Cockatiel Types Or Cockatiel Mutations

Cockatiel types are mutations of cockatiels. These might accidentally occur during the breeding process.

Sometimes these mutations are domesticated also, by cockatiel breeders for their own requirements.

Although, Cockatiel types have different cockatiel colors for their diversification. All cockatiel types have the same social behavior except grey and ashenfallow cockatiels.

In this article, you will surely get all the material about cockatiel types or cockatiel mutations.

Some of other lutino cockatiel and its types also, white face cockatiel and its types are also, pied cockatiel, pearl cockatiel and many more.

Cockatiel Types Or Cockatiel Mutations

Types Of Cockatiel
Cockatiel Mutations

Here are three cockatiel types or cockatiel genetic mutations in the Cockatiel parrots. These three are Sex-Linked, Recessive and Dominant cockatiel mutations.

The Sex-linked cockatiel mutations are Pearl, Cinnamon, Lutino, as well as Yellow-faced cockatiel. The Recessive cockatiel mutations are Pied, Whiteface, Fallow, Recessive Silver as well as Yellow-cheeked cockatiels.

The Dominant cockatiel mutations are Dominant Silver another is Dominant Pastel-Face.

Lutino Cockatiel

Lutino Cockatiel
The lutino Cockatiel

Lutino cockatiels are also, the yellow cockatiels because they show their appearance with the beautiful yellow-white body plumage with orange cheek patches.

They have very polite and also, very slight cockatiel behavior. Lutino cockatiel is adapted to produce certain cockatiel sounds. They can also, whistle a tune, cry as well as scream to show the cockatiel social behavior.

Lutino cockatiels also, require a healthy diet for their proper functioning and also for healthful lifespan. So, It is very important to make a healthy and nutritious cockatiel feeding guide.

Lutino cockatiels like other cockatiel parrots hang upside down on the bird perches and also, nap on the bird swings. DIY bird toys as well as bird swings are really a good source of their refreshment.

How much is a lutino cockatiel?

The price of lutino cockatiel range from 150$ to 200$. Different cockatiel color mutations also, have different ranges of price.

Proper bird cage accessories, bird swings, bird perches as well as bird toys need to be provided.

Lutino cockatiel types

Lutino Cockatiel Types
Lutino Cockatiel Types

Here are some common cockatiel mutations and also, the lutino cockatiel types which should be very important from their breeding point of view.

Scroll down to know about the lutino cockatiel types.

  1. Lutino pearl cockatiel
  2. pied cockatiel
  3. Lutino pearl pied cockatiel
  4. Cinnamon lutino cockatiel
  5. White-faced lutino cockatiel

These are the lutino cockatiel types as well as some common cockatiel mutations.

Cockatiel parrots also, require a healthy cockatiel diet to prepare a healthy cockatiel breeding.

Lutino Pearl Pied

Lutino pearl pied is the also, combination of lutino, pearl and pied also. They have greyish pearly and pied patches on their pale body.

The lutino pearl pied cockatiels, hold the light red color of eyes. Their behavior is also, similar to other cockatiel’s behavior. They require proper bird cage accessories, as well as a healthy cockatiel feeding guide, to grow.

Lutino Pearl

The lutino pearls are also, One of the mutation of lutino and pearl cockatiels. Lutino pearl cockatiels which are also, considered as the first genetical lutino cockatiel color mutations.

Lutino pearl cockatiels are also, normally pale in color while they have pearly patches of yellow color on their body.

In conclusion, a good cockatiel breeding is the result of proper care and feeding of cockatiel parrots. Also, Provide your cockatiel with a healthy cockatiel diet.

Cinnamon Lutino Cockatiel

Cinnamon lutino cockatiels have also, patches of tan to cinnamon brown colors. It covers their yellow body plumage.

This lutino cockatiel mutation is the result of the emergence of lutino and cockatiel in the same bird.

Some of the rare cinnamon lutino cockatiel mutations are pearl cinnamon cockatiels, and the pied cinnamon cockatiel.

Whiteface Lutino Cockatiel

White Faced Cockatiel
The white Faced Cockatiel

Whiteface lutino cockatiels are also, the genetical combination of whiteface cockatiels and lutino. Their body plumage is yellow and their face color is white.

Male whiteface lutino cockatiels hold the more white color of face feathers. Females have greyish shades in their face feathers.

Whiteface lutino cockatiels also, have adaptive social behavior like other cockatiel parrots. They also, like to travel in groups. They also, spend their lives in the wild.

Lutino Pied Cockatiel

Lutino pied cockatiels also, have a pied pattern of cockatiel color on their yellow body. Because, they are the outcome of lutino and pied cockatiels.

So, They have round patches on their cheeks. The lutino pied cockatiel is the result of a healthy cockatiel feeding guide during the breeding process of their parents.

So, Calm environment and proper bird cage also, accessories are require for their proper health.

Albino Cockatiel

Albino is the term which is used for those organisms that lack all color pigments.

So, albino cockatiels are the cockatiel mutation which lacks all colors. Basically, their body are also, plumage is totally white. They also, have bright and deep red eyes. Their feet and toe-nails are also, free from any pigment.

So, Three types of albino cockatiel also, occur due to color mutations during breeding.

These three albino cockatiel mutations are split eyes, red eyes and black eyes.

What is a fancy cockatiel?

Cockatiel parrots are also, known for their repetitive cockatiel sounds and melodies. They also, whistle very sweetly.

So, The fancy cockatiel is another cockatiel mutation like pied, pearl, albino and lutino.


White-Faced Cockatiel

White-faced cockatiels are the color mutation of cockatiel which also, usually comprises of white or greyish color of face feathers

So, This cockatiel mutation lack orange cheek patches. This cockatiel mutation was genetically domesticated with trained cockatiel parrots. It is also, known as the seventh cockatiel color mutation.

To find the sexual difference between a male and female. White-faced cockatiel also, has the presence of barred markings on tail feathers. So, Best cockatiel food brands including Harrisons cockatiel food, and Zupreem cockatiel food are also, recommended for healthy cockatiel breeding.

Male cockatiel parrots also, show marking on their tail and female cockatiel parrot also, lacks these markings. So, Some white-face cockatiel mutations are genetically proved cockatiel color mutations.

White Faced Cockatiel Types

Here we are also, going to learn about the mutations and white-faced cockatiel types which are as under.

  1. White-faced grey cockatiel
  2. The white-faced pearl cockatiel
  3. White-faced pied cockatiel
  4. The white-faced pearl pied cockatiel
  5. White-faced cinnamon cockatiel
  6. The white-faced cinnamon pearl cockatiel
  7. White-faced cinnamon pied cockatiel

White Faced Grey Cockatiel

Over there you can also, read about white-faced grey cockatiels. So, They show the grey color of their body plumage with white color of face feathers.

Also, They have no cheek patches. They also, require bird perches and bird swings for exercise and recreation.

White Faced Pearl Cockatiel

So, it is another white-face cockatiel mutation. The white-faced pearl cockatiel parrots also, have a white face. As a result, they have no cheek patches.

So, Their wings show a pearly pattern of cockatiel color on their wings.

White Faced Pied Cockatiel

The white-faced pied cockatiel also, shows a pied color pattern and has white face feathers. So, They have no orange cheek patches.

Because, Proper cockatiel diet leads to a healthy cockatiel mutation according to your choice.

White Faced Pearl Pied Cockatiel

So, The white-faced pearl pied cockatiels are also, the combination of white-faced, pied and pearl cockatiel mutations.

The arrangement of color on their body have a pearly and pied pattern. They also, have white color face feathers.

White Faced Cinnamon Cockatiel

The white-faced cinnamon cockatiels have white color of the face. As a result, Their body plumage is of cinnamon brown color with some white color on their wings.


White Faced Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel

The white-faced cinnamon pearl cockatiels also, have white color of the face.

As a result, They also, have a pearly pattern of cinnamon color on their wings.

Because, this cockatiel mutation is the result of white-faced, cinnamon and pearl cockatiels.

White Faced Cinnamon Pied Cockatiel

As a result, white-faced cinnamon pearl cockatiel also, has a cinnamon pearly pattern on the body.

So, White-faced cinnamon pied cockatiels also, show the pied pattern of cinnamon color on their body.

Pied Cockatiel

First of all, you have to know. The pied cockatiel is the first cockatiel color mutation and was firstly detected in 1951.

Pied cockatiels also, have mostly the grey color of the pied pattern. So, It cover the white plumage of body. They also, have yellow to white face color. As a result, their cheek patches are bright orange.

Pied cockatiels show an amount of color in pied arrangements. On the basis of the amount of color, the pied cockatiel is classified into three types.

  • Heavy Pied cockatiels
  • Light Pied cockatiels
  • Clear Pied cockatiels

A good and healthy cockatiel mutation should always depend upon the healthy cockatiel feeding guide

Provide your cockatiel with proper bird cage accessories. Bird perches and DIY bird toys.

They might help your pet cockatiel in crossing over.

What does pied cockatiel mean?

Pied cockatiels are the first cockatiel color mutation. They are called pied, they have a beautiful blending of the colors in a random design of patches or spots.

Pied Cockatiel shows the hanging of feather pattern instead of color change. The Pied Cockatiel is identified as the Variegated Cockatiel, Harlequin Cockatiel, or Pied Tiel.

Pearl Cockatiel

Pearl cockatiels have grey to dark black and white pearly arrangement of colors which covers the yellow body feathers.

Their tail is dark yellow with black and yellow markings. Cockatiel chicks have a light color of eyes.

As they get mature their eyes become darker.

If your pied cockatiel seems to be sick. He/ she might be facing some cockatiel potential problems.

Make proper check and balance of cockatiel diet. Cockatiel feeding must be consist of best cockatiel food brands.

Ashenfallow Cockatiel

Ashenfallow cockatiels a recessive gene mutation of cockatiels. They have slight brownish to grey and white color of their body excepting face.

They have white color of face feathers which ends on the head crest. Ashenfallow cockatiel parrots carry bright red color of eyes. Their beaks and feet carry no color.

Some ashenfallow cockatiel breedings carry orange cheek patches and some not. Their social behavior is somewhere wild type as they are mostly found in jungles.

In captivity, they like to sit on bird perches. They have the habit to sit on the branches of trees in jungles.

Common White Cockatiel

Common white cockatiels are a combination of white and lutino cockatiel. They have yellow coloring of the face with bright orange cheek patches.

The entire color of the body is white blend with light yellow. Common white cockatiels have deep red eyes. Their nails and feet carry no color. Very often people become confused in albino cockatiels and common white cockatiels.

The main difference between them is their appearance. Common white cockatiels have orange cheek patches, albino cockatiels are without cheek patches.

Blue Cockatiel

When a budgerigar and a cockatiel parrot crossed over, blue cockatiels are produced as the result. Blue cockatiels have white color of their body feathers with black markings on their wings.

They are without cheek patches. Blue cockatiels possess blue color on the tips of their wings and tails. It is the rarest cockatiel color. It is not considered genetically as a specified cockatiel mutation

Some experts consider them as an accidental color mutation while cockatiel breeding. Therefore proper cockatiel feeding guide during the breeding process is required for a proper result of cockatiel breeding.

Cinnamon Cockatiel

Cinnamon cockatiels have a tan to brownish pale color their body feathers. They have white barrings on their each wing.

Cinnamon cockatiels carry pale brownish color of their head crest. Their face comprises some white color blended with yellow color.

They have orange cheek patches on their face. They are somehow similar to ashenfallow cockatiels in their appearance. Cinnamon cockatiel can be classified on the arrangement of color, which are:

  1. The cinnamon pearl cockatiel
  2. Cinnamon pied cockatiel
  3. Cinnamon pearl pied cockatiel
  4. Whiteface cinnamon cockatiel

Grey Cockatiel

All the cockatiel mutations originate from a grey cockatiel. Grey cockatiels are the original cockatiel parrots. Which have light grey to dark grey body plumage with white markings on their wings.

Grey cockatiels have the yellow color of face feathers and splendid orange color of patches near both ears. To determine the sexual difference between male and female. Grey cockatiel parrots examine their face closely.

Mature Male has bright orange cheek patches and female cockatiel has dull cheek patches. Grey cockatiels are adapted to live in wild and they show their potential social behavior, living in captivity.


In This article, comprises of all the cockatiel types or cockatiel mutations. You have found all about lutino cockatiel and its types.

White-faced cockatiel and its types are briefed. Albino cockatiels, pearl cockatiels, ashenfallow cockatiel, common white cockatiel, blue cockatiel, cinnamon cockatiel, and grey cockatiel are described efficiently.

Now after studying this article, you are capable to distinguished between cockatiel types.