Hamburg Chicken Breeds, Facts, Images and All Information

Hamburg Chicken is a small-medium sized chicken with the 2-2.5kg weight. This Hamburg chicken originated in Holland before the 14th century. However, Hamburg is considered the plucky little member of the chicken breed that first appeared in the 19th century at a pub.

Before this chicken got its official name, Hamburg chicken was recognized with a variety of names. People used to call it pheasants or pheasant fowl. It is considered as the prolific layer chicken that hardly goes down in production.

Hamburg Chicken Breeds

Hamburg Chicken Breeds
It is a popular breed due to the beautiful looks

This chicken has slender legs with a neat rose comb. However, the comb size of cock is 16 mm while the hen is 15 mm. It comes in a variety of colors. Moreover, the chicken has developed for the production type of poultry, including eggs.

Blue Hamburg Chicken

Blue Hamburg chicken is the rarest breed.  It has blue in color with a round appearance. However, the chicken has broad bodies and is fully covered with feathers. This chicken has lost popularity in the late 19th century. They have a small size, white earlobes, and blue legs. However, no doubt, this bird is delicate and graceful.

Golden Hamburg Chicken

This breed is the smallest one with a weight of 4 to 5 pounds. It is a stunning bird with beautiful laced plumage and a neat rose comb. These birds have good egg layers and have high fertility rates.

Silver spangled Hamburg chicken

Silver spangled Hamburg Chicken is a small yet active bird with a beautiful feather and color combination. Moreover, this bird is excellent foragers with an egg production of 200-255 medium-sized per year.

However, these chickens are not generally used for meat production. It has an active chicken and cheerful looks.

Hamburg Chicken Facts

Hamburg Chicken Facts
This bird is not appropriate for meat production

Following are the Hamburg chicken facts:

  • This chicken has a short and dark Hornbeak with the neck fully covered with feathers.
  • It is a popular breed due to the beautiful looks.
  • They are excellent foragers with a good production level.
  • It has a compact body but wide yet flat shoulders.
  • Their tails are long, sweeping with the large wings.
  • It comes in 10 varieties.
  • The Hamburg chicken has the capability to lay more eggs than the largest breeds.
  • Due to the high Hamburg chicken egg production, it is considered as everyday layers.
  • The Hamburg chicken egg color is white.
  • This bird is not appropriate for meat production due to grayish-white skin.

Hamburg Chicken For Sale

Multiple sites offer this bird at excellent rates. However, you can also buy them from the nearby bird stores. The websites that offer Hamburg chicken for sale are,,, etc.


1. How many eggs do Hamburg chickens lay?

This chicken has the capability to lay 200 eggs per year.

2. What color egg do Hamburg chickens lay?

The Hamburg chicken has the prolific egg layers that can lay small white eggs.

3. What color eggs do silver spangled Hamburg lay?

This chicken can lay white colored eggs.

4. What is the best tasting meat chicken?

The Breese breed is famous for being the best chicken breed to produce excellent meat, which is quite tender.


It is a short breed but with excellent egg production. However, this chicken can lay white eggs despite their colorful bodies but not good for meat production. This is one of the popular breeds due to the beautiful appearance and available online and in bird stores.

Moreover, their average lifespan is 8-10 years. Due to their graceful look and docile nature, people love to keep them as a pet and egg production.

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