Albino Cockatiel Breeding, Behave, Food, Care & Lifespan

Albino Cockatiel

Albino cockatiels is a very beautiful parrot. As the name albino cockatiel which means lacking all pigments. Actually, it is not a cockatiel mutation although it is the color variation of cockatiel parrots.

Albino cockatiels are white color cockatiel parrots with red eyes. Often albino cockatiels have yellow plumage because it is the breeding of two cockatiel mutations, lutino and white-faced cockatiel parrots.

As every cockatiel lover wants to know the albino cockatiel appearance. So we will give you a brief description of the albino cockatiel appearance to illustrate the lutino cockatiel mutations.

Albino Cockatiel

Albino Cockatiel
Albino Cockatiel

In this article

We will get to know about Albino Cockatiel Breeding along with the differentiation between albino cockatiel male or female. Albino cockatiel health problems should be discussed in an easy manner.

Do not worry about the diet of albino cockatiel because Care and feeding of albino cockatiel will be clearly discussed in this article.

Birds cage accessories which will require for bird cages likewise bird perches, birds swing and DIY bird toys will be considered.

Appearance of Albino Cockatiel

Appearance of Albino Cockatiel
Appearance of Albino Cockatiel

Albino cockatiel parrots have completely white feather appearance but their body is not fully white. As they have clear, bright and deep red eyes.

Whiteface Lutino cockatiels seem clear white at hatching but have bright red eyes like a Lutino. Their full body plus their feet and toe-nails are free of any color.

The cocktail parrots which we regarded as albino are naturally not albino. Because there is no blue color gene is present in cockatiel parrots.

As mention above albino cockatiels are the mixture of Whiteface and lutino cockatiel types so should scientifically be named as Whiteface-lutino cockatiels.

1. How big do cockatiels grow?

The cockatiel parrot can grow to a mature size of just 12 inches. The half of which is estimated for by their long tail feathers, and consider between 75 and 125 grams.

2. What is a healthy weight for a cockatiel?

A healthy mature cockatiel can weigh from 70 – 120 grams. The bigger cockatiel parrots, often weigh up to than 100 grams.

3. What does the lifespan of albino cockatiel living in the wild?

In the wild, cockatiels live for 10 to 14 years. There are records of cockatiel parrot living as long as 32 years, the earliest approved specimen stated being 36 years lifespan.

4. How long does a cockatiel bird live as a pet?

Those cockatiel parrots which are in captivity as a pet can easily live for 20 years or more.

Reference for Guinness Book of World Records

Guinness World Records lists the oldest verified cockatiel parrot died in 2004 at the lifespan of 29 years.

With proper nutrition and exercise, your pet cockatiel parrot will be around for a long time. Providing proper bird cage accessories like bird perches, birds swings and DIY bird toys is another factor for the long healthy life.

The behavior of Albino Cockatiel

The behavior of Albino Cockatiel
The behavior of Albino Cockatiel

There are various aspects of albino cockatiel behavior which we will discuss below. Scroll down to get to know about the social behavior of cockatiel parrot.

1. Do cockatiel parrots love their owners?

A cockatiel parrot that wants to be petted will usually drop its head or bite at the owner’s fingers. Showing that your cockatiel parrot wants to have its head and neck rubbed gently and will also utter a low noise to tell its joy.

Usually, strongly-socialized cockatiel parrots are kind and loving. Cockatiel parrots enjoy bodily contact and adjusting themselves fit to taming. Cockatiel parrots and their owners often generate sharing of routines such as scraping and cleaning.

2. Do cockatiels recognize their owners?

If your cockatiel parrot left solely, the pet parrot will make contact calls with their partners. If the person is away from the scene cockatiel sounds these become loud.

Cockatiel parrots become so close to their owners that they may attempt to “defend”  from anyone who attacks near them, such as a companion or family member, by nibbling or sounding.

3. Are cockatiels good family pets?

Cockatiel parrots are between several favorite pet birds. As size is small, cockatiel parrots are easy in caring and domesticating than other parrot species. They have the ability to copy expression.

Although albino cockatiel parrots are tough to understand. Nevertheless, they are very good at whistling and can be regularly prepared to sound melodies.

Are Cockatiels Intelligent?

No doubt, cockatiel parrots are very intelligent and smarter pets. They can catch everything in their mind that had been happening around them. Albino Cockatiel parrots can dance on the bird swing, sing and ham it up.

We enjoy seeing cockatiel parrots doing stupid activities with the DIY bird toys. Cockatiel parrots like to act with the bird cage accessories for rewards.

Only offer them a meal after they perform an action.

1. Can we put love birds with cockatiel parrots?

It is to be sure that what kind of bird will get along with your cockatiel parrot

Few types will happily be housed with cockatiel parrots. These types are scarlet-chested, princess, turquoise, king and Bourke parrots.

Parakeets often remain together with cockatiel parrots, but some specialists are against it. Because there is a big size difference between both types of parrots.

Housing lovebirds, larger parrots and canaries or finches with cockatiel parrots is not suitable.

Breeding of Albino Cockatiel

A normal and healthy cockatiel parrot is mature enough for breeding at the age of 18 to 24 months.

The best season for the cockatiel breeding is mid of September and August. Clutches produce during this season of breeding are very healthy.

Cockatiel Breeding can also be done during the month of March but the eggs and the chicks are weaker and are not healthy. This seasonal breeding of cockatiel can leave lasting effects on the parent cockatiel parrots.

Eggs can be laid after 18 days of breeding.

Female kept in the cage 7 to 8 days before egg laying. In this way, she becomes familiar with the nesting area.

A healthy pair of such cockatiel parrots can breed 3 to 4 clutches per year. At every breed, a healthy pair of cockatiel parrot can produce a clutch of  5 to 6 eggs.

The incubation phase of cockatiel parrot is 7 to 12 days. A healthy chick of cockatiel parrot needs food after every couple of hours

And after 30 days the cockatiel parrot seems like an adult cockatiel parrot.

The whole process of cockatiel breeding has many interesting stages to note.

1. What are some atmospheric conditions suitable for cockatiel breeding?

Keep sure to note that what temperature is suitable for breeding of cockatiel parrots.

Check the humidity level in the atmosphere.

Make sure that not to breed in the summer season when there is too much hot.

Because, it can lead the female cockatiel parrot much loosening of fats and it is harmful to your female cockatiel parrot.

2. What are the Mutations in albino cockatiel?

Albino cockatiel itself is a color variation. So, to generate a Whiteface Lutino female, both parents must be Whiteface. But the male cockatiel parrot being both Lutino or split Lutino for breeding.

For the generation of a Types Of Whiteface Lutino male, the female cockatiel parrot must also be Lutino.

Some cockatiel mutations are very common while some are rare.

Types of albino cockatiel

There are mainly three types of albino cockatiel parrots.

  • Red eyes
  • Black eyes
  • Split eyes

To get a pure red eye albino cockatiel parrot, make a cross match of red-eye male and red-eye female. As a result, if the chick has black eyes than it is the split one.

If the red-eye male and split female will cross over in the breeding, the chick will be red-eye albino.

If the above produced red eye albino and the black eye will cross together, the resultant chick will be always red eye.

The black-eye albino cockatiel has very strong blood genes. So in order to weaken their blood genes, you might have to breed them 2 times. This will make easier to produce a red-eye albino.

1. Are albino cockatiels rare?

The actual albino cockatiels with white feathers and red eyes are rare ones. But the white face lutino cockatiel parrots sometimes have yellow feathers. So it is rare to find pure albino cockatiel parrots.

Health Problems of Albino Cockatiel

In this portion, health problems of albino cockatiel parrots have been explained theoretically.

What are the some common breeding disease in male and female cockatiel parrots?

There is a list below of common health problems of the albino cockatiel .

Male cockatiel parrot

If the male cockatiel parrot does not take part in the fertilization of eggs, there are major health problems listed below.

  1. Weak or broken pelvic bone
  2. Infertility in males

Female cockatiel parrot

  • Egg bonding: Egg bonding usually is in the case of those females in which the amount of fat is increased.
  • Egg throwing: Female cockatiel parrot throw her eggs out of the cage in three cases. Firstly, when she gets frustrated by the atmosphere. Secondly, when the breeding process is not comfortable for her. Thirdly, if the eggs are not fertile.
  • Calcium deficiency: Deficiency of calcium is due to the repeated clutches after a short period of time.
  • Feather plucking: Due to the deficiency of calcium in female cockatiel parrots, they luck the feather of their chicks. Suck the bleeding from the plucked areas to cover up this deficiency.
  • Leg splitting: Leg splitting is very common in chicks. The mother sits on them in a way that their legs split. For recovering the split legs the breeder tied the chick legs with a thread for a short period.
  • Weakness due to egg laying: Female become weaker and weaker due to repeated breeding in a short time period.
  • No egg laying: Female cockatiel parrots also face no egg laying due to the tumor or lump in the reproductory parts. Excess of fats in the body also causes this problem.

Food of Albino cockatiel and care

Food of Albino cockatiel and care
Food of Albino cockatiel and care

If your chick is on hand feeding then there are the best cockatiel food brands which are best for the baby chick. Pied Cockatiel also use to same food.

  1. Zupreem cockatiel food
  2. Harrisons cockatiel food

These cockatiel food brands contain the essential minerals for the growth of chick when it is on hand feeding. It is the best cockatiel food guide for young babies.

  • The Egg food

The Egg food is a mixture of mashed eggs with along their shells with dry bread. Egg food is very beneficial cockatiel diet when male and female cannot breed. It is healthy and full of vital nutrients which are essential for the growth of cockatiel parrots.

  • Cockatiel food guide for the breeding pair

When the pair of cockatiel parrots is in the breeding period, you should provide them with soft food and mashed veggies.

Before breeding inject your female cockatiel parrot with D1. D1 is the injection which recovers the deficiency of calcium due to the repeated breeding.

D1 is also used if the mother parent is facing the problem of feather plucking.

Calcium supplements should also be given to the cockatiel breeding pair.

1. What are the precautions to recover egg bonding in female cockatiel parrots?

If your female cockatiel parrot is facing egg bonding, use oily or greasy food in the cockatiel food guide.

  1. Add a spoon full of olive oil in one kg of industrial birdseed and pelleted food.

You can also use this remedy in veggies and fruits whom you are using for the cockatiel diet in cockatiel food guide.

The sexual difference of albino cockatiel

To tell whether the albino cockatiel is male or female follow up the following steps.

  • Wait until the bird gets its adult plumage.
  • Check whether your cockatiel has standard plumage.
  • Examine the tail closely.
  • Compare the faces.
  • Compare the body plumage.
  • Take the cockatiel to a veterinarian

Hopefully, these steps will help you to study that if your albino cockatiel is male or female.

Price of Albino Cockatiel

The estimated price of a cockatiel is only $80-100, but the start-up price for the

cage and bird cage accessories, food and bird toys can easily reach $300.

Do not forget that the cockatiel parrot will need food, some DIY bird toys, bird perches, bird swings and at least one veterinary exam per year.

As you know well after studying this article, that pure albino cockatiel parrots are the rarest variation of coloration of cockatiel parrots.

Some rarer-colored mutations may price you a little higher according to the cockatiel color.

Price of albino cockatiel depends upon its types whether it is a red eye, black eye or split albino cockatiel parrot.


In this article, you learn maximum about the appearance and social behavior of cockatiel parrots especially the of the albino cockatiels.  

Breeding period and major health problems of the albino cockatiel and their recoveries also studied in detail.

Several mutations of albino cockatiel with their proper appearence has argued completely.

Cockatiel food guide with special cockatiel diet is listed above. Importance of Birds cage accessories including bird swings, bird perches and DIY bird toys are discussed finely.

Tips to find sexual difference in albino cockatiel has given. Price of albino cockatiels has slightly discussed.

Hopefully, after reading this knowledge full article you will become a perfect albino cockatiel parrot breeder.