legs while females have brownish legs. Their hens are known to be a good mother.

Dominique Chicken Breed

This is the medium-sized Dominique chicken breed with black and white feathers good enough to protect them during cold winters. They come with a broad body and long tail upright feathers. Furthermore, the chicken has round breasts and large wings. Their legs are stout and short and four toes on each foot.

If we talk about their nature, these chickens are gentle, friendly, and calm in nature. They mostly follow you for treats and gather around your feet for cuddles not to step on them. Moreover, the average weight of a female chicken is 5 pounds, and male is 7 pounds. It is undoubtedly a good choice for the family due to the docile nature and non-aggressive behavior.

Dominique Chicken For Sale

These calm chickens are undoubtedly the oldest one but can be found at various bird stores, mainly in the US. You can also order them online at different websites, including,,, etc.

Dominique Chicken Facts

Here are the facts of this amazing hen:

  • It is the oldest American chicken breed.
  • The comb of this chicken breed is straight-on and not too large.
  • It has a short and well-curved beak.
  • This is a dual-purpose chicken best for egg production and provides quality meat.
  • Their nature is calm and docile.
  • The exact origin of this chicken is not known yet.
  • This breed is often confused with the barred rock that has straight comb but darker marking.
  • Without any doubt, in the past, the feathers of this chicken were used in a pillowcase.
  • The name of this chicken has a French origin.

Dominique Vs. Barred Rock

Dominique Vs. Barred Rock
Dominique hens are more gentle as compared to the barred

Dominique Vs. Barred Rock is the old confusion that has not been solved yet. The most prominent difference between these two chicken breeds is their comb. Dominique chicken contains a rose comb with upturned spike while barred rock has a single comb. Furthermore, the Dominique barring is not black yet not white but staggered while barred rock has sharp black and white barring. Dominique hens are more gentle and refined as compared to the barred. Similarly, Dominique’s carriage is upright as compared to the barred.

Dominique Baby Chicks

The baby Dominique chicken contains whitish head spots. However, females have a small white spot, but males have a diffused white spot. Moreover, the female chick has brown legs while the male has yellowish-orange legs. They stay with their mothers up to the age of maturity. Furthermore, the Dominique females are, no doubt, a good mother.


1. Are Dominique chicken good layers?

They have great layers, calm, and docile nature. These chickens can lay eggs even till the age of 7 years. However, it depends on the care you provide to them.

2. What is the difference between a barred rock and Dominique?

The most noticeable difference between these two chicken breeds is the comb color and style. Barred rock has a single comb while the Dominique has a red rose upturned spike comb.

3. What are Dominique chickens good for?

These chickens are good for fur, meat, eggs, and you can keep them as a pet too.

4. Are Dominique chickens broody?

Yes, the Dominique chickens mostly go broody and make good mothers.


It is the American old chicken breed with a calm and friendly nature. Due to the super amazing nature, people prefer them to keep as a pet. Moreover, they are America’s first chicken breed with high-quality meat and fluffy body. These are the medium-sized chicken with black and white marking, but a red rose comb. Their average life span is 8 to 12 years.

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