Lutino Cockatiel Types Lifespan, Breeding, Food & Care

As lutino cockatiel is the most popular mutation of the cockatiel. Lutino cockatiel normally white yellow feathered birds having orange patches on the cheeks. Several mutations of lutino cockatiel have been discovered. These are actually the 5 main Lutino Cockatiel Types.

In this article, you will get to know about the Lutino Cockatiel Types in detail. You will come to know about the Lutino Cockatiel Types Appearance and Lutino Cockatiel Types lifespan.

You will also, get to know about the Social Behavior Of Lutino Cockatiel Types. The care and feeding of Lutino Cockatiel Types is the main aspect of this article.

So, scroll down to learn more about the Lutino cockatiel types

Lutino Pearl Is One Of Lutino Cockatiel Types

Lutino Pearl
Lutino Pearl

The lutino pearl is the first mutation of Lutino cockatiel. It is also, the double mutation which shows lutino and pearl bonding. This lutino pearl mutation is also, commonly mention as “lacewings”. It’s also, belong from Albino Cockatiel family.

Lutino pearls are usually pale yellow in color. The infants have also, light color of eyes, as they also, become mature their eyes get darker in red color. Lutino pearl shows the prettiest cockatiel colors.

Lutino pearls also, having yellow pearly spots are sometimes called as “Golden Pearl”. Those with white pearling are refered to as “silver pearls”.

Lutino pearl shows pearl spots of yellow or white color on their back. Male lutino pearl shows also, their pearling after the first mold while females kept their pearly coloration within maturity. It is also, very rare in some cases where a male pearl does not lose its pearling.

Lutino Pearl Behavior

Cockatiel parrots are also, well adapte to the environment in which they live. They are healthy and are easy to breed. Lutino pearls are also, less noisy and lonely can spend a long period of time. This is also, plus point of lutino pearl behavior.

Lutino Pied Cockatiel

Lutino Pied Cockatiel
Lutino Pied Cockatiel
The first cockatiel mutation was the Lutino Pied Cockatiel establish earlier to 1951. It is the double cockatiel mutation, lutino and pied. This cockatiel mutation is the distinct mixture of yellow or white with grey which may be light or dark.

Lutino pied cockatiels also, have darker “dapples”. The quantity and arrangements of shades range broadly.

The clear pied cockatiel is another cockatiel mutation. They are also, Similar to lutinos and white-faced lutinos and is completely yellow. The major difference is that clear pied cockatiel parrots have black eyes instead of red eyes as other lutinos have

So, The major difference between light pied cockatiel parrots and heavy pied cockatiel parrots is also, quantity of yellow color.

  • A Heavy pied cockatiel parrot also, has more amount of yellow color with lessening of grey color.
  • A Light pied cockatiel parrot has less amount of yellow color with more grey color.

Lutino Pied Cockatiel Behavior

Lutino pied cockatiel behavior is also, similar to other cockatiel mutations. Some of them are below.

  • Cockatiel parrots are regard for copying repeated tones and noises.
  • Connect without difficulties with their human partners.
  • Parent-raised cockatiels would need some time to adapt to human managing.
  • Provide DIY bird toys and birds swings in the cages, which provide significant intellectual stimulation.

Cockatiel parrots enjoy with playful DIY bird toys made of papers and cardboard of softwood. Make sure to get also, those bird toys and birds cage accessories which are not made of harmful material.

Some common birds cage accessories including bird perches, bird toys, and birds swing are easily available in the market.

Lutino Pearl Pied Cockatiel

Lutino Pearl Pied
Lutino Pearl Pied
The cockatiel colors of lutino pearl pied are the equivalent as the pied cockatiel parrot with the pearling only on divisions of the wings. These cockatiel parrots are also, bright yellow or white, with patches of grey covering the base of the body.

Lutino pearl pied is the triple mutation of lutino mix with pied and pearl pattern. The tail holds yellow barring with thick and bright yellow wings. These cockatiel parrots also, have light red eyes.

  • Yellow-cheeks: Male lutino pearl pied also, have yellow faces with gold face spots.
  • Pastel: Male lutino pearl pied have yellow faces with peach face patches.

Lutino Pearl Pied Behavior

Cockatiel parrots are loving birds! If cockatiel parrots attended for accurately, both male and female cockatiel parrots will bond firmly to their human companions. Lutino pearl pied behavior is not only favorable, but they can be totally versatile to a current environment. The lutino cockatiel behavior is approximately similar in all Cockatiel mutations. It’s also, belong to White Faced Cockatiel Family. Its very close with Types of White-Faced Cockatiel.

Cinnamon Lutino Cockatiel

Cinnamon Lutino Cockatiel
Cinnamon Lutino Cockatiel

Lutino Cinnamon Cockatiel is an outcome of two color variations, lutino, which causes no grey melanin to be compose. Cinnamon, which modifies the melanin granules to a complex pattern that emerges brown.

This cockatiel mutation is related to the common with grey patches superseded by tan to cinnamon brown color. The Cinnamon Cockatiel mutation also, receives its title from the cinnamon color, which has been reported as a brownish-grey color.

Cinnamon lutino cockatiels will have red eyes, ordinarily vivid red than a common lutino parrot. Male Cinnamon lutino Cockatiel develops a vivid yellow face and brilliant orange cheek patches after his first molt while female Cinnamon lutino cockatiels hold their dull orange cheek blotches.

Lutino and cinnamon emerge in the same cockatiel parrot grey tones are also peeled from the cinnamon color and the variance with lutino is very pretty.  Some other brilliant cinnamon cockatiel mutations include cinnamon pied cockatiel and cinnamon pearl cockatiel.

Cinnamon Lutino Cockatiel Behavior

So, General birds cage accessories for cockatiel parrots, they prefer to climb and play. Lutino Cockatiel parrots care includes providing lots of bird toys, birds swing and workout. If feasible, give them lots of time free from the cage. Numerous Cockatiel parrots can examine to speak and hiss, particularly males.

Whiteface Lutino Cockatiel

The whiteface Lutino Cockatiel is truly the color variation. So, It is not the cockatiel mutation or combination. This cockatiel mutation was firstly domesticate in 1964 in the Holand.

Whiteface lutino cockatiel parrots have a mostly white or grayish face. So, Whiteface Lutino Cockatiels lack yellow stains and orange cheek patches. So, Some of the beautiful white-faced cockatiel mutations include which are given as under.

  • White-faced grey cockatiel
  • The white-faced pearl cockatiel
  • White-faced pied cockatiel
  • Another, white-faced pearl pied cockatiel
  • White-faced cinnamon cockatiel
  • Here, White-faced cinnamon pearl cockatiel
  • White-faced cinnamon pied cockatiel

So, Whiteface Lutino Cockatiels are commonly regarded as “albinos” as they are all white with red eyes. But, they should more properly be called “White-face Lutino”.

The White-faced lutino males will have a whiter head while the females will have an extra grayish head. The females will also, Have the barred spots below their tail feathers.

Whiteface Lutino Cockatiel Behavior

The behavior of Whiteface Lutino Cockatiels is very adaptive like other cockatiel parrots. They travel in groups in the wilderness. This influence the behavior of cockatiel parrots in captivity.

The crest is a pane into your cockatiels sensitive temper. A raised crest displays curiosity and enthusiasm. If you want to judge your pet cockatiel behavior, look at its crest’s postures carefully.

Lifespan of all the Lutino Cockatiel Types

Actually, all lutino cockatiel types and all cockatiel mutations mainly have the same lifespan. The shortest lifespan is known to be 10 to 15 years. The review shows that in captivity a normal cockatiel parrot lives 16 to 25 years. The adult unit suggested being 36 years vintage of lutino cockatiel lifespan.

Size – Weight of Lutino Cockatiel Types

All types of lutino cockatiel have different appearance but same size and weight. A normal lutino cockatiel is 12 inches (30 cm) long and weighs about 3 to 4 ounces.

Care and Feeding of Lutino Cockatiel Types

Cage for a cockatiel parrot should hold at least of 24 lengths by 18 high and 18 wide. This will leave enough room for several DIY bird toys and all birds cage accessories. However, give your cockatiel parrot a room to completely extend his/her wings without crashing the bird perches and walls of the cage.

Normally all lutino cockatiels types and mutations eat the same kind of food and pellets. A healthy cockatiel parrot eats according to a healthy and nutritious cockatiel feeding guide. According to cockatiel feeding guide, there are some lutino cockatiel food varieties just below.

  • Fruits like apple, banana and melon etc.
  • Veggies like leafy greens
  • Honey stick or millet spray
  • Seeds and pellets including sunflower seeds
  • White bread
  • White rice and pasta

Some popular cockatiel food brands including Zupreem cockatiel food and Harrisons cockatiel food offer a healthy diet to your cockatiel parrot.

These cockatiel food brands give your cockatiel parrot a delicious meal full of vital vitamins and carbohydrates.

Breeding of Lutino Cockatiel

Breeding of Lutino Cockatiel
Breeding of Lutino Cockatiel

All types of lutino cockatiel breeding in the same manner. Some mutations happens during the lutino cockatiel breeding process. As a result of such cockatiel mutations also, different lutino cockatiel types came into existence.

The incubation period of cockatiel parrots is normally 17 – 21 days. A cockatiel parrot lay 1 egg daily until 5 eggs have not laid. Infants of cockatiel parrot open their eyes at the age of 9 days.

Young chicks of cockatiel parrot will require feedings per 2 hours for the initial pair of weeks. It is reasonable to put out the chicks of cockatiel parrots from their nest. Orange cheek patches will also, appear at the age of 18 days. After 30 days they will seem like grown-up cockatiel parrots. At about 35 days of age, they will mature.

Price of Lutino Cockatiel Types

Amazing and rarer-colored cockatiel mutations may cost you a scarce more. Every cockatiel mutation is rare in its own. So there is variation in the prices of lutino cockatiel types according to their uniqueness. Lutino Cockatiels can be easily fetched everywhere from $150 to $250.

You must implement a proper birdcage, DIY bird toys, bird perches, and birds cage accessories. Cockatiel feeding guide also, considered the complete cost of owing variation of lutino cockatiel types.


Surely, you have known in a detailed manner about the lutino cockatiel types and cockatiel mutations heading by the changing of cockatiel colors with respect to their behavior.

Lutino cockatiel breeding process has been discussed in this article by accomplishing all the stages of the development of cockatiel parrot chick into a mature bird.

Lutino cockatiel food and care has also deeply explained by giving the source of some popular cockatiel food brands including Zupreem cockatiel food and Harrisons cockatiel food.

Birds toys and birds cages accessories which are liked by all lutino cockatiel types is explained shortly. All those facts and figures including price which are necessary for taking cockatiel parrot as a pet are available in this piece of knowledge.

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